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  1. In Pymble NSW on “Demolish existing...” at 64 Merrivale Road, Pymble, NSW:

    Tim Ross commented

    This is the work of one of Australia's most significant 20th Century Architects who was one of the pioneers of Modernism in this country. The work of Syd Ancher, like Harry Seidler should be viewed in the same way that we view the iconic artists of the period.

  2. In Pymble NSW on “Demolish existing...” at 64 Merrivale Road, Pymble, NSW:

    Steve Thompson commented

    This house should not be demolished. The house should be conserved because of its architectural and heritage significance. It is significant because of its modular modernist design by architect Sydney Ancher and is a rare and important example of post WW2 Sydney suburban modernism.

  3. In Leichhardt NSW on “Construction of a double...” at 1 Hawthorne Street Leichhardt NSW 2040:

    Karen Eldridge commented

    We wish to have some awareness of the bulk and scale of the building that a Certifier has approved for development on 1 Hawthorne Street, Leichhardt.
    How may we access the plans ?

  4. In Leichhardt NSW on “Construction of a double...” at 13 Hawthorne Street Leichhardt NSW 2040:

    Karen Eldridge commented

    We, who live at 13 Hawthorne Street Leichhardt, strongly object to the advertisement that our house is being re-constructed.

    This is incorrect, and the advertisement probably refers to the propery adjacent to us, 11 Hawthorne Street, Leichhardt.

    Karen Eldridge and Margaret Davies.

  5. In Glen Iris VIC on “Amendment to approved...” at 1663-1665 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC:

    Julie Smith commented

    No dispensation to car parking should be allowed as already little car parking is available in area.
    More than 10 units on this sized block is far too many and not in keeping with existing residences.

  6. In Glen Iris VIC on “Construction of a...” at 1643-1645 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC:

    Michael Jackson commented

    This section of Malvern Road is very congested and on street parking is already an issue. Many local businesses and train commuters take advantage of the 'all day' parking. Cars are parked from early morning to the evening.

    I am aware of many other multi-unit developments 'mooted' for Malvern Road and if Council continues to allow dispensations on car parking this issue is going to get out of hand. Sections of Malvern Road should already be permit parking or have time limits.

    Most occupants of these new units will have at least 1 x car, and in many instances 2 x cars. Malvern Road and local side streets will turn into permanent car parks to accommodate these additional cars.

    Profit margins of developers should not be given priority over rate paying residents. They should provide the appropriate number of car parks, or reduce size/scale of their developments.

  7. In Caringbah South NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 44 Northcote Ave Caringbah 2229:

    Rob & Carole Nixon commented

    as a neighbour I feel as though 9 town houses will cause issues for parking, most families are of 2 cars, 2 x 9 = 16 vehicles plus visitors added to this already busy street with school traffic & local residents.
    We have already twice now had sewerage come up our floor waste because of a Jacaranda trees roots blocking the street pipes, Note: we live on the down side of this proposed development.
    We are also concerned of the sun light that we will loose to our rear yard because of the high rise buildings.
    On your plans they do not show anything about the under ground parking for residents , visitors & areas to wash & clean vehicles. The plans show my palm trees as part of the landscape ,so what happens if we decide to remove these palms.
    I know progress is going on all round but when I look at what council has already allowed in this area we see that most places are of 5 to 6 buildings per double block.
    This in my way of thought is of a fair thing & they are of quality looks , not a over crowded money making development like this proposal.
    Parking in the local streets , sporting venues & schools is already in excess .
    Fines are being handed out to the poor motorist that has difficulty being able to find a suitable spot. Roads are now showing getting worse with pot holes needing repairs .
    Trying to get out of South Caringbah / Lilli Pilli area with the fast growing traffic problem is getting serious.
    Please reconsider this application as to how it will affect your long standing rate payers & reduce the size of this development to a fair size.
    .( Money should not Rule.)
    Thank you for listening.

  8. In Fitzroy North VIC on “Development of the land for...” at 60 Clauscen St Fitzroy North VIC 3068:

    John Donaldson commented

    I have no objections to sensible development in the area, but reductions in car parking requirements should not be allowed. Clauscen Street is a narrow street which already has significant parking congestion.

  9. In Peakhurst NSW on “Night food market - Limited...” at 825 Forest Rd, Peakhurst 2210:

    Katherine Johnson commented

    The markets are a family event and I think the serving of alcohol should not be allowed.

    It a high pedestrian/traffic area and doesn't need drunk drivers or pedestrians.

  10. In Wantirna VIC on “Development of the land for...” at 6 Benwerrin Drive, Wantirna VIC 3152:

    Amanda commented

    The house that is in place is such a beautiful property.
    I am devestated that something so beautiful is allowed to be replaced.
    I wholeheartedly wish approval would not be granted and that the Knox area would stop subdividing and eradicating the leafy, spacious, beautiful and original homes and properties we have.

  11. In Glen Iris VIC on “Construction of a...” at 1643-1645 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC:

    Emma commented

    This is already a particularly congested area, the idea of reducing onsite car parking is ridiculous!

  12. In Glen Iris VIC on “Construction of a...” at 1643-1645 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC:

    Jill commented

    Hello Judy,

    We're in the Boroondara side of Glen Iris and understand every word you say.

    The only way you have any hope of influencing the decision is to FIGHT.

    This is what we did in relation to a proposed development near us:-

    We letter dropped and door knocked all the neighbours and gave them copies of the Council objection forms to fill out.

    We gave them sample objection notes.

    We followed up with reminders.

    We took up a petition and presented it to Council.

    The proposal went to VCAT - we asked all the neighbours to add their objections to that - more door knocking!

    We kept neighbours up to date with the process/es.

    VCAT knocked back the application :)

    You have to be prepared to put in a lot of work, is all I can say.


  13. In Hallett Cove SA on “Construction of an ALDI...” at Ramrod Av Hallett Cove:

    Jane commented

    Yeah, about time an Aldi came to SA, been waiting years for this after using the stores in NSW.
    SA is so behind the times with everything.
    Aldi have great offers and now we can also reap the benefits,,
    :) :) :)

  14. In Galston NSW on “Residential - new second...” at 14 Knights Road Galston NSW 2159, NSW:

    Ingrid Cattley commented

    I strongly support this planning application.

  15. In Morisset NSW on “4 INTO 50 LOT SUBDIVISION -...” at 114 Awaba Street, Morisset NSW 2264:

    Gaye sharp commented

    Awaba street is not wide enough for two cars there is traffic to the oval as well as normal householders. Bridge street is too busy during school hours to take anymore traffic. There is a high school primary school and pre school. If these developers want to make there money it should not be at the expense of children. Awaba street could be taken right through and the school children would be a lot safer.
    Thanks Gaye

  16. In Glen Iris VIC on “Construction of a...” at 1643-1645 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC:

    Judy Brown commented

    No reduction to car parking should be allowed for any new developments. This development is in a particularly bad position being on a main road and close to a station where people park and ride. Excess car parking flows onto smaller side streets and the area becomes log jammed with cars parked everywhere. If a development cannot afford to incorporate adequate parking it should not be allowed as the rules are already set at the minimum requirement.

    Development near stations and trams do not mean the owners or tenants do not have vehicles. They may choose to use public transportation for work but have vehicles for recreation and they have to park somewhere. Statistics have proven this fact.

    Visitors and over night guests need parking as well this fact is frequently under estimated by planners. Many unit dwellers have great problems with visiting relatives who need car parking as well especially the elderly. We recently visited someone in Parkville who has experience all these problems in a new development. Her parents are greatly disadvantaged when coming to visit from the country as there is such a lack of parking.

  17. In Lewisham NSW on “To demolish improvements...” at 27 Railway Terrace Lewisham NSW 2049:

    Ian Meggitt commented

    I am dissapointed that I missed the deadline, really dissapointed.

    My concerns are that the retail shopfront spaces in the area are already dilapidated due to their not being economically viable – to add an additional 5 shopfronts to an area already struggling with insufficient trade will further exacerbate the problem.

    Whereas there is an explosion of unit development in the area – especially near the light rail in Summer Hill – these developments are larger and are coming with their own, more carefully laid out and considered retail spaces. These I imagine will be cafe, bar restaurant, supermarket and convenience stores. The occupants of these new developments are far more likely to be shopping in their own precinct or using the much larger Summer Hill shops – a precinct that offers considerably more variety and convenience than Lewisham – including parking! That’s one thing that an increased retail precinct in Lewisham will not be in a position to offer – not only will Lewisham be inconvenient for shoppers who can’t find a park, it will add pressure to the limited parking in the area.

    It is also worth thinking about how the internet has changed the way we shop, whereas we like a local cafe and a local convenience store, more and more we are shopping online – or choosing to shop at larger centres like Market Town, Broadway and of course Summer Hill. One suggestion that may work is to create a space for parcel delivery lockers – these may actually serve a need.

    Others needs worth thinking about are community facilities, a community garden, bike racks for commuters, a day care centre (although several have already opened in the area)

    I otherwise have no real objection to the density of the development. I accept that we must accommodate more people in Sydney, and to do so close to public transport is sensible. I do however feel that the development lacks architectural interest, the artist’s impression suggested large expanses of brutalism ‘block’ like features – there are some excellent unit developments in Sydney and a good looking building should be a priority. Aesthetics though, such a personal thing. They do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Given I will be living opposite this development I’d like to think my opinion could be considered/consulted. After all the people living in the building will be looking out over our lovely heritage listed terraces and won’t even see their own ugly facade. Certainly the proposed building does nothing to ‘fit-in’ or reflect the existing heritage of the area.

    Those are my comments. I am extremely disappointed to miss the cut off period.

  18. In Winston Hills NSW on “Proposed Shop Top Housing...” at Winston Hills Shopping Centre, 180-192 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153:

    Lisa commented

    I moved to Winston Hills 2 years ago, the main reason for wanting to live here was because there are no high rise units. It is a shame that this suburb may become a congested nightmare as a result of this development. I guess it comes down to lining the pockets of others and letting the locals pick up the pieces after, if they choose to stay.

    You do not solve a housing shortage problem by developing in an area that is not capable of coping with the increased population.

    Please don’t approve this development.

  19. In Eveleigh NSW on “Proposed demolition of the...” at 35 Henderson Road Eveleigh NSW 2015:

    Suzanne Sundin commented

    The proposed demolition of this lovely old pub means the last standing building from the past on this side of Henderson Road will be gone.
    For anyone who has seen the wonderful photos of the grand old buildings that once lined Henderson Road you can only shake your head in despair.
    To bulldoze this iconic old pub is shameful, it should have been Heritage Listed many years ago.
    It really is the last link with the days gone by, we will never ever get it back if the wrecking ball swings.
    It provides a safe haven for families, football fans, residents who just want a quiet drink, and allows the community to conduct meetings in a quiet and really nice environment. The absence of gambling is also very refreshing.
    As already mentioned, the lack of parking in the proposed replacement for The Alex could mean another 60 cars enter our already crowded streets.
    I guess the trees, perfectly planted by someone with wonderful foresight, and no idea they would be cut down. These lovely gums form an avenue at the side of the beer garden will have to go to make way for these apartments, that in itself is a terrible shame.
    Everything about this proposal is a tragedy for our wonderful community. I just hope sense can be seen in what will be awful for our community and the many who enjoy The Alex.
    Communities come together because of places like The Alex. They are the heart and soul of the many Small villages of Sydney and when you are lucky enough to have a place like this it should be preserved,

  20. In Springwood QLD on “Shopping Centre (Extension)” at Chatswood Hills Shopping Centre 2-16 Magellan Road Springwood QLD 4127:

    Kathryn Hester commented

    The lack of notice and consultation about any development of this local shopping centre in the middle of a highly residential area is totally unacceptable.
    My street, Hawkins St has become a traffic nightmare with local business cars parked all day and longer on both sides of the already narrow road. I have had to reverse back onto Chatswood Rd when turning into my street due to oncoming traffic coming out of the street.
    There is extra damage to our street particularly in front of Benbow Court from the many cars and delivery trucks etc entering Hawkins St to do a U-turn and then go back to the shopping centre. This is also dangerous for residents and school children using the street. There are already speeding cars going up the short street which are a danger.
    The entry into Hawkins St by northbound traffic on Chatswood Rd should be closed off.
    Parking may be better if limited to one side only.
    The emptying of the shopping centre industrial bins should be restricted to after 7 am particularly if there are going to be more restaurants.
    There has been no consideration to the residential ratepayers in this development.
    With this extra development, the extra traffic will also make it more difficult to cross Chatswood Rd to catch the buses heading north. Already at certain times of the day, it is near impossible to get across safely.
    More information needs to be provided about the proposal and its impact on the area.

  21. In Erskineville NSW on “Stage 1 DA Concept Plan for...” at 57 Ashmore Street Erskineville NSW 2043:

    Andrew Chuter commented

    This Concept Plan may have been an appropriate development if there were significant efforts by State Government to greatly increase public and active transport and other infrastructure in the area.

    But alas, there are none. On the contrary, with the plans for WestConnex proceeding, namely the longest underground tollroad system in the world, both federal and state government clearly have no intention for Sydney to go down this path. The WestConnex project will encourage greater car dependency all over Sydney and will worsen the already terrible congestion on Mitchell Rd, making it increasingly unfavourable for residential development.

    In this light, a more appropriate development might be a petrol station, a car park, auto wrecker, car sales yard, tyre junkyard, respiratory illness medical centre, accident trauma centre, tow-truck or NRMA depot, road-rage counselling centre etc. In fact, a quick look along much of Parramatta Rd will give planners the right idea.

    Until such time as WestConnex is cancelled this development can not be allowed to proceed. Clearly the priorities of the State Government and the WestConnex Delivery Authority are in conflict with the developer.

    [Please combine this material with my previous submission]

  22. In Arncliffe NSW on “Mixed use development...” at 108 Princes Highway, Arncliffe:

    Joanna Robinski commented

    No more high density living should be approved near the unfiltered M5 East motorway stack until we put filters into the stack, or drive vehicles using non-polluting fuels. The World Health Organisation upgraded the carcinogenicity of diesel fumes to a level 1 human carcinogen in 2012 yet no upgrades to the existing stack have occurred. Why would we want to approve this area for more people to live in when we know they will be harmed?

  23. In Springwood QLD on “Shopping Centre (Extension)” at Chatswood Hills Shopping Centre 2-16 Magellan Road Springwood QLD 4127:

    Elke Carstens commented

    I agree with Denise Love and will be emailing directly to the local member and the council planning department of the LCC today. But I fear it may already be too late. Of particular concern is that we should find out this is happening via the planning alert site. There has been no communication to the surrounding residents from our "Neighbour" or any notices or proposed model of design in the actual centre. Of particular concern is that it is "common rumour" that the developers indirectly already own the properties of number 1 and 3 Hawkins Street and how easy it is for these residential properties to be converted into more car parking area or access for trucks into the loading dock area. This shopping centre used to be a small low impact precinct, then a major change to the current design, and now a proposed major shopping precinct that seems too large for the site. Council, developers and residents need to meet before this project is approved so that the residents can make a informed decision for or against.

  24. In Miranda NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 16 View St Miranda 2228:

    Nick Patakos commented

    this is disgusting. how many dual occupancies is this council allowing to do in a used to be quiet street? this council needs to be looked at and to be audited as its become very leaniant with builders. how many so called donations or gifts have these council members been given? You guys are a disgrace.

  25. In Brunswick VIC on “Development of a five...” at 16 Dods Street, Brunswick VIC 3056:

    Djad Trenerry commented

    I object to this development on a number of grounds including the proposed height, bulk, set-back, living space, inadequate car parking and traffic hazards posed by more vehicles exiting into the narrow confines of Dods Street. The area simply cannot be overrun with poorly designed apartments that introduce additional population into an area already struggling with inadequate council amenities and already limited parking and vehicle access. Please do not proceed with this development.

  26. In Kirrawee NSW on “Fitout and use of a...” at 41-51 Waratah St Kirrawee 2232:

    Natalie Popple commented

    How will traffic be managed. We already have so much congestion at the roundabout on Bath and Waratah. Stopping to turn I front of oncoming traffic and contesting the intersection further plus the inadequacy of Oak Road traffic movement spells disaster.

  27. In Alexandria NSW on “Sushi Jones - On-premises...” at Shop 8 2-10 Fountain St, Alexandria 2015:

    Andrew Hodgson commented

    Great idea, I live nest door, and fully support this venue being opened.

  28. In Springwood QLD on “Shopping Centre (Extension)” at Chatswood Hills Shopping Centre 2-16 Magellan Road Springwood QLD 4127:

    Denise Love commented

    In considering the application for development at the Chatswood Hills Shopping Centre, I seek Council to consider with sensitivity that the shopping centre is surrounded by residential living. Many many residents having been those who established the area and provide the revenue to the success of the Shopping Centre. Please consider we already collect cans/bottles etc from loud noisy patrons leaving BWS or the Hotel.
    Now we know there maybe further restaurants - what will be their trading hours? will they have a liquor licence?
    The traffic congestion is already constantly and consistently an issue. Attempting to walk with a pram to the local centre and enter via the congested eateries is almost impossible and not pleasant. Is this what we want when we are encouraging Australias to get outdoors. Three major schools feed the traffic flow in this area.
    We currently hear the noise of waste removal trucks at 6am -they should not enter prior to 7am - many of the existing elements need to be considered BEFORE any further challenges.
    WHY has there not been a Public Notice Board advising of the proposal?
    WHY no community engagement? Given what we will all endure during and post development.
    Hawkins Street necessitates we treat it as a "one way" street during the day Mon-Fri with vehicles parked either side from BMW.
    Please treat us the ratepayers with respect -we are a stakeholder in our community development.
    Allow us to meet with you - listen to our concerns. THank you

  29. In Erskineville NSW on “Stage 1 DA Concept Plan for...” at 57 Ashmore Street Erskineville NSW 2043:

    Andrew Chuter commented

    I reject this DA Concept Plan.

    There are many reasons, but let me open the bidding with the issue of the trees on the corner of Ashmore St and Mitchell Rd. These trees are about 35 years old and are part of a popular community campaign to have them saved. This campaign has gathered over 500 signatures:

    From the resident comments within that petition it is abundantly clear that the community wishes those trees to be saved.

    That must be a condition on any development that is allowed on the site.

  30. In Newtown NSW on “Erection of a food kiosk...” at 25-33 Erskineville Road Newtown NSW 2042:

    Nicky Barry commented

    I am opposed to the proposal to provide a food kiosk at the Erskineville Service station. My concerns are.
    1. It will block the way one can enter and exit via the service station and it’s facilities.
    2. It will increase rubbish in the streets, especially with the late night operation.
    3. It will encourage patrons to loiter outside the venue. It is already quite difficult to walk past the very narrow footpath with the smokers on the street.
    4. It will encourage people not to use the other food venues nearby taking trade from rent based shop venues that have higher overheads. We don’t have a shortage of food venues in the area and they provide a range of food from quick cheap takeaways, pub food to sit down venues.12 in Erskineville village alone.
    5. It may attract dive by patrons that drop in for a late night feed, which may create more traffic late at night and also block the service station in working hours.
    6. It may create a venue for drug dealing, it has been associated with venues that have vehicular transport. The venue that it is setting up in front has recently been closed for drug dealing, will this venue encourage more of this.
    I feel it will encourage people just to keep drinking instead of having a break, I also feel it will encourage people from the cross over to Erskineville when it gets close to lock out time. I don’t wish for Erskineville and Newtown to become the new Kings Cross. I feel that the hours it is planning on operating are on to late in the night and will cause more noise, traffic and litter to the nearby residents.

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