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  1. In Epping NSW on “Development Application -...” at 147 Midson Road Epping NSW 2121:

    Lizzie commented

    Epping is being denuded of its greenery. Council, please stop every tree application from being approved. There must be a good reason for tree removal to occur, not just because someone does not like trees. Please apply the 'reasonable' tag. If it's not a reasonable request, then don't approve it.

  2. In Matcham NSW on “New Construction of Shed” at 230 Oak Road, Matcham NSW 2250:

    Belinda Beck commented

    There is a racing car track in the front yard of this property that is noisy and seemingly dangerous. The fire brigade have been called when one of the cars caught on fire. An ambulance has been called another time when someone was injured.

  3. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Remove two (2) Alexander...” at 52A Sir Thomas Mitchell Road Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    Ilona Hajnal commented

    Too many trees are disappearing in the Waverley Council area. Woollahra Council has very stringent criteria when it comes to applications for pruning and removal; l know as I have another property there. Waverley should look very carefully at this (and other similar) applications so as to preserve our developed trees and once-beautiful streetscapes.

  4. In Marrickville NSW on “Demolition of all existing...” at 182 Victoria Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Angus commented

    This DA is currently not acceptable as it is a significant overdevelopment of this site. The height is not in keeping with what is reasonable for this area, and is directly under the flight path. In addition it poses unacceptable shading for Wicks Park - almost totally covering it at 9am for Winter mornings. This is a key park for local children and parents to meet and it is completely inappropriate for users of the park to have their amenity affected by overdevelopment of this site. Development of a reasonable amount of dwellings in this area is acceptable but this proposal is in no ways reasonable.

  5. In Springfield QLD on “Earthworks - Kalina Stages...” at 7001 Panorama Drive Springfield QLD 4300:

    Jennifer Smith commented

    The complete destruction of wildlife habitat is destroying this area. I also note the planting of non native pine trees at the entrance to the new area on Brookwater Drive. These trees are useless to wildlife.

    There are no wildlife corridors left here. Where does the wildlife go when the land is stripped down to bare earth. They get killed on the roads.

    The clearing is getting ridiculous here.

    If this is yet another clearing exercise the I would like to add my opposition.

  6. In McKinnon VIC on “A six storey building...” at 240-250 McKinnon Road Mckinnon VIC 3204:

    Mary Arulappan commented

    About time the Council paid attention to & took note of the sentiment of residents & rate payers. The key responsibility of an elected official is to represent the interests of their constituents & not to represent the interests of developers whose sole raison d'etre is a return on investment.
    The inappropriate development occurring in our suburb has adverse impacts on rate payers & residents - reduced parking on our streets, ruination of the streetscape, destruction of the neighbourhood character, greater stress on all amenities (such as schools, parks etc), shadow on neighbourhood solar panels, increase in carbon emissions & green house gases etc etc.
    Does the council not get the message given the ever increasing objections, resident uproar on social media etc etc. Council members - you are meant to preside over the enhancement of your suburbs, not preside over the destruction of them.

  7. In Bentleigh East VIC on “Proposed Construction of...” at 36 Mawby Road Bentleigh East VIC 3165:

    Mary Arulappan commented

    I object to this on grounds that this is outside the norms of the current residential zoning rules.

  8. In Lewisham NSW on “Boarding House” at 40 Old Canterbury Road Lewisham NSW 2049:

    Melissa Liu commented

    I am extremely concerned about the traffic in this area. This is a very busy intersection with traffic from both directions turning into Barker Street. It is already very unsafe for pedestrians to cross the road unless crossing at the lights which is either a block away under the bridge or at Parramatta Road which people just dont use because they are too far away. Building a two storey boarding house with parking will further obstruct traffic congestion and endanger the lives of pedestrians. Furthermore, Lewisham has always been a very safe, quiet and little tight knit community amongst close by busier suburbs and I am unsure how bringing a boarding house accommodation may affect this area.

  9. In Chatswood NSW on “Double sotry residential...” at 9 Macartney Avenue Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Christine Razga commented

    Does this mean the current building will be made into a 2 story residence or the plan is to demolish the current building? If it is to be demolished, I am very sad. I moved into this area 19 years ago because I loved all the old houses in my street. They have character. All the new buildings in this area are pretty much kit homes and will start to look very shabby in 20 years times as the rendering starts to crumble because the concrete slabs move & sweating bricks behind the rendering takes its toll.

  10. In Bellbird Park QLD on “Superseded Planning Scheme...” at 15 Kerr Court Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

    Natalie T commented

    I object to this as it is traditionally out of character for the area. Bellbird Park is a semi rural area with pockets of urban areas where the average block size is 700sqm. However this application states an auxiliary unit. During the past two years these have overwhelmed the suburb. They were intoduced by developers who made it appear it was just one dwelling. The council didn’t act at all when they were told this is not true. Now this has sent a precedent that these units are now in the suburb. What they are is housing owned by investors. They are all rentals. The area can not sustain any more development. The infrastructure of roads are still for a semi rural area. This development cannot go ahead. Council has shown in the past it has complete disdain for its residents. The administrator is the same by allowing this and not even considering objections (letter I received stated this). That creek nearby also floods!!! My environmental levy I have been paying on my rates is being spent where??? It seems developers and those who sit in the council chambers just love cash!

  11. In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1038 Anzac Parade Maroubra NSW 2035:

    Caoimhe Mulhall commented

    I object to the construction of 40 unit boarding house at 1038-1040 Anzac Parade. The reasons listed above are all valid - this will exacerbate social issues and is not appropriate for the area
    Council have a duty to serve the residents of the area and this proposal is absolutely not in the best interests of the vast majority in the community

  12. In Turramurra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 102 Kissing Point Road Turramurra NSW 2074:

    Mike commented

    I am supportive of this development. It is a development in keeping with the demographics and use of the area, being residential area near a public school. Given the significant number of multi-storey residential buildings in the area, it would not stand out in any way. Finally, given the significant road noise already on Kissing Point Road, it is difficult to see how it would detract from a noise perspective.
    Finally, it is a vast improvement over the derelict building that is currently on site.

  13. In Bexley NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 19 Gladstone Street, Bexley NSW 2207:

    Claire commented

    1: This development will be a few doors away from a childcare centre which wasn't there two years ago when they tried to get the 1st development approved. The childcare centre were not made aware of this. I don't believe this will make the area safe let alone having babies and children a few doors down.

  14. In Bexley NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 19 Gladstone Street, Bexley NSW 2207:

    Simon commented

    Give up Claire, these developments are practically pre-approved, at best they will modify the plans to meet the code. Done Deal. Best chance u have is to go to Chris Minns, recent election promise was to stop over development, but that is probably slim at best.

  15. In Bellbird Park QLD on “Superseded Planning Scheme...” at 15 Kerr Court Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

    David Harris commented

    As myself and our community have stated categorically, small scale development and auxiliary units are not wanted in Bellbird. This development is yet another attempt to pack people in like sardines and in one fell swoop increase the value of the property and is totally inappropriate to our "leafy suburb." We want the council to reject this application and pass on to those wanting such a development that the community have spoken.

  16. In Bellbird Park QLD on “Superseded Planning Scheme...” at 15 Kerr Court Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

    David Harris commented

    For my part and many other concerned with the applications for auxialery in bellbird park the council must make it clear on behalf of our community that such delelopment must be stopped . I say again these units are entirly inappropriate for bellbird. The concil must be seen to be acting on the wishes of our community and to reject suc h applications
    I want to find out whether the council has granted applications for these auxiliary units, Applications for this small scale development and granting of such application seem to be coming thick and fast. There are at least 2 years until our new town plan is set in place. Please dont wait until then to see the way clear for these "Units." they are nothing but subdivision by stealth. I have photographs of these units clearly being used by members of the family to use exclusively and also adds significant value to the property and also has the undesirable effect of small scale subdivision. Once again i say to the council to listen to our community and reject such development. Consulting the community says three documents, the Ipswich plan , 'to minimise impacts on adjoining residential uses', the"new planning laws with 22 references to consultation with the community ' and the 2017 Regional Plan' ' Maximising community amenity' and' ' drawing inspiration from the community'. Clearly, all of these plans call for input and consultation by the community, So why isn't it happening? The community are speaking to the Council. The rejection of these auxiliary units are but a small part of what the community dont want.

  17. In Mascot NSW on “Internal shop fitout for...” at 8 / 8 Bourke Street, Mascot NSW 2020:

    Jennifer Killen commented

    This should not be approved. Selling tobacco, while legal, is not in the public interest.
    Please refuse this application.

  18. In Springfield QLD on “Earthworks - Kalina Stages...” at 7001 Panorama Drive Springfield QLD 4300:

    Kim Vellnagel commented

    I am wondering if this is land clearing? Have the necessary studies been done and wildlife checks done?

  19. In Bellbird Park QLD on “Superseded Planning Scheme...” at 15 Kerr Court Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

    Chris L commented

    I object to this development as it is not in keeping with the rest of the houses in this area. This will add more traffic to the already strained roadways in the area. We do not need more small lot developments with auxiliary units!

  20. In Rooty Hill NSW on “Demolition of all...” at 78 North Parade Rooty Hill NSW 2766:

    daniel betros commented

    This is a very thought out development. There is a severe lack of studio/1 bedroom units in Rooty Hill. From my understanding maybe 1 or 2 in the unit complex on the next corner from the development but that is it. There are plenty 2 bedroom properties for rent but no 1 bedrooms. Seeing that 46% of people living in Rooty Hill are childless i think there is a huge market for something like this. Especially with its positioning:
    250m from Rooty Hill Train Station and main street of shops
    Bus stop directly infront of the development
    700m to Rooty Hill RSL
    1.4km to Mount Druitt Hospital
    1.4km to Mount Druitt TAFE
    The development has basement parking that exceeds the required spots along with a lift for ease of access mainly for elderly couples.
    Not to mention that with government planning guidelines anything within 800m of a train station is a potential future high rise site. So therefore this fits in perfectly with the surrounds and future outlook of the area.

  21. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Remove two (2) Alexander...” at 52A Sir Thomas Mitchell Road Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    Simon Higgins commented

    The removal of so many, and number of varieties of trees seems excessive.
    I would hope Council planners examine this proposal closely.
    The trees on this block have been established over many decades and it would be favourable to the streetscape to see them maintained.

  22. In Mascot NSW on “Internal shop fitout for...” at 8 / 8 Bourke Street, Mascot NSW 2020:

    Skeeve Stevenms commented

    Do we really need another Tobacconist?

    There is at least one within 50m, and I think another also.

    I do not see how the area is services better by another one opening.

  23. In Winston Hills NSW on “Erection of a Residential...” at Winston Hills Shopping Centre, 180-192 Caroline Chisholm Drive, Winston Hills NSW 2153:

    Robyn Anne McKeon commented

    How can we have a say about this application if there are no details. Surely there are no more units to be built

  24. In Bexley NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 19 Gladstone Street, Bexley NSW 2207:

    Claire commented

    Please do not approve this application. As an owner of a property on Gladstone Street I feel this will make the area unsafe. It is a family friendly environment. Please do not approve.

  25. In Rydalmere NSW on “Tree Application - 8 x tree...” at 3 Calder Road Rydalmere NSW 2116:

    J. Muzzatti commented

    I totally agree with Kathie Walters comment. The current crop of office holders in PCC are appalling. I have emailed my local ward councillors on various issues - but do I get a response - NO. Our Dundas ward councillors (this includes the deputy lord mayor), are in my view, unprofessional, uncaring for their constituents, a bunch of do-nothing, pretend representatives of the people. Who voted for this rabble?

  26. In Warradale SA on “Land division, 1 into 3” at 36 Gardiner Avenue Warradale, SA:

    Johanna den Dekker commented

    Neil Morris. I really do think it is time we made a real noise. How do we go about it? I challenge the planning authority to come and look at the monstrosities just being completed at 32 - 34 Struan Ave. My question would be "would you allow these eyesores to be built across the road from you"????. 13 units and townhouses where 4 houses used to be. Single garages, no room for garbage bins. 26 bins to be collected every week.

  27. In Margate QLD on “Material Change of Use -...” at 291 Oxley Avenue, Margate QLD 4019:

    Mat Thomson wrote to local councillor Koliana Winchester

    As there are approximately 4 petrol stations within 2 Klms of this location and the closest is 300 metres away and as a resident of Ewan Street we strongly do not think another Petrol Station is necessary. We are concerned about the fumes and noise pollution effects this might have on our families.

    Thank You

    Delivered to local councillor Koliana Winchester. They are yet to respond.

  28. In Epping NSW on “Tree Application - 1 x Tree” at 8 Kent Street Epping NSW 2121:

    Neil Donovan commented

    I agree with Ms Perram. Parramatta Council should have a MANDATORY replacement policy for street trees. I think the non-replacement of trees may be dependent on the resident owner requesting a replacement. Councils have better varieties of trees that do not interfere with electricity wires and other infrastructure; so each Council needs to enforce and promote replacement tree planting.

  29. In Epping NSW on “Tree Application - 1 x Tree...” at 118 Pennant Parade Epping NSW 2121:

    Neil Donovan commented

    A lone tree on a nature strip. Why would that be a threat? Answer: residents wanting to park their extra cars there. If the tree is healthy and there is nothing in this application to suggest it is unhealthy, it should be retained and the application rejected.

  30. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Remove six (6) Conifer...” at 142-144 Francis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    A Boland commented

    Hi there, what will the vegataion be replaced with? We already have a significant loss of biodiversity in the area due to development. Has an environmental impact to natural flora and fauna been considered?

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