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  1. In Alexandria NSW on “Private Certifier...” at 10/12/2015:

    Julia Moran commented

    I don't know if this comes within the City of Sydney, but they don't consider the amount of Parking at all, and they are just squeezing more and more businesses and people in everywhere with no thought to the residents.

  2. In Thornbury VIC on “Demolition of the existing...” at 752 High Street Thornbury VIC 3071:

    Carly Jane commented

    I'm opposed to the planned development for 752 High St Thornbury. This building will contribute to increased traffic congestion and over crowded public transport.
    I also believe that the current dwelling should be retained. It's a welcome respite from the number of apartment blocks that are having an adverse visual effect on the area.

  3. In Chippendale NSW on “Use of the public footway...” at 166-170 Broadway Chippendale NSW 2008:

    Geoff Bartlett commented

    The area is a major pedestrian hub, situated as it is between Notre Dame Uni, Broadway Shopping Centre and Sydney University. As such, outdoor seating of this nature would be a major impediment to the free flow of pedestrians and I urge council not to approve it.

  4. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    jake kou commented

    We immigrate to Australia, it is because Australia is the most suitable place to live in the world.

    We enjoy our social community life in South Hurstville for many years, we don't want our life will be destroyed by excessive noise. And with such big mosque, it will create excessive traffic, please concern our kids' safety .

  5. In Fennell Bay NSW on “Alterations and Additions -...” at 29 Brougham Avenue, Fennell Bay NSW 2283:

    ty pusey commented

    no access to back yard unleess go threw shed ,means more cars parked on road ,fload zone, think this one is a bit silly lmcc.

  6. In Hawthorn East VIC on “Use of the land for 356...” at 33 - 37 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Bronwyn Casley commented

    We moved into this area to escape unreasonable development. This proposal highlights that our once sound reason for moving into the Boroondara area is no longer valid.

    Some obvious and immediate concerns are listed here, and further concerns and more detail can be provided later:
    Unreasonable scale
    Built form
    Loss of amenity
    Quiet enjoyment
    Insufficient parking
    Insufficient traffic management
    Loading and unloading issues
    Community safety
    Private open space
    Proximity to services
    Neighbourhood character

  7. In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of structures...” at 2 Kooringa Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Ben Hackett commented

    Kooringa Road already has an excessive number of unit dwellings compared to other small streets within the locale.

    At present, there is already inadequate parking available for residents, visitors, attending contractors and customers of local businesses.

    Further unit developments will adversely affect residents already living in the surrounding dwellings, depriving them of access to parking, quiet enjoyment of their residence, and will be problematic for council services, such as garbage and recycling collection, as well as postal deliveries.

    Furthermore, access to Victoria Avenue from Kooringa Road is already problematic for motorists, as is access to Kooringa Road from Victoria Avenue, the only road access available for entry to most dwellings in this street.
    At peak periods, it is already near impossible to turn right out of Kooringa Road into Victoria Avenue, and likewise very difficult to turn right into Kooringa Road from Victoria Avenue, for residents to enter or leave Kooringa Road.

    Further unit developments in Kooringa Road will put excessive strain on infrastructure, will cause excessive noise as well as other disturbance to existing residents.

    In the past twelve months alone, Sydney Water has been required to attend several times due to inadequate sewage and water services in this street, further development will put additional strain on services that are already inadequate.

    The planned 4 storey complex will mean the loss of sunshine for many residents, and may necessitate the removal of numerous trees, which are home to native wildlife, and which act as wind breaks and shade in windy or hot weather.

    This planned complex is not in keeping with the aesthetic of the area, will cause further overcrowding, and is not likely to improve amenities or infrastructure for residents already living in the area, and may in fact provide further strain on existing services.

  8. In Brunswick East VIC on “Six storey building...” at 65 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

    Local Resident commented

    This was approved almost 3 years ago.

  9. In Balmain NSW on “Section 96 modification of...” at 25 Montague Street Balmain NSW 2041:

    Jane commented

    Has this section 96 been approved or do we have Time to object?

  10. In Thornbury VIC on “Demolition of the existing...” at 752 High Street Thornbury VIC 3071:

    Marcus Abbott commented

    I oppose this development. The height is inappropriate for the area and the reduction in car parking numbers will add pressure to a precinct already feeling the increase in density of recent developments and popularity in the High Street precinct.

    A development of reduced levels and appropriate parking off street should be considered.

    Please ensure there is some architectural merit to the design. There is already sufficient precast concrete rubbish in the area. The area is rich in history and beautiful buildings - let's not tarnish it any further.

  11. In Dulwich Hill NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 819 New Canterbury Road Dulwich Hill NSW 2203:

    Lucien Buddle commented

    If I am correct,from my research I believe the old cottage that adjoins the later addition shopfront is Victorian era, dating 1891, possibly earlier. It is either "Cranbrook" (1891) or "Devonshire" (1893, possibly 1889). If so the dwelling should be retained as an early example of possibly one of the last of its type along New Canterbury rd, and should be restored and included in any new development.

  12. In Thornbury VIC on “Demolition of the existing...” at 752 High Street Thornbury VIC 3071:

    Helen Watson commented

    I am opposed to the planned development for 752 High Street Thornbury. The extreme height of the development will contribute to a continuing claustrophobic closing in of High Street.

    The reduced car parking facilities will exacerbate an already difficult parking situation in surrounding streets, as the local demographic of young families will continue to rely on private vehicles in addition to public transport.

    Aside from the new development being an inappropriate and unwelcome addition to High Street, I feel strongly that the current dwelling should be retained. It is a unique, historic dwelling, that contributes significantly to the character of the streetscape and once buildings like this are lost, that character is lost to the local community forever. Many locals view this particular building with great affection and interest. Despite living a few blocks away from this development, my family and I walk up and down High Street frequently to access various shops and local facilities and the loss of a significant High St building impacts on many, many local residents.

  13. In West Tamworth NSW on “Community Facilities...” at 120 Goonoo Goonoo Road West Tamworth NSW 2340:

    Jeffrey L Bartlett commented

    I would have to agree with a previous objection, if the so called community centre, is going to be used as a religious worshiping centre, the application should be appropriately submitted as such so that it can be assessed appropriately. If the applicant continues to advise that the centre will not be used as a religious worship centre and there are already concerns being raised that it will be, a caveat should be placed on any approval that the centre not be used for any religious worship. Let the application be judged correctly in regards to what it is intended to be used as, not being clouded to its true intentions.

  14. In Epping NSW on “Subdivision - One Lot Into...” at 37 Chester Street Epping NSW 2121 Australia:

    Linda Gock commented

    It appears to be an older character style brick home on a big piece of land. Is there a way to do the subdivision without knocking down the current home? Many houses of this street is of heritage value and this house adds to the heritage value, unlike many of its neighbours.

  15. In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish the existing...” at 119 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Lucien Buddle commented

    I oppose this DA to demolish this building. This cottage, which was called 'Ferndale' was built in 1880 (possibly earlier) well before the creation of the nearby Agar st corner. It is one of the only dwellings on Addison rd to occupy as a 'free standing' dwelling. In 1910 it was still the only dwelling standing between Agar and England streets. This is one of the very early Marrickville buildings and every endeavour should be taken to preserve and restore it to it's former glory as a reminder of what earlier life was like in the district of Marrickville.

  16. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Dean commented

    There've been enough developments in the Hurstville, Sth Hurstville areas, but infrastructures haven't been kept up. There are schools near by, it's frustrated enough to drive kids to and from schools everyday. Please don't add more frustration by building a worship place like this.

    Let's keep South Hurstville a residential area, and a safe one for kids.

  17. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Marie B. commented

    I do not agree with the building of this mosque in Hurstville or any other mosques throughout Australia. Muslims & Islam is an ideology completely different to western culture & this will only bring more divide between the people of Australia. Mosques have been well documented as being a place for hate preaching against western beliefs & its people. Government, councillors, mayors have a responsibility to look after its pre existing citizens of Australia & follow their wishes. I don't consider Muslims as citizens of Australia, as they will not swear an alligence to Australia on our bible, but will only swear on their Quran, which is an alligence to Allah & the teachings of Mohamad. This is a Christian country, but Islam is taking over. This needs to stop.

  18. In Kellyville NSW on “Proposed Residential Flat...” at 2B Hector Court, Kellyville:

    Kevin Pickford commented

    Hector Court is already congested, adding a further 87 Flats will just add to the congestion, let along the safety of residents entering/exiting Hector Court onto Memorial Avenue. What happened to the council plans to have a small shopping centre in this area?
    Surely it would make sense to complete the road infrastructure first by making Hector Court a cul de sac and opening Seven Vale Drive as per the Community Update released on December 2013

  19. In Brunswick East VIC on “Six storey building...” at 65 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East VIC 3057:

    Julia F commented

    Given that just about every planning request on Nicholson Street seems to include a reduction in parking requirements, the speed of traffic and availability of parking is likely to one day resemble Chapel Street. I object to the reduction in parking requirements-this will impact heavily on residents in neighboring streets and flow of traffic through this already congested stretch of road.

  20. In Erskineville NSW on “S96(2) modification of...” at 108 Swanson Street Erskineville NSW 2043:

    Andrew Hodgson commented

    Great idea. Smoking as far as I know, is not illegal. Not everyone wants to smell or see others smoking for their own reasons, so its a good idea. Any alteration should take into account the residents who live in Park Street, and how any alteration at the hotel will impact on the comfort of the people living in their home, with particular attention to noice from the hotel and its patrons.

  21. In Fitzroy VIC on “Part demolition and...” at 239-243 Johnston St Fitzroy VIC 3065:

    Robert Young commented

    No more grog outlets needed in this area.
    It must be time for a very serious look at the (so called) planning department of Yarra Council. Lets hope that their names are recorded so that we can remember them for what they really are.

  22. In Mc Graths Hill NSW on “Place of Public Worship” at 10 Beddek Street, Mcgraths Hill, NSW:

    Ranjoo commented

    I'm amazed to see so many negative comments on building a Hindu temple. had it been a church, no one would have dared to oppose it.. on one hand, Australians tell the world that they have democratic values and on other hand, they can't see people from another faith practising their faith. why so much hypocrisy ?
    is it a regime? is it a true democracy? how people could be so narrow- minded?

  23. In Hawthorn East VIC on “Use of the land for 356...” at 33 - 37 Camberwell Road Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Mary Petroff commented

    If Council is prepared to bend the rules for foreign and local investors then what hope do we have and what a legacy we leave for generations to come. Council is there to represent & implement the local bylaws and concerns of its ratepayers/residents, not bypass them for those who choose to erode all that our heritage stands for.

  24. In Saint Peters NSW on “M5 East - New multi lane...” at M5 East Motorway between King Georges Road, Beverly Hills and St Peters, , NSW:

    Andrew Hodgson commented

    I strongly object to the new M5. It will not achieve its stated aims. It has not been compared against public and active transport solutions that will better serve the public.I object to this proposal as there has been little consideration of the public desire for more public transport options and less large roadworks. The inner west is becoming more densely populated with many new high rise developments. Where there are no transport options, this leads to increased car usage.

    NSW Department of Planning Major Project Assessments should look at cities that have neglected public transport and focused on car based options (LA, Manila) and failed. They should also look at cities that have embraced public transport and improved the life of the residents.

  25. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Thomas commented

    I strongly object to the Mosquebeing located in this area. The reasons are following:
    1.Too many Islamic meeting centres and mosques in Sydney already and for a population of 2.2% Australia wide there can not be any need for any more.
    2.The traffic in this area is already terrible & getting worse in recent years. Council should put more attention to the local residential needs instead of building a mosque to draw more traffic with in adequate parking aloted to facilitate the magnitude of another culture invading our quiet neighbourhood streets.
    3.There are already 3 mosques nearby, which are located in Penshurst, Rockdale and Kogarah. Why another for Isamists who have to drive from another area.
    4. Is their an agenda? are we going to be recieving some of these refugees being sent to Australia to live in hurstville? If so I cannot believe that they would assimmilate with the current demographics predominately Christian Society.
    5. D. Riley commented 2 days ago
    How many Masjids and Musallahs are needed? D.Riley also gave an extensive list of areas of where there already Mosques for these people to pray, some are already in close proxcimity to Hurstville.
    6. travelling to and from on this very busy road we don't require any more frustrations with more unnecessary traffic congestion.
    7. Mosques it is proven, breed radicle Islamists, I care for our communities safety.
    8.Radicle Islamists are working towards:To destroy Western Civilisation and remake it in their own respective images. Who are working to also transforming our once - free republic into a socialist, Third World dictatorship ruled by a Sharia ideological government and zero representation to Australias Christian society. The Moslem faith have their own language and culture and progressive islamists are already hijacking public policy from national defence to immigration to education. Through Federal,State and local community governmental departments.
    8. We have a right to guarantee local community safety and to be assured that council is listening to the rate payers who you work for and must listen to their concerns and objections.
    9. Having up to 250 people from other areas descend like a plague of locusts (Locusts are the swarming phase of certain species) and interrupt a peaceful neighbourhood at un healthy hours night and day is not acceptable for the health,safety and general well being of existing community.
    10. I am objecting to this application and would like to see better use for this land for the local community. (suggestion).Perhaps a medical centre would be more appropriate.

  26. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Gary commented

    Such development would increase safety issues like more traffic, less parking, school nearby would also be impacted in relation to children's safety when traffic increased. Also surrounding households privacy has to be compromised due to the height of the proposed development. As a local resident I strongly oppose such development.

  27. In Alexandria NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 O'Riordan Street Alexandria NSW 2015:

    Geoff Mason commented

    The area is in great need of hotel accommodation but 142 guest rooms with a capacity of 350 people doesn't divide well into 27 car parking spaces of which half will be used by staff ? I hope there is a basement car park as well as there is next to no street parking in this precinct...

  28. In West Tamworth NSW on “Community Facilities...” at 120 Goonoo Goonoo Road West Tamworth NSW 2340:

    Matt Zell commented

    Tamworth does not need a mosque/prayer centre or another community centre. Why segregate them from other people. Plain and simple. Not needed.

  29. In Capalaba QLD on “Roofed Patio/Decking & Carport” at 50 Elmhurst Street, Capalaba, QLD:

    Amy Glade commented

    I have no problem with this application.
    However, along with neighbour, friend of Mayor's late parents, we were shocked on learning that RCC were to sell Elmhurst St Park...made up of 12 old growth trees we have enjoyed walking through for past 30 years, Hildegard was angry as this is at entry from Finucane Rd Cnr Elmhurst & Ingham St and much needed open space as trees absorb pollution from high trafficked roads like Finucane Rd. This park must not be sold.

  30. In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

    Shirley tang commented

    Shirley Tang
    The proposal structure will add more traffic in this already busy area. We don't want any more noice add to the area. There is a church and a preschool around the conner. The traffic is aready busy enough for the area. Sometimes is hard to find a parking for ourself in the street.
    We are strongly against this proposal.No No No!!!!

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