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  1. In Avoca Beach NSW on “Proposed Secondary Dwelling...” at 59 A The Round Drive, Avoca Beach NSW 2251:

    Concerned resident Avoca commented

    1. Too many households already serviced by one driveway. Currently there are 4 households. This new development would make it 5 households. Then there is the associated congestion of an extra household e.g. car parking for the possibility of multiple tenants/visitors (no space for additional off street parking and there is no on street parking on the Round Drive).

    2. Proximity to neighbours too close.

    3. Environmental concerns to coastal lagoon ecosystem

    4. Disturbance to neighbours from demolition and construction.

    5. Potential for damage to shared driveway by heavy vehicles during construction

  2. In Winston Hills NSW on “Change of use & new fitout...” at Winston Hills Shopping Centre, 180-192 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153:

    Cara Fuchen commented

    I hold I objection to the proposed closure of the chicken shop to a sales unit. The chicken shop is under utilised. I have shopped in the mall for many years (usually at Coles) and rarely see customers using this shop. There are opportunities to buy fresh poultry at 3 other outlets in the same shopping centre, namely Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. Using this unit as a sales office for the units that are soon to be built above the shops is an ideal use of the space. There are many other tenants within the mall who will benefit enormously from the additional residents. if the chicks shop was so popular logic dictates that another, less populated shop would have had their lease renewal refused.

  3. In Maroubra NSW on “Alterations and additions...” at 27 Duncan Street Maroubra NSW 2035:

    Lynette Smith commented

    To whom it may concern:

    I have read through the submissions presented by the Yogiccubs group and while I will address these points one-by-one in a further comment, I would like to point to another publication, The Southern Courier (local), in response to the Daily Telegraph (not local) reference in the submission*. On the front page is an article detailing the lack of decent childcare in the Randwick and surrounding areas - it is clear that it is an issue. On page three is an article prefacing the closure of the Bowlo in Maroubra. Is it not an obvious place to submit a 'Change of Use' for that venue and not squeeze in what is - by all comments listed here thus far and from speaking with neighbours - an unwanted addition of noise and parking restriction in an already strained, residential area?

    Some major benefits are
    - It is close to the existing public schools for parents who require close access
    - It has already substantial parking on-site for staff and parents drop-off and pick-up
    - It can offer more than the obligatory 44 childcare places (the current cut-off for a low-density area) thus really being able to make a positive impact in the area both of childcare facilities and for neighbourly harmony
    - There is plenty of green space that can be converted to fulfil the 50% ratio of outdoor to indoor activities for children
    - Is already in use as a public space thus not disturbing neighbours abnormally with acoustics or space provision
    - Is up for sale

    The potential is huge for Yogiccubs Centre to
    - offer their core business of childcare for an area in clear need
    - provide an easy transition for infant children to the nearby primary school at such a time as required
    - multi-purpose on weekends or quiet times for use with current activities at the Bowlo such as yoga, movie nights etc.
    - help the Bowlo to maintain its' 'heart of the community' status

    If the Yogiccubs group really wanted to become a part of the community they would consider this option - it would actually show (not tell) support for the wishes and hopes for the community it proposes to become a part of.

    As mentioned I will address the points more closely in another submission however, striking while the iron is hot so to speak.

    * A single newspaper article does not good research make, particularly one that is not local. It forms a weak basis for the assertions made in the assessments that it will not affect traffic, parking or noise constraints for current residents.


    Lyn Smith

  4. In Winston Hills NSW on “Change of use & new fitout...” at Winston Hills Shopping Centre, 180-192 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153:

    Valerie Schmaltz commented

    I object to the proposed opening of a sales office for the units in Shop 37 of Winston Hills Mall. I use the services for my family, as an existing resident. Things like, supermarket, clothing, sports, hairdressing and fresh food I find worthwhile at WH Mall. I would consider the use of shop 37 as a poor direction of funds, as it doesn't better the shopping experience for my and many existing families of many years.

    Will all the shops be changed for the proposed dwellers on top of the mall and the faithful made to move on?

  5. In Mount Lofty QLD on “Boundary Realignment 2 Lots” at 71 Bridge Street Mount Lofty QLD 4350:

    Paddy Boxall wrote to local councillor Chris Tait

    Another one bites the dust if this Council's past decisions are anything to go on. Not far from here across the road a development appears to have been delayed and hopefully stopped because we, the citizens have put in our objections.
    The city doesn't need these sort of things to happen to its older, more established areas, driven, (as far as I am concerned) by pure greed.
    Come on Toowoomba citizens. Let these newly elected Councillors know we are sick of profit driven grabs; and quality of life and lifestyles are more important.

    Delivered to local councillor Chris Tait. They are yet to respond.

  6. In Mona Vale NSW on “Alterations and Additions...” at 73 Bassett Street Mona Vale NSW 2103:

    Alan Walsh commented

    This development is a "Hardware and Building Suppliers" but is a "retail" store as well, This area of Bassett St is zoned IN2 which is industrial. The business moving in is Johnson Bros mitre 10 store at the end of the road where it is to my belief zoned RE1.
    This development, while having off street parking, will still cause traffic problems 7 DAYS a week with customers and workers parking in adjoining streets, Not to mention deliveries. . There is already big problems in Bassett St with boats, caravans, trailers and buses being parked dangerously there when the owners don't live around here. The council have done little or nothing about. To my knowledge there has been no consultation with residents in the immediate area about this development. Bassett Street is currently dangerous and hazardous for vehicles leaving streets and driveways and people walking (and it is a popular throughfare). I hope it doesn't take a serious pedestrian or vehicle accident for something to be done. This development will only add to this problem along constantly disrupting residents in the immediate area.

  7. In Hawthorn East VIC on “Buildings and works to...” at 9 Montrose Street Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Kerrie Knott wrote to local councillor Coral Ross

    Scott, Did you contact your local ward representative? Unfortunately, there are many of us in the same dire situation. We are losing the ambience and the gift of magnificent architecture in our loved suburb. I have found my councillor extremely helpful. Having said that there are very strict guidelines in place that must be adhered to in order to submit an objection.

    Delivered to local councillor Coral Ross. They are yet to respond.

  8. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Wayne Bidois commented

    Yeh finally somewhere to sit, relax, drink coffee and enjoy the views on the Southside of the island, I hope you approve this development it has my support cheers

  9. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    John Hine commented

    This business venture would be an attraction & an asset for those who wish to visit this part of the Island & as a long time land owner on the Island it gets my support.

  10. In Winston Hills NSW on “Change of use & new fitout...” at Winston Hills Shopping Centre, 180-192 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153:

    Jacki Henderson commented

    I am writing to object to this application. The sales office proposed for Winston Hills Mall is not in keeping with the surrounding scheme of the Mall. I do all my food shopping at the mall and am a local resident. I have been disappointed with the closure of the chicken shop and usually a similar shop would be an appropriate replacement. However it appears selling of the units, which the community were apposed to, is more important than families having options to feed their families. With less choices people will find somewhere else to shop.

    Please consider how this will impact the community.

  11. In Coogee NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 202 Oberon Street Coogee NSW 2034:

    Dan Jones commented

    Perfectly good heritage house or should be, destroyed for greed and overcrowding, concrete modern boxes that look the same. Corrupt councils reaping in the money.

  12. In South Wentworthville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 26 Brotherton Street South Wentworthville NSW 2145:

    chuong pham commented

    Moreover, it is not safe for pedestrian on this street. There are too many cars parked on both sides and not every house has concrete walk way which force pedestrian to walk on the street.

    High car density problem for a small street will potentially affect emergency services.

  13. In South Wentworthville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 26 Brotherton Street South Wentworthville NSW 2145:

    Chuong Pham commented

    Dear Holroyd City Council authority,

    Brotherton street is a narrow street. There currently is a problem with cars on the street already. The problem is affecting safety with reversing the cars out of the garage on a narrow street while there are too many cars parked on both sides of the street. Residents on the street often have to find refuses in the case where there are parked on both sides and two cars need to travel on opposite directions.

    There are high number of duplexes on the street already which is contributing significantly to the above mentioned problem. For example, a 4 bedroom duplex next to my property is being rented out and there are 7 or 8 cars associated with that property while there is only 2 garages and no street frontage left for cars to park in front of the property due to having to create two drive ways.

    It is encouraged to increase housing density but narrow street like Brotherton should not be put at disadvantage for such a policy.

    I object having more duplexes on this small street and ask that the authority consider my request and investigate thoroughly.

    Chuong Pham

  14. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Kylie commented

    Great idea, welcomed development to this beautiful island, especially down the southern end

  15. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Alison Laing. commented

    I hope the council approves this. Great to see someone is 'having a go'. Bureaucracy is a pain for small business and I wish the owners all the best.

  16. In Richmond NSW on “Limited licence - single...” at College Oval Uws Hawkesbury Campus, Richmond, NSW:

    David Briggs commented

    According to Service NSW, a limited license is granted for a "...non-profit organisation to sell alcohol at a one-off function to raise funds for the group or for a charitable purpose".

    What is the name of the group or charitable purpose funds are being raised for?

  17. In Guildford NSW on “Change of use for new...” at 527 Woodville Road Guildford NSW 2161:

    Nik SAM commented

    I do NOT believe this proposal benefits any current and future residents with this as-built exiting layout and condition of the building. It was built not mean to be this purpose with 34 rooms which could possible lead to 34 families and more in this tiny location.

    I have further concern with this proposal as stated below:-
     Woodville Road is an extremely busy main road across Parramatta, Merrylands, Guildford, Villawood, etc. There is very minimum parking space along this Woodville Road; we (531 Woodville Road) have only 10 units, (aka 10 households) with 24 car spaces and 3 visitors parking. We still always struggle for parking space. I cannot image with this 34 rooms (possible reached 34 household) what car spaces can be accommodated in this location.
     This proposed property sharing a common timber wall (only 2.0m height); from No. 527 side, this common wall has one timber in between (can be used as ladder) which just 1 step to climb over our No. 531 property (individual unit private garden). With 34 rooms (34 households) we really think this is a major issue with all our exiting 10 units’ residents. It is our privacy issues also our safety issues.
     The proposed property initially is built with 9 units (townhouse) that we are comfortable with because it will be similar of residence (headcount) like us. If now proposal to change of use to be Affordable Rental Housing with 34 rooms (estimate one room 1 house household of 3 people), about 102 people living in an original designed property. It is unfair to us that we might face noise pollution, higher risk of crime (particular we sharing a low common timber wall), etc. With this proposal the headcount (population) could possible triple or even fourfold of original property plan.
     This population increase, also increase the threat of our privacy, as you can inspect our property, our 531 Woodville Road, ground floor and first floor (which sharing the common wall with this proposed site No. 527) are all full glass door. In other words, it is transparent to all proposed property 527 Woodville Road residents, initially we believed it is will be mid-range income household to be afford these townhouses, and it is matching our surrounding residents. Now it is proposed to be Affordable Rental Housing without properly plan and structural build for a living space, I believe it is very unfair to surrounding exiting residents, in term of living quality, space quality, environment quality, etc all will be affected.
     The proposal also mentioned about a manager’s room; I really cannot figure out how this proposal could work with the exiting layout that not initially built for “Affordable Rental Housing”. It is a shame that building a townhouse like design property and uses it for an Affordable Rental Housing and separates each townhouse room to 34 rooms as a potential individual household room. I look at the attached drawings and I really thing this proposal does NOT benefit surrounding residents at all; moreover it is not suitable for “Affordable Rental Housing” future residents as well.
     Finally, across Woodville Road, I believe houses along this road are highly potential for good property pricing. It will definitely jeopardize our surrounding property pricing once this proposal been approved. Simply not merely because it is Affordable Rental Housing, but also this property is not as-built for this many residents for living.

  18. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Jan & Vic Schut commented

    What a brilliant idea. It is more than time for some development to take place on the southern end of the island. It is close to Sandy Beach where many go for recreation. The kayak and sailing boat club are down that end too (they held a fantastic Australia Day gathering at Sandy Beach) so this proposed development would complement the "other end of the island" and it's activities.

  19. In Hawthorn East VIC on “Buildings and works to...” at 9 Montrose Street Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Scott Williams commented

    I am hoping that I am not too late to make an objection to this application. I live in an appartment located in the building directly opposite the proposed site. To allow a building to be errected at 9 Montrose will have a detrimental effect on my wellbeing.

    I chose my appartment for the view & light that comes flooding in, not only in the from the morning sun but also from the reflected light on the established apartment block in Lilydale grove.

    To loose my view & sunlight will be very depressing. Montrose street is over developed as it is. Any additional developments will change the feeling & the landscape for ever. Please consider this before you make a decision on the proposed development.

  20. In Fitzroy VIC on “Change of Use” at 395-397 Gore St Fitzroy VIC 3065:

    Fitzroy community member commented

    There is ongoing breaches to temporary liquor licences including drink outside the venue and obstructing traffic on Kerr St with patrons on the road. There is excessive noise during live music exhibitions in this mixed-use zone. I oppose this planning application.

  21. In Fitzroy VIC on “Change of Use” at 395-397 Gore St Fitzroy VIC 3065:

    Concerned neighbour commented

    The venue whilst being called a gallery, is being used for events with excessive noise, blatant disregard for public safety and local laws and policies. I'd highly recommend that the application for a place of assembly not be approved with further investigation into impact on neighbors and local businesses.

  22. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Deirdre Underwood commented

    A wonderful idea it will improve the already beautiful position. I wish them all the success in the world.

  23. In Capalaba QLD on “Demolition dwelling” at 14 Finucane Road, Capalaba, QLD:

    Amy Glade commented

    the picture shows demolition has taken place. What form of housing will be built on the cleared site?

  24. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Ann Hagen commented

    Good to see a cafe development on the south side of Russell. It will enhance visits to Sandy Beach and benefit locals who have no food or shopping facilities.

  25. In Forestdale QLD on “Shed (Combined Size...” at 63-67 Macadamia Street Forestdale QLD 4118:

    Suzanne commented

    There are already large sheds on this property and this resident is running a trucking business from this residential area. The trucks that have dogs attached come and go, park in the the street. They reverse up our street making a noise from their engines and the reverse beep, the fumes come into our homes from the trucks. Not to mention the damage they are doing to our streets that are not built to accomodate heavy trucks. This area is residential not industrial and not suitable to run an intrusive business such as a trucking company. This business has taken away the rights to our peaceful amenity of our land. We have real concerns for our property value. I oppose to more sheds on this property.

  26. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Greg Hartay-Szabo commented

    Fantastic idea! Finally, something on the southside of this island as well (since everything has been concentrated around the northern end, the ferry/barge terminal so far). Hopefully, this will, in time, also generate better mobile reception and broadband Internet connection. Perhaps even a short-haul/cable barge connection to Straddie? All the best!

  27. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Johanna Visser commented

    I am moving to the Southern end of the Island due to a recent purchase. . Will be great I can have a place in walking distance from my home to grab a bite to eat. Will also add to the tourism day trippers coming to Sandy Beach. :-) I certainly support this application :-)

  28. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Cissie Hilton commented

    I support this application.

    Businesses on Russell Island are currently concentrated close to the jetty. The southern end of the island has quality residential, water-sport club and tourism activity but no supporting commercial interest.

    Residents and tourists would welcome and support this establishment.

  29. In Russell Island QLD on “Combined - Caretaker...” at 8-10 Paradise Avenue, Russell Island, QLD:

    Lee riley commented

    This would be great to have for the southern end of the island now all we would like is a bridge

  30. In Warriewood NSW on “Subdivision into 84...” at 18 Macpherson Street Warriewood NSW 2102:

    Stacey Mitchell commented

    Affordable housing is one thing but infrastructure to cope with this is another. I have been a warriewood resident for 44 years and the development and influx of housing is out of control. Traffic chaos is now a daily ritual here. How much more do we have to bend for developers!

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