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  1. In Notting Hill VIC on “Construction of a three (3)...” at 656 Blackburn Road Notting Hill VIC 3168:

    JO MIHAILOV commented

    Developments like this should NOT be permitted for all of the reasons already canvassed by others and published in The Leader. This development in particular is out of whack with the aesthetic and lifestyle of the neighbourhood. MAKE THE DEVELOPER AGREES TO PAY a significant levy ie 5% to 10% of the total building cost towards the construction of an extra railway station and track because if this level of development and congestion keeps going it will be unsustainable. It already is becoming so. Try getting on a train at Glen Waverley Station! Its nearly full on every carriage from the VERY FIRST STATION IE GLEN WAVERLEY. Good luck getting a seat at Syndal! This is totally short-sighted development approval and should be outlawed by council guidelines. If devlopers want to make quick money make then contribute to the sustainability of living out there. Make them contribute to putting the power lines under ground within a 1 km radius of the development and make them contribute levies to new train station constructions.

  2. In Enmore NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 34 Belmore Street Enmore NSW 2042:

    Renae Wales commented

    It seems to me that demolishing one of the oldest, freestanding, weatherboard houses in Enmore to build two unsympathetic townhouses is shortsighted. This house should be under some sort of protection to at least protect the facade and street view. Houses like these show the history of our neighbourhood. Houses like these make our streets a pleasure to walk down and live in.

  3. In Gymea NSW on “Alterations and additions...” at 691 Kingsway Gymea 2227:

    Tired commented

    Why?,,, Living behind these two clubs (Tradies/ Miranda Bowling) over the previous years is becoming tiresome as they grow like weeds expanding on their shared space and never happy just leaving things be,,, its been a continued construction noise throughout the day with both these offenders with demolition of surrounding houses they own (waiting to see whats next with these vacant blocks) , car-parks, plant-rooms, restaurant expansions ect ect,,, there is compressor/pump plant noise throughout the night after you approved i guess Tradies 24hour ,,why you would wish to go there at 4am beats me,, it finds its way all through the neighborhood and i guess more noise again with this construction,,, can we least have a ban of heavy trucks belting up and down Manchester Rd to service this yet again construction,,, Signed ,,A very tired night shift worker,,,

  4. In South Launceston TAS on “Food Services - cafe;...” at 27-29 Leslie Street South Launceston TAS 7249:

    angie nielsen commented

    I do not thnk this planning application should be approved.

    1. Parking: This is a very narrow street, most residents park on the street, making traffic congestion and movement difficult at times. This application does not address the increased parking and traffic issues.

    2. Noise: How does the application address the issue of increased levels of noise, (a) during construction, and (b) inhabitation of the dwellings, and the cafe attenders??

    These two issues do affect the lives of the residents in this street.

  5. In Erskineville NSW on “Alterations and additions...” at 141 George Street Erskineville NSW 2043:

    greg smith commented

    What a great idea! How good would it be if this happened to more of the 'corner stores' and 'pubs'? This is a real addition to the grain and texture of the urban fabric. Congrats!

  6. In Glen Iris VIC on “BYO Permit - Restaurant” at 25 High Street, Glen Iris 3146, VIC:

    Ross Olney commented

    This would be a great improvement to the amenity in the area.

  7. In Winston Hills NSW on “Proposed Shop Top Housing...” at Winston Hills Shopping Centre, 180-192 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153:

    Reginald Casy commented

    I have not met one person in Winston Hills yet who want this development to go up. It will change the community spirit of Winston Hills. As it is we have all the townhouses going up near to Winston Hills Mall and that will result in overcrowding, lack of parking and an increased crime rate no doubt.

    I used to live in Westmead and had my car broken into several times. Also when people move out of units, they leave furniture on the pavement that they and nobody else wants.

    The development will ruin what was a nice suburb. If this development occurs, I and several other people that I know will boycott Winston Hills Mall. It will be interesting to see the shops close down.

  8. In Henley Brook WA on “Change of Use from Grouped...” at 1-3/157 Park Street Henley Brook WA 6055 ,:

    Rebecca Dunstan commented

    Please consider approving this planning application. Shalom House is doing wonderful things and it is not incompatible with the area that they are located geographically. I can't imagine any place better than the Swan Valley to help achieve their stated goals. I urge City of Swan to consider the good that this will achieve.

  9. In Drouin VIC on “Development of Six (6)...” at 7 Lardner Road, Drouin , VIC:

    R.Foster commented

    I am rather concerned,particularly, if access is granted from Park View Road. it is a narrow road to begin with.

    My other concern is when making a right turn from Montague into Park View. it is
    An awkward bend, I think a few accidents have happened there already. it is narrow,and extra care needs to be given when passing another vehicle.

    perhaps I am worrying unduly, and council is aware of the situation and access has only been granted from Lardner Road.

    many thanks.

  10. In Taree NSW on “Manning Valley Hockey Final...” at 1 Bligh St, Taree 2430:

    Karen du Preez commented

    Please note it is not 1 Bligh street Taree as that is my residence. I think it is Lot 1 Bligh street and I request you get it right before publishing again

  11. In New Beith QLD on “Domestic - Shed” at 1-7 Perceval Court New Beith QLD 4124:

    M commented

    This shed is located only 2m away from the property boundary despite council and covenant regulation requiring a minimum distance of 4m away (i.e. contained within the building envelope). This shed commenced construction more than 7 weeks prior to planning approval being given and comment from neighbouring properties directly affected was never sought in all that time.

    I strongly object to this shed construction due to it being 2m closer to my fence than is council and covenant regulation. This is an acreage development and construction of a very large shed so close to the boundary should never be permitted to happen. The protection provided by the council building envelope restrictions and the covenant guidelines was an important factor in our choosing to buy and build here and we are extremely disappointed that this blatant disregard for regulation has been allowed to take place.

    Shame on Logan City Council for their extremely poor representation of their (regulation-abiding) ratepayers.

  12. In Pokolbin NSW on “Cellar Door Premises” at 694A Hermitage Road Pokolbin NSW 2320:

    Dennis Eldridge, Valuer & Property Consultant commented

    Permissible,sensible,compliant, and compatible development. Approval supported.

  13. In Gladesville NSW on “Star of Thailand...” at 156 Victoria Rd, Gladesville 2111:

    Andrew Barker commented

    A quality restaurant. This would be a much appreciated addition to both the restaurant and their customers.

  14. In Marrickville NSW on “Marrickville R S L Club Ltd...” at 359-367 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville 2204:

    denise moss commented

    It's not clear what this is about. If this is for the re-opening of the RSL I oppose it vehemently.

  15. In East Toowoomba QLD on “Dwelling House Extension...” at 29 Campbell Street East Toowoomba QLD 4350:

    Paul Hurley commented

    29 Campbell is just the tip of the Iceberg, As you drive around East Toowoomba take a mental image of how it looks because it is changing and not for the Better.Campbell and Arthur St's are 2 of the best streets in East Toowoomba yet development like this is allowed and should not be,SHAME SHAME TRC.
    If you want to see something really disgusting have a look up Arthur St, looks as if they have dropped a modern home on top of a timber cottage, Brings a new meaning to Character Overlay!
    Not to mention the double storey development planned for Bridge St.

  16. In Saint Peters NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 9 Hutchinson Street St Peters NSW 2044:

    Sarina Kilham commented

    This development in St Peters Triangle appears quite large at 4 stories high and with limited green space / trees / landscaping (that is, its a concrete tower). It will also encourage extra traffic along Hutchinson Street. Whilst the 'graffiti' walls at the front appear nice - in reality, I imagine that future residents will have issues walking/living next 'graffiti in progress' as it creates lots of fumes and rubbish (just ask the residents near May Lane). Given the two new developments on Lackey Street and Hutchinson Street already under way and the the DA for a 7 storey apartments on Applebee Street - I'd like to see more 'softening' of the developments via green walls or green spaces and a better management of the traffic issue. How does this fit with St Peters Triangle Master Plan of combined live/work zones, art precinct and walkability to St Peters station? It just seems like many apartments squeezed into large building & it takes more than two panels of painting/graffiti to make it art friendly.

  17. In Millswood SA on “Erect telecommunications tower” at Goodwood Oval, 1 Curzon Avenue, Millswood 5034:

    Anne Shepherdson commented

    This tower is far too close to the playground that children frequent. Very young children have sports days on this ovaI - children should not be exposed to the radiation from this tower. I am unhappy with it being so close to our house - I have gone out of my way to avoid radiation due to an autoimmune condition - ie to not have unnecessary xrays, very infrequent use of my mobile ph /texting only etc and now it is proposed that this tower is to be erected very close to our house which I can not avoid. It is a community area and should be a safe area where people can gather, play sport, take their children to and live nearby without concern of impacts on their health much further down the track. There are other health impacts to be concerned about as well :
    Don Maisch, who has a PhD in telecommunications standards and was a previous Standards Australia Committee member concerned about potential health impacts of these towers has said "Certainly there is a lot of evidence showing there can be other effects, for instance, sleep disruption, chronic fatigue, and a number of neurological problems. That's one thing which comes out fairly consistently in the literature," he said.

    A 2004 German government study found that people living within 1,300 feet of cell tower radiation had three times the normal cancer risk. A French medical study of people living within 1,000 feet of cell towers documented an unusually high level of complaints of extreme fatigue, memory loss, headaches, sleep disorders, depression, skin problems, hearing loss and cardiovascular problems.

    Microwave transmitters belong in industrial areas where human exposure can be kept to a minimum.

    We bought our house because it was across from this oval and have enjoyed living here for many years. As a long term resident, I am extremely concerned about this proposed Telecommunications tower being erected on the oval.

  18. In Rockdale NSW on “Construction of a mixed use...” at 397 Princes Highway Rockdale:

    Simon Calton commented

    An interesting and enlightening view thanks Sandra and I would agree with your comments
    thank you

  19. In East Toowoomba QLD on “Dwelling House Extension...” at 29 Campbell Street East Toowoomba QLD 4350:

    Ginny Lunn commented

    It is such a dreadful shame that TRC has no appreciation for the heritage value of East Toowoomba. Tourists come to Toowoomba to see the beauty of the homes of the past, and now they are faced with blocks cut to the max to fit another dwelling.
    There is plenty of room in other suburbs without destroying what heritage we have left.
    I moved here for that very reason, so leave it alone...PLEASE

  20. In Fitzroy North VIC on “Part Demolition...” at 621 Brunswick St Fitzroy North VIC 3068:

    Lou Baxter commented

    I object to ANY reduction in car parking requirements, as lack of parking in the area already causes social friction.

  21. In Rockdale NSW on “Construction of a mixed use...” at 397 Princes Highway Rockdale:

    Sandra Steele commented

    I have significant concerns about the height of this proposed development as it will set a precedent for further developments in the Princes Highway corridor.

    Historically, the ridge running above Banksia railway station is thought to be one of the sites Captain James Cook climbed to to in 1770 to assess the area surrounding Botany Bay.

    Thousands of residents who live on this ridge are at risk of having this historic outlook blocked by the proposed development of high rise appartment blocks. Whilst there is a certain inevitability of development in the local area, rows of 10 storey appartment blocks along the highway at Banksia and Arncliffe will completely destroy the views and ambience for many current residents of these areas.

    I am not against the development of unit blocks in this area, but feel that there should be height restrictions with no blocks being higher than the current block of units on the corner of Banksia Ave and the highway, next door to the Woolworths Petrol Station.

    My other concern is the impact any high rise developments will have on the already overcrowded traffic on the Highway. We are already suffering the impact of poor infrastructure development around Wolli Creek with many large apartment blocks and a road system which has insufficient capacity to deal with the increased amounts of traffic in the area. Further high rise decvelopments locally are only going to exascerbate this issue.

  22. In East Toowoomba QLD on “Dwelling House Extension...” at 29 Campbell Street East Toowoomba QLD 4350:

    Rodney Patrick (Paddy) Boxall commented

    This was an old house that had considerable size added to it by way of extensions some years ago.
    To add a further extension, plus a shed would seriously overload the block. It is on a corner and is also high set. I don't really know TRC's policy on the percentage of area on a block that can allow construction but, this proposal would, in my opinion be well over any reasonable limits

  23. In Mascot NSW on “Daiwa Food Corporation...” at 6/154 O'Riordan St, Mascot 2020:

    Heiwa leasing. commented

    Dear Mr. Hiroshi Miyamoto.

    I would like to contact you for shipment orderd by Ms. Angela.
    Please send us the e-mail.

    Hiroto Chujo of Heiwa Leasing.

  24. In Wyee NSW on “Recreational Facility” at 425 Bushells Ridge Road Bushells Ridge NSW 2259:

    Bozena Bartold commented

    This application should NOT be approved. This area is rezoned to residential now. The proximity of the motor racing track is too close to the residential buildings. The roaring noise from the racing cars exhausts and the pollutions would make life of the future residents miserable. I strongly disagree with this proposal of Motor Racing Facility!

  25. In Millswood SA on “Erect telecommunications tower” at Goodwood Oval, 1 Curzon Avenue, Millswood 5034:

    Alex Russell commented

    How big will this be? What will it look like? What are the safety implications? I don't think this should be built in the middle of a residential precinct. It will detract from the look of the neighbourhood, impact drastically on house prices, and be an eyesore.

  26. In Parramatta NSW on “Proposed use of Prince...” at 353D Church Street Parramatta NSW 2150:

    david clancy commented

    I believe this to be a positive initiative in need of support. well done.

  27. In Marino SA on “Retaining Wall and Fence” at 2 Marine Pde Marino:

    John Hood commented

    Please provide more detailed information regarding this planning application to or to 1A Marine Pde. Marino 5049. We are the neighboring property and the applicant has already carried out major construction work on the road reserve without planning approval as well as extensive decking up to the property boundary overlooking our entrance which did not appear on the building plans originally approved by council. Yours sincerely, John Hood

  28. In Pymble NSW on “Demolish existing...” at 64 Merrivale Road, Pymble, NSW:

    Anna Ancher commented

    There is cultural and historical significance attached to this property as clearly demonstrated by the responses voluntarily made to the suggestion of its demolition. Council should recognise the importance of such responses and ensure the building is preserved.

  29. In Engadine NSW on “Construction of a dwelling” at 17 Chipilly Ave Engadine 2233:

    Cassi commented

    I have concerns over and 2 storey property development that will have windows facing my yard where the privacy of my children will be breeched

  30. In Kensington VIC on “Construction of a 3-storey...” at 68 Smith Street Kensington VIC 3031:

    Rosa Reyes commented

    Dear Melbourne City Council,

    This is a property registered with a heritage overlay.

    Could you please consider the retention of the dwelling.


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