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  1. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Georgia Fraser commented

    Application Reference no. PINA00679/14

    I hereby wish to OBJECT to the Permit application and proposal for a Mosque and Islamic School in Narre Warren North Due to the following:

    Narre Warren North is a Low Residential Zone, not suitable or equipped for high Masses of people. The land is rural and not suitable for a mosque or residential precinct.

    I believe it will destroy and go against the beautiful landscape and the Foothills of the Dandenongs (Foothills Landscape Study)

    Traffic in the area and surrounding areas is already banked up especially in the mornings and afternoons. Both Wellington and Heatherton Roads.

    There is already a school planned over the road on the corner of Abeckett Rd and Belgrave Hallam Road for about 1,000 students from years prep to 12. Existing is the Narre Warren North primary School. Why do we need another school that we do not have the infrastructure and roads to cope with this traffic.

    There is no transparency regarding this application, no on informed the locals of the proposal, which has been going on since 2013 when the land was purchased. It has all been kept very secretly, and I found out about this only two days ago.

    There already is well over patronage and parking issues at Lysterfield Lake which is in the same vicinity.

    The proposed land area is in an already in a Green wedge Zone.
    Creating Muslim Hub in Narre Warren North will create a drastic change in the area and I believe will compromise the already beautiful environment surrounding us. This will also devalue the area and the local homeowners properties.

    The Population of Islamic Faith in the area is minimal and in fact a Minority so I’m not sure why the need for another Mosque as there already has one not 5KM away in Narre Warren North (135-137 Belgrave Hallam Road. Based on the census report in 2011, of 25,882 population in Narre Warren, 5.6% were from Islam. The current Mosque called “Hallam Mosque”, which is also in Narre Warren North, can house up to 270 people.

    The prayer timetable for the Hallam Mosque is 5 prayers per day, the first beginning at sunrise, and the last at approx. 10.50pm. I have concerns with the noise and traffic.

    The Hallam mosque houses 270 people, and a recent application to increase the number to 385 was rejected by council. It is reported that the numbers at the mosque were already significantly higher than the approved 270. This is my concern that the traffic is already a problem at the Hallam Mosque, and the new proposed site is for 470 plus 135 staff (that is provided that the numbers do not go higher than this).

  2. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Lucas Walker commented

    Mosques do not promote integration into Australian culture. We all love Australian culture and that is why we are here. Please keep Australian culture alive and Australia the way it should be.

  3. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    lens commented

    I object, i believe it will derail people from wanting to live in this family friendly community.

  4. In Waratah NSW on “Modification:  Change to fl...” at 16 Oxley Road Waratah, NSW:

    Kathryn Lambkin commented

    Unfortunately I was not able to write a submission regarding this development during the required timeframe as I was a new resident and unaware of the issues I am about to discuss.

    There's nothing wrong with the development. However, the strata property in which I reside, at 12 Oxley Rd, next door, has a problem with an illegal width driveway, barely wide enough for a car to fit down. Many residents have scratched their vehicles multiple times trying to use the driveway.

    We would appreciate if the owners of #16 would consider, in the process of their development, lowering the height of the section of their driveway that is next to our building, to level with our driveway, so we could utilise part of it as an easement to resolve our issue.
    We may even be able to raise our driveway if that is considered more appropriate, although that would result in it being above floor level in the adjoining building, which could cause a drainage problem.

  5. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Tony Riccioni commented

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I object to this development, regardless of the purpose of the building. Belgrave Hallam road is a single carriageway which has make shift drains that can be best described as ditches. As such additional traffic on this road is simply dangerous. For those of us that live locally, we have seen the traffic problems caused by the two other churches. The turning lanes that were added are simply insufficient with my self having a number of near misses as a result of backed up traffic clogging the road (back to Hallam North Rd) as cars are waiting to enter the sites.
    For those of us that chose to live in Narrewarren North , we did so because of the attraction of living on a larger block with reduced traffic in relative safety and low noise levels.
    Choosing to live here also comes at a cost. Land and houses are expensive and as rate payers, I'm sure the residence of Narrewarren North pay a premium to the Casey Council in annual rates for which I might add we have very ordinary roads, and hardly any foot paths.
    I moved here in 2009 from a medium density area because of the sparseness of the suburb and that the main community and business hubs were well away from where I live.
    The development of this site whether it be a pool , community centre , small shopping precinct catholic church or mosque is not aligned with the area nor with those of us that chose to live here for very specific reasons and life style .

    What benefit does this development provide the localised community in Narrewarren North . None. How many of us will actually be using the mosque ? .The over whelming majority of those that will, do not live in this suburb or in close proximity to the Mosque. There will be significant increase in traffic from Endeavour hills and Hallam, as cars coming in from Heatherton Rd, Hallam Rd North and Narrewarren North Rd all converge on to Belgrave Hallam rd. The heaviest congestion will be traffic heading west on Belgrave Hallam Rd trying to turn right in to the premises while traffic heading east on the same road is turning left in to the same premises. A repeat of what is happening at the western end of Belgrave Hallam Rd

    Finally we already have a church and mosque on Belgrave Hallam Rd. I do not understand why there is a need to build another mosque just 2 KM up the road. This simply doesn't make in practical sense. Not even McDonalds builds their restaurants that close to each other and they are everywhere.

    As I have already mentioned the Council must take into consideration the reasons why we chose to live here, why they must preserve what is unique about the area. As local rate payers, you must deliver what we want and understand that we will not benefit both directly nor indirectly from the mosque as the vast majority of worshipers do not live here.

    The mosque should be built in the suburb that has the specific demographic that will use the facility , not where the majority of the demographic will not use it and will only be inconvenienced. You, Casey council need ensure that the life style so many of us worked hard to achieve and continue to pay a premium for, is preserved.

  6. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Greg Bromage commented

    I object to the building of this mosque on grounds of noise and traffic build up in unacceptable times and location

  7. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Khris commented

    I object to this! This is Australia! We do not carry these customs and we do not make room for those who do not respect or try to "Un-Australianise" Australia. Don't build what they are running away from, in Australia. Keep Australia, Australian

  8. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Kristy commented

    I strongly object to the proposed mosque being built in Narre Warren North. It will cause increased traffic, spoil and devalue the area. This has already happened on Belgrave- Hallam Rd.

  9. In Buderim QLD on “31 King St BUDERIM -...” at 29-31 King St, Buderim, QLD:

    John commented

    Helen is right. Buderim badly needs some urgent attention to the through-traffic arrangements before any further developments of this kind are allowed.

  10. In Buderim QLD on “31 King St BUDERIM -...” at 29-31 King St, Buderim, QLD:

    Bernie Treston commented

    cramming 10 families into new units replacing one dwelling is a retrograde step.
    The street already is suffering the effects of developments such as the child care centre which is coming on line, and with the traffic problems associated with the medical centre and surrounds this is not a suitable development.

  11. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Robyn Darmadi commented

    OBJECTION,! I have grandchildren who at the present time have the safety and security of being able to walk home from school with friends, the traffic in the area is going to increase a huge amount especially at times of prayer, I believe 3pm is one of the most popular prayer times.
    People have paid a Premium to live in the lovely Green Belt area but with another place of prayer and such a busy one at that, this will change and devalue properties in the area.
    Please Council consider very carefully your Rate Payers point of view they are your main concern not those who do not reside in the area.

  12. In Buderim QLD on “31 King St BUDERIM -...” at 29-31 King St, Buderim, QLD:

    Helen Treston commented

    I use King St twice a day and already am frustrated by the traffic snarls along that part of the road as well as the other main artery roads of Buderim. I would not like to see any more units in that part of Buderim or any more that feed onto the main roads.

  13. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Carlyn commented

    I strongly OBJECT to another mosque being built 365-367 Belgrave Hallam Road, due to several reasons and one being the fact there is already a mosque further down the road. The traffic congestion, noise and lowering of property values are all of major concern to us. This land is also semi-rural and the proposed buildings would be an eyesore in the middle of this lovely area.
    We have been residents of Narre Warren for over 20 years and own two residential properties in the area. If this proposal goes ahead we will seriously consider moving out of the area.
    A social impact study should definitely be undertaken before this proposal is granted.
    Europe are trying to close down a number of mosques due to recent events, shouldn't we be more proactive rather than having to be reactive down the track and protect Auatralia's way of life and our culture.

  14. In Surrey Hills VIC on “Display of illuminated and...” at 1 / 140 - 148 Union Road Surrey Hills VIC 3127:

    Russell Gray, Barton Street wrote to local councillor Phillip Healey

    I have just created an objection to the Council using their online form against these signs.

    Delivered to local councillor Phillip Healey. They are yet to respond.

  15. In Leichhardt NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 9 Moore Street Leichhardt NSW 2040:

    Leonard Thorne commented

    I want to clarify the costs of 11 Moore Street, Greg Smith wants me to pay for half the adjoining fence, I am confused about this.
    He is suppose to construct a a temporary fence himself.
    I can send you the contract he wanted me to sign, I have said no.
    What is my liability?

  16. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Martin Hogg commented

    Martin Hogg
    I have read all the previouse comments and support and agree with them all .

  17. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Michelle Mathewson commented

    I wish to submit my objection to having another mosque established in this suburb of Narre Warren North. 365-367 Hallam-Belgrave Road is within a few kilometres from the mosque on the corner of Hallam North Road and I know of no other faith group that has two active properties so close to each other in the City of Casey. (There is also a Mosque on Wellington Road Lysterfield) The regular and very large gatherings that take place at the current mosque cause extreme frustration with local residents due to the illegal parking and traffic congestion. The road is lined with cars, many of which are parked at angles that prevent residents from parking in front of their own homes. This behaviour will no doubt be replicated should this planning application be approved. The property is on a busy road, made even busier at this location as it is opposite the corner of A'Beckitt Road, where there is a primary school. Previous activity from the other entrance (being opposite Hilton Court) show this group to be inconsiderate of the neighbors and disrespectful of Council regulations. By operating a gathering place and advertising it with a sign on the street, after repeated requests from surrounding residents and Council officers to remove the sign and apply for approval, it is difficult to imagine that the neighbourhood will not be impacted negatively by these attitudes and behaviours.
    The Mosque will destroy the open space feel of the area with such a huge building built on the edge of the Green Wedge which was established to keep the rural integrity of Narre Warren North.

  18. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Victor Hemingway commented

    I am concerned about the planned building of a Mosque and school at 365-367 Belgrave Hallem rd, This will lower the value of existing homes in the area, Cause traffic problems for locals in the area, Plus its a nice rural area and needs to be kept that way.

  19. In Pascoe Vale VIC on “Development of eighteen...” at 4 Heath Street, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044:

    Ben Hui commented

    Heath Street is also full of units and townhouses making it extremely busy before buses are accounted for. The introduction of an additional 18 vehicles and dense population will reduce privacy, exclusiveness any other non-economical value of this area. The increase rates paid in this area with no material investment from the council in this area is evident given the council has allowed the poor construction of the road and no upgrades other than a small traffic island near the station. Inundating the area with shoe box townhouses only increases council revenue, reduces appeal of the area (traffic, lower social demographic population and making existing older units worthless) and also can decrease livability of the area.

  20. In Arrawarra NSW on “24 Lot Community Title...” at 46 Arrawarra Beach Road Arrawarra NSW 2456:

    alan winston watts commented

    the residents of arrawarra village have been held to ransom over their access to the beach by a private caravan park, council should have acquired this park and returned the land to coastal conservation and public use before development destroys this unique estuary system

  21. In Bankstown NSW on “Use of existing garage for...” at 303 Stacey Street Bankstown NSW 2200:

    M yalema commented

    This is not a remedial massage place It is a fully run and operating brothel. amonst homes
    With young children and boys with 3 Asian ladies . Google the address and see the filth and reviews that come up on some site called parlor pages. Neighbors and council must act.

  22. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Neil commented

    I have just had the opportunity to read the submission and the 'independent' traffic report.

    Staggering are the following recommendations:
    1. The access road is to be built on essentially a blind corner. To meet code the recommendation is to CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES along Belgrave-Hallem road... effectively meaning that the entire width of the car park is visible from the adjoining Belgrave Hallam road... and also exposing the entire property including mosque and school to be seen from passing traffic. A small row of bushes is sufficient (before the run off lane is out in).

    Blind Freddie could see this is a ridiculous conclusion. You WILL see the car park and the mosque. The non descript plan to put some low vegetation along the road is unacceptable. It will destroy any sense of a rural feel of the landscape.

    2. The recommendation that there needs no traffic control until the congregation size hits just under 200. One only needs to spend 10 minutes sitting at the intersection with cars driving past at 80kmph to know that the 'scientific' sounding study of traffic is utterly rubbish. Sitting at the Abeckett intersection, looking left and right for cars coming through is difficult enough... adding oncoming vehicles will increase the safety risks 10 fold. This was not addressed at all in the report. In fact the report gives no consideration at all to community impact... it is centred only on the minimum requirements of the mosque.

    3. Using the Listerfield Mosque survey from 2004. Wow this a a cracker! Despite acknowledging that peak attendance the traffic rate equaled an unacceptable 0.86 vehicle rate (rated as poor) the 'independent' report suggests that the statutory minimum of 0.3 will be acceptable? What planet are they living on?

    How about we use a better example and look at the mayhem that occurs post service on the corner of Belgrave Hallen and Hallam Nth roads... With cars parked absolutely everywhere on the street. An accident waiting to happen. That site has is that it is on a highly visible corner. The new proposed site runs into an 80kmph road... even more dangerous! If you combine the 2 places of worship you end up with similar numbers to the proposed super mosque... before adding in the school.

    Let's hope the council shows a little more foresight than it did with this other site.

    4. Build a set of traffic lights!!! O, and the taxpayer should pay for it. And there it is... a perfectly functioning intersection with zero accidents... The hypocracy of recommending VicRoads pay part for the lights for public safety... when it is the mosques load creating the traffic problem!!!

    5. Glaringly missing from the report is the proper impact of adding a future school. Stating a few numbers and stats and stat rates is useless... There is no real plan here other than to use every square inch of the land for buildings and car parks... with undersized play areas at the very back of the property.

    The traffic report is a report of an organisation asking for a budget priced, minimum report to push something through.

    6. The community doesn't have a Mosque! Wow... There is another one on the same road a few kms away!!!

    1. The council MUST get an independent traffic report... not a biased one paid by the Mosque.
    2. Cutting down all the road side trees is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. Council should demand an alternative. Suggestions this will not impact rural landscape are ridiculously ignorant. The high mosque dome is an advertisement that will be visible from multiple angles... and it is within the mosques interests to ensure it is. Require at least 3-5 Myer, continuous mature trees be planted the entire length of the property fronting Belgrave-Narre road.
    3. The traffic plan is dangerous. See previous comments.
    4. The community doesn't need a second mosque 3km from the other one.
    5. Let's see the full plans... Not just phase 1 and some vague statement about a school.

  23. In West Pennant Hills NSW on “Residential - Other -...” at 100 Castle Hill Road West Pennant Hills NSW 2125 Australia:

    Michelle Bender commented

    The fact that the owner of the boarding house will receive $10,000 per room will obviously make it very lucrative for a money making scheme, but at whose expense?

    So a developer reaps the financial rewards whilst the residents deal with the fall out from a totally unsuitable residence.

    If this development is passed by Council, it will open the flood gates for slum landlords who want to get rich quick.

  24. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Aimee M commented

    I support this plan and am willing to show public support for the culture of this community. Therefore, on the basis of religious disagreements, I must speak out against the objectors here and make myself an advocate for our multi-cultural community. I am an anglo australian, non religious person who believes in freedom of belief.

    If the plans are dismissed based on road traffic & noise, that's one thing, but if the plan is being contested because of religion, I am appalled.

  25. In Enmore NSW on “To use an existing premises...” at 36 Stanmore Road Enmore NSW 2042:

    Daniel Chambers commented

    This boarding house detracts from the area. It is always unkempt with rubbish out the front. I've even seen a bottle thrown from the balcony onto the road. I oppose this DA on the grounds that it is poorly run and brings down the immediate area.

  26. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Keith Thompson commented

    I object to the above mentioned plan for a mosque. I object to the traffic and noise especially very early in the morning. I see the traffic for the mosque down the other end of Belgrave Hallam rd and fear this will lead to even more congestion along Belgrave Hallam rd.

  27. In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

    Kashif Khan commented

    Hello Friends
    I am reading these comments and I don't understand why people get afraid from Islam?
    Have any one Read about Islam? Please listen i am quoting few link about Islam.

    In up mentioned comments someone quote Quran link that is totally wrong.

    About Melbourne Mosque few peoples are objecting in millions.
    They are quoting about traffic issue with other Hallam Mosque, well as per my understanding and research regarding new super Melbourne Mosque in Hallam is the requirement of Muslim people who are living there and surrounding. Because of traffic Jam in exiting Hallam Mosque, Australian Muslims need another big Mosque.
    And they are building according to the law.
    As Victoria population is increasing now traffic problem is everywhere specially in morning and evening time.
    As per as my perception Muslims needs a Mega Super Mosques with a Mega school in Hallam area and it will increase the beauty of that area.

  28. In Mascot NSW on “Redevelopment of the site...” at 200 Coward Street Mascot NSW 2020:

    Dennis Wang commented

    Currently the peak hours’ traffic at Coward St and O'Riordan St is notorious, I wonder if council or RMS have considered plans for improvement at this location for such large development.

  29. In Reservoir VIC on “Construct a medium density...” at 2 Loddon Avenue Reservoir VIC 3073:

    Maria Poletti commented

    If you would like some help with objecting to this planning application come to the next DADA meeting, 7pm on Tuesday March 8th at 33 Dean Street, Preston or go to the DADA website

  30. In Northcote VIC on “Amend the permit to allow...” at 99 Helen Street Northcote VIC 3070:

    Maria Poletti commented

    If you would like some help with objecting to this planning application come to the next DADA meeting, 7pm on Tuesday March 8th at 33 Dean Street, Preston, go to the DADA website or email

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