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  1. In Kellyville NSW on “Proposed Residential Flat...” at 2B Hector Court, Kellyville:

    Ajay Kataria commented

    This will be a bad idea to have lower density mixed low density housing specifically seeing hardly and access road we have for the current residence. Hector Court is so busy street wherein it impossible to even turn left on Memorial Avenue. Seeing we will be having a food court also near by it is recipe for disaster. If this allowed this is nothing more than a money grab from Council Perspective.

  2. In Redland Bay QLD on “Combined Staged Format...” at 35 Weinam Street, Redland Bay, QLD:

    Jarrod graue commented

    Surely this can't be another small lot residential development or is this part of the retirement village/elderly independent living units?

  3. In Belgian Gardens QLD on “Building Works assessable...” at 36 Hooper Street Belgian Gardens QLD 4810:

    Helen McLaughlin commented

    As a local resident I would like to understand what has happened to the house at No 46. Half of this house was removed a few weeks ago, the other half still remains. Strangely, it appears that an application for its removal has only just been lodged with TCC. My concerns, not only for losing a character house, but for the way the property has been 'left'. There is no barricading on the property to keep people out of this now demolition site. Could you please check if the owners have secured the property.

  4. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Shu Lin commented

    The proposed structure will causes terrible traffic condition in the local area. Besides, the small amount of street parking places is not compatible with the large capacity of the structure. It will also cause significant disturbance to the life of local residents due to the noise generated seven days a week.

    Overall, I am strongly against this building plan, I hope that Kogarah council could listen to our voices and reject the proposal.

  5. In Redland Bay QLD on “Combined Staged Format...” at 35 Weinam Street, Redland Bay, QLD:

    Jane Townsend commented

    Why the need for yet another small lot housing development???? Surely the traffic concerns at present should be enough for the dividing up of land into small lots needs to stop. We chose to live in Redlands because it is not LIKE BRISBANE. So disappointing that this is being done without due concern or thought for existing residents, or for the impact that this will have in the future.

  6. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Mario Xu commented

    I don't believe the local people will benefit from such a mosque by any means. It will create a series of problems for traffic, noise and safety. I can't imagine hundreds of people come to our street from 3:00 am and I personally woundn't annoy other people in such a way. I will say 'NO, NO, NO' to the proposal.

  7. In Kulnura NSW on “Poultry farm expansion” at 315 Greta Road Kulnura NSW 2250:

    Andrew Nicholas commented

    I've just realised the DA 1364 / 2015 refers to another address in Greta Road. However, it's just the same inappropriate nonsense as 351 Greta Road (which will raise its head again soon), so the objection is the same.

  8. In Hawthorn East VIC on “Use of the land for 356...” at 33 - 37 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Ian Barnes commented

    Another intensive development in the area where car parking relaxations are sought. The area south and north of Camberwell Rd are experiencing intensive unit developments where individual developments are assessed by Council and developers are continually maximising their developments by reducing their required car parking provision.

    Council have no strategic planning approach to the area where the parking spillage into adjoining lower density residential areas is considered. It is purely pro-development. Until this is in place and fully considers existing residents, no relaxations should be reasonably supported. VCAT typically don't consider existing resident impacts without an appropriate local area structure plan that properly considers the wider impacts of the intensification of the area and its resident ratepayers.

  9. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    tommy z commented

    just say no.

  10. In Kulnura NSW on “Poultry farm expansion” at 315 Greta Road Kulnura NSW 2250:

    Andrew Nicholas commented

    Nothing has changed since the last DA from this applicant. The last time it was withdrawn before it could be refused. This cynical reapplication is simply an attempt hoping that interested parties may not notice. I repeat my previous comments:
    My response to the DA at 351 Greta Rd Kulnura is that it is a cynical re-application to increase the capacity of this Poultry Farm. It has already been considered and refused, so why bother going through the whole process again?
    Will this DA rear its ugly head every 2 years? We bought our property late last year at 344 Greta Rd for a tranquil rural coexistence and have to accept the existing stinking enterprise. Does anyone ever inspect the place to see if it's compliant now? I would have thought that’s the first stage of consideration – to see if the current operation complies with its Environmental Management Plan. I hope that's the case, because it's a major factor in the initial stages of considering an extension/enlargement. I guarantee there will be some close monitoring from now on.
    This area is agricultural, not heavy industrial. Greta Rd (a minor road, not wide nor strong enough) cannot safely handle more trucks; neither can the residents, nor the many walkers on the Great North Walk. The existing stink of rotting carcasses hopefully is only that and does not carry airborne germs etc. I hope Council has inspected/audited the Plan requirements. The applicants and representative themselves refer to their interest as an “industrial activity”. Since when was this area zoned as “industrial? What a flagrant distortion of land use with residential homes situated only about 20 metres away? There are now far more residential uses of land in this area than industrial/commercial’ uses. The orchards and horse studs make no noise or acrid smells.
    Their land, 9+ hectares is too small for this industry. Ingham’s guidelines for anyone joining are 45 hectares being the minimum desired size. “Role of the producer or investor: Provide the land. The land generally needs to be at least 45ha in size and located so as to comply with local council bylaws and regulations for broiler chicken production (which may, among other requirements, increase the size of land necessary).” Source:
    It’s hard to believe that the existing operation has no water licence. I presume the proposed over development will also not include a commercial water licence. “A water licence or other approval from the NSW Office of Water is generally required to extract water from rivers or aquifers to use for commercial purposes.” Source

    Everyone has a right to enjoy and have their amenity in this area. The only canker around here is the poultry enterprise at 351. Nothing has occurred to improve the chances of this repeated DA being approved. Indeed some things have deteriorated. Greta Rd has worn badly and been repaired - damage mostly due to heavy vehicles and rain.
    When considering the proposed extension one must ponder: what if by increasing the movements of so many huge trucks two meet head on or one wipes out a resident pulling out of their driveway? These will become distinct possibilities. There is already a great deal of legitimate early morning traffic on Greta Rd, mostly "tradies" doing 80kph on their way to work. The location of the business is on a bend narrow road. Add many more huge trucks and you can imagine what will happen. I believe someone has analysed and supplied you with the actual truck movements. The width of Greta Road in the area of the subject poultry farm was about 17ft wide - cold bitumen laid upon only graded clay. Does RMS support oversize vehicles frequently using narrow, sub-standard country roads that have never been properly engineered with no centre lines marked?
    Now to the EIS. It is nothing but a massive smoke screen of generic statements designed to wear down the poor person who has to try to delve through its mass of nonsense and deceptive misleading statements. It's a case of quantity over quality and who in Council possesses the skills, resolve and experience to decipher the facts from the subterfuge.
    People come to this delightful area to live, picnic, walk, drive and an increasing number of tourists enjoy Kulnura and its beautiful surrounds. As Council has previously determined, this is an over development of an existing risky enterprise.
    Also the increasing trend towards free range chickens as a preference for consumers reduces the viability of such archaic enterprises.

  11. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Xixun Shen commented

    It will interfere the quietness of residential area of around suburbs during their worship hours

  12. In Kulnura NSW on “Poultry farm expansion” at 315 Greta Road Kulnura NSW 2250:

    Christina Nicholas commented

    The poultry farm is a foul stain on the town of Kulnura. Whenever the wind blows in a certain direction, a hellish smell follows and makes being outdoors almost unbearable. I would wholeheartedly object to any form of expansion whatsoever, as the existence of this farm already has a negative impact on living in this area. Further expansions or additions would act to lower the standard of living and comfort for neighbours. I am embarrassed to have guests over when this smell permeates the air and they question its origin. I am also personally repulsed knowing the source of it. This farm needs to work on minimising their impact, rather than expanding it.

  13. In Redland Bay QLD on “Combined Staged Format...” at 35 Weinam Street, Redland Bay, QLD:

    Lucy commented

    This is yet another small lot housing application for Redland bay.
    Where does it end? It seems we will become like Coorparoo or Capalaba.
    Everything we moved here for is going,fast.
    What will be special about the Redlands?

  14. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    M ling commented

    1. Will attract more non-local residents, and increase traffic flow of this area which is already a problem . I drive on king georges rd almost every day. I know how bad it is currently.

  15. In Marks Point NSW on “Emergency Services Facility” at 860A Pacific Highway, Marks Point NSW 2280:

    Andrew Offen commented

    Great to see progress being made in re-energizing this community asset. I would expect to see local jobs and business activity receive a significant boost as a result. I hope the project goes ahead.

  16. In Redland Bay QLD on “Combined Staged Format...” at 35 Weinam Street, Redland Bay, QLD:

    Peter Hoare commented

    Why should the zoning be changed from Medium Density residential (consistent with the surrounding area) to accommodate yet another high density small lot development in Redland Bay?

    This will again add to traffic and put a load on existing infrastructure in this region as has the Elle Bay, Fetini and other estates up on Willis road. Should we expect something similar to the one being built corner Giles and Cleveland Redland Bay Road?

    This is NOT progress. These small lot developments are having an impact on existing residents's lifestyle and property values

  17. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Ray Zhang commented

    We Do Not accept any building can make noise from 3:30am to late every day, it will effect people's lives around badly.
    Also we Do Not want be shot by a teenager walk out from mosque as they did to a Chinese no long ago.
    No more mosque around our houses please.

  18. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Jianchang Wen commented

    Strongly against this project,The big mosque will bring a lot of parking and noise issue.Speak it or not,Another important reason is the peace of our neighbourhood,The police officer who was shot by a gun from a mosque and of course by a teenager from a mosque,The teenager was changed to a murderer in a mosque.For the sake of our children,and our own life.No mosque in this area.
    It is very simple why have to say no,I am scared.

  19. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Jaon Teng commented

    Strongly against the project!!!

    Kogarah city council needs to consider this DA.

    It will cause terrible traffic, hard parking and noise issue.

  20. In Hawthorn East VIC on “Use of the land for 356...” at 33 - 37 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Frank Funder commented

    If this mega bee-hive is approved, then when it is completed and inhabited, along with all the others recently completed, under construction or yet to be approved, we will all have to buy Fiat 500s or Mini Coopers as there won't be room to park anything resembling a family car.
    If we must have these slums of the future in our neighbourhood, Council MUST INSIST that the full on site parking requirement be met, AT A MINIMUM, as it is already hard enough for residents to find a park, let alone have their visitors find a park.

  21. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Jim Green commented

    I strongly object to the worship located in this area. The reasons are following:

    People feel huge panic by hearing the establishment of worship in this area, because most of them does't belong to that specific group, and we have free right to guarantee our local community safety.

    This area has become multi-cultural and more diverse and commercialized by the settlement of more clever, friendly and business-focusing people. There is high likelihood that the worship can suspend the positive development tendency and local social commercial activities.

    Residents living here prefer quiet living style and light weight traffic load. If the worship is constructed and opened to specific group, it definitely causes large traffic and community security issues in local region.

    Most people tend to do business and live peacefully near Hurstville, and it continuously facilitates more commercialization level and community development. The worship in this area definitely would exclude people with no or mild religious belief from local community, causing the loss of mainstream culture and tradition, the demotion of local intellectuals and more occurrence rate of poverty and jobless.

    To build stronger, wealthier, multi-cultural-friendly Australia, I strongly disagree that the worship establishment will be implemented in this area.

    I expect local authority to take our suggestions very carefully.
    Don't make any more mistakes, because most consequences caused by this are inreversible.

  22. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Maggie Hou commented

    My concern is safety problem it may cause. The size of the place of worship would attract large amount of people from outside of the suburbs as there is not many muslin people in local area. Students live in this area walk to the bus station along the King George Road and travel around. As a mother/auntie of two high school girls, I would not feel safe anymore to let them to walk around by themselves when there would be a big crowd of people come in and out of our suburb all day long, day and night.

  23. In Erskineville NSW on “Imperial Hotel -...” at 35-39 Erskineville Rd, Erskineville 2043:

    Peter McGee commented

    I do not believe that the Imperial Hotel liquor licence should extend past midnight. Late night trading of the Imperial Hotel has demonstrated a record of poor venue management, noise and disruption in the nearby residential community that has had significant impact on resident's amenity. Noise, late night car movements and parking issues, refuse (including used drug paraphernalia) left behind by late night hotel patrons has been clearly associated with the Imperial Hotel being a late night venue.

    Past compliance plans by the hotel managers not been effective nor followed.

  24. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Zhihua Hu commented

    I really don't think it's a good idea. Reasons are:
    1: Traffic and car park will be a big problem.
    2: I don't see the benefit to local residents.
    3: Apart from that, the noise will be a disaster to the quite local community.

    Please don't build this in my lovely home.

  25. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Jane Citizen commented

    Building specialized religious place won't help local community. We don't need this kind of church or mosque any more. We need more parks for children to play, more schools for teens to learn. Please consider donate those money to poor people in need of shelter instead.

  26. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    H Zhao commented

    S Hurstville is a quite residential suburb and won't be able to cope with the traffic flow and crowd of such mosque. It will cause substantial disturbance to our local residents

  27. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    H Zhao commented

    S Hurstville is a quite residential suburb and won't be able to cope with the traffic flow and crowd of such mosque. It will cause substantial disturbance to our local residents

  28. In North Ryde NSW on “To rezone land at 366-372...” at 366-372 Lane Cove Road and 124A & 126 Epping Road and 1 Paul St, North Ryde:

    Rhonda Ware commented

    I wish to object to the proposed rezoning of the land 366-372 Lane Cove Road, 124A and 126 Epping Road, and 1 Paul Street, North Ryde. The applicant has not presented a traffic study of the intersection of Lane Cove Road (LCR) and the Epping Road on and off ramps because it would not be favourable to their proposal. There is a 20 minute delay in traffic north bound on Lane Cove Road. Queuing extends from the intersection of Waterloo Road and Lane Cove Road back along Lane Cove Road to almost Cox's Road in the afternoon peak. The traffic lights can be green but traffic from the Epping Road off ramp has priority turning on to Lane Cove Road northbound thus does not allow traffic on LCR to progress. The solution would be a grade separated interchange at Waterloo Road /LCR and this was first proposed by the former RTA over 20 years ago but never built, and now there is a railway station underneath so there is no relief possible. The railway is going East/West in the opposite direction to the traffic on Lane Cove Road.
    In the morning peak period there is a 20 minute delay for traffic southbound on LCR. The traffic backs up beyond the Yanko Road/Ryde Road/LCR intersection.
    This proposal will severely impact residents seeking egress from Paul Street, North Ryde in the morning peak due to the number of residents in the high rise residential proposed. Vehicle queuing of 15 vehicles is proposed and unaccepable and would take up the whole street. The level of service in the morning and afternoon peak hours of key intersections is at F therefore no further congestion can be added and this proposal is a traffic generating development.
    For the future amenity of the proposed high rise residents there is a problem with flooding.
    The existing buildings on site do not have a problem with flooding but by building
    underground car parks flooding will occur at least 1/100 years of 60% inundation which is
    something that could be fixed by building car parking above ground and making
    the residential towers even higher.
    This proposal gives no land for a future bike path/ wider footpath or land for an
    additional lane on LCR for left hand turn only, or land to the Epping Road onramp which would allow traffic to bypass the slowing vehicles trying to enter and exit the site and adds to traffic congestion in Paul Street/LCR and in LCR and Epping Road off ramp as 80% of future residents would be returning in the afternoon peak.
    This proposal has more than a minimal impact on traffic all around the site, will cause flooding of underground car parking and storage areas affecting residents vehicles and storage and affecting staff/doctors/patients to the medical centre. It will cause overshadowing of an intersection which is extremely congested where traffic cannot
    proceed even on a green light in the afternoon peak northbound.
    Therefore I object to the rezoning of this land to mixed use as proposed to allow high rise residential in addition to the existing medical centre/pharmacy.
    Rhonda Ware

  29. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    D. Riley commented

    How many Masjids and Musallahs are needed?
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    Hinchinbrook Sydney 42 Wilson Road, Hinchinbrook, NSW 2168 NSW
    Homebush Sydney 114 Burlington Rd Homebush NSW 2140 NSW
    Hornsby Sydney 75 Hunter St Hornsby NSW 2077 NSW
    Hurstville Sydney 18 Culwulla St Sth Hurstville NSW 2221 NSW
    Kemps Creek Sydney 1247 Mamre Road Kemps Creek NSW 2178 NSW
    Kensington Sydney 1/178 Anzac Pde Kensington NSW 2033 NSW
    Kingsgrove Sydney 20 Garema Cir Kingsgrove NSW 2208 NSW
    Kingsgrove Sydney 19 Bringelly Rd Kingswood NSW 2747 NSW
    Kingswood Sydney 19 Bringelly Rd Kingswood NSW 2747 NSW
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    Kogarah Sydney 5 Queen Victoria St. Kogarah NSW 2217 NSW
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    Liverpool Sydney 6 Wilson Road Hinchinbrook NSW 2168 NSW
    Liverpool Sydney Mill Road Community Centre Liverpool , NSW, 2170 NSW
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    Punchbowl Sydney 33 Matthews Street Punchbowl NSW 2196 NSW
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    Surrey Hills Sydney 175-177 Commonwealth St Surry Hills New South Wales 2010 NSW
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    Sydney Sydney 1-7 Bligh St Sydney NSW 2000 NSW
    Sydney Sydney 56 -60 Erskine Street Sydney NSW 2000 NSW
    Sydney Sydney 62 Surrey Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010 NSW
    Sydney Sydney Level 2 19-21 Hunter St Sydney New South Wales 1001 NSW
    Sydney Sydney Level 6 Gallery Function centre UTS 1 Broadway Ultimo NSW 2007 NSW
    Sydney Sydney 32 York St Sydney New South Wales 1001 NSW
    Sydney Sydney 167B Castlereagh St Sydney New South Wales 1001 NSW
    Sydney Sydney 36 York Street Sydney NSW 2001 NSW
    Sydney Sydney Main Campus Sydney Uni Sydney New South Wales 1001 NSW
    Sydney Sydney 383-389 Bulwara Rd Ultimo NSW 2007 NSW
    Tempe Sydney 45 Station Street Tempe, NSW 2044 NSW
    Tullamarine Sydney Melb Airport Int Dep. Lounge Tullamarine Vic 3043 NSW
    Ultimo Sydney 19 Mary Ann Street Ultimo NSW 2007 NSW
    Ultimo Sydney Broadway Ultimo New South Wales 2007 NSW
    Warwick Farm Sydney 8D Homepride Ave, Warwick Farm NSW 2170 NSW
    Warwick Farm Sydney U6, 10-14 Hume Hwy, Warwick Farm NSW 2170 NSW
    Wentworthville Sydney 23 Lower Mount Street Wentworthville, NSW 2145 NSW
    Westmead Sydney Cnr Darcy & Hawkesbury Rd. NSW
    Wolli Creek Sydney Taxi Holding Area Cooks River Ave Wolli Creek NSW 2020 NSW
    Wyong Sydney 13A Howarth St. Wyong NSW 2259 NSW
    Zetland Sydney 932 Bourke Street Zetland , NSW, 2017 NSW
    South Hurtsville Sydney 849 King Georges Road South Hurtsville NSW NSW

  30. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Z. Ellen commented

    This new development is absolutely not a favor of local community.

    The traffic is bad enough, and please take a look at this 'Noise Assesment 150661-01L-DD Rev01 indicates that approximately 260 worshippers / students will be on site on Friday at 1pm.' It will affect the people nearby and of course, parking will be worse then.

    Please do consider the local residents. We strongly against this project, and hope the government can reconsider this issue.

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This independent project is run by a local charity, the OpenAustralia Foundation. PlanningAlerts is powered by small, tax-deductible donations from the people who use it to stay informed about changes to their local area. If you find it useful, chip in to support PlanningAlerts.

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