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  1. In Bentleigh VIC on “Construction of four triple...” at 6 Hamilton Street Bentleigh VIC 3204:

    bianka commented

    I wouldn't like to se any more apartment blocks in this short street. it is impossible to find parking and driving between parked cars on both sides is difficult.
    how would fire brigade drive through ?b

  2. In Glenwood NSW on “Use of a Heritage dwelling...” at 174 Glenwood Park Drive Glenwood NSW 2768:

    Chaitanya Akula commented

    It would be an absolute delight to see this beautiful heritage property turning into a high quality Childcare Centre.

    Great and very convenient for community to have a childcare centre with awesome facilities.

    I strongly support Glenwood house turning into a childcare centre. Nothing else will do justice to this Iconic property other than this divine business.
    Please make this happen😊!!

  3. In Hampton VIC on “26 or More Dwellings and...” at 23 Small Street Hampton VIC 3188:

    Victoria commented

    OMG not another one, I've just got back from Hampton within the Small Street area and parking was impossible and now this development ... our Hampton/Sandringham area is becoming a boxed up apartment style society. Im disgusted... Bayside Council need to listen to residents plus VCAT.

  4. In Randwick NSW on “Change of use from...” at 211 Clovelly Road Randwick NSW 2031:

    Michelle Brooker commented

    I object to this application, as already our evening peace and quiet is being disturbed. I can hear the noise of loud drinkers from my bedroom in Bishops Ave. Rowdy revellers leaving to their cars in our street at night, and urinating in our driveway are a problem for us. It already acts as an Irish pub, and, as a woman, I find it uncomfortable to pass by the smokers and drinkers out on the street. It certainly is not family friendly.

  5. In Redland Bay QLD on “Units x 30” at 143 - 149 Esplanade, Redland Bay QLD 4165:

    Stacey Lewis commented

    It would appear that Sandra Jehan's comments relate to the proposed development below the Redland Bay pub, not the Bay House development that has commenced construction at 143-149 Esplanade.

  6. In Upper Ferntree Gully VIC on “Development of a Medical...” at 1 Mount View Road, Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

    Steve commented

    Hello Belinda.
    Hope you are feeling ok?
    No hard feelings from my end - I am a very forgiving person. As pointed out by Harry - It is not too late for you to lodge your objections. Good luck – and welcome to the team!

    Vicki - Your house looks FANTASTIC - well done to you and your husband on the tasteful renovations. Now THAT'S what is going to add value to the area - not some ugly concrete development unsympathetic to the area.

    Apparently us Old Tosser Objectors are in "modern denial"

    We are being instructed to "Renounce and enjoy!"

    Never. Never. The Old Tossers will NEVER SURRENDER!

  7. In Glenwood NSW on “Use of a Heritage dwelling...” at 174 Glenwood Park Drive Glenwood NSW 2768:

    Ria commented

    I am personally struggling to find a good childcare around this area as other childcares are either full or not very good. I think having another childcare facility in this area will be very beneficial in terms of providing support to the local families. I strongly support the opening of another childcare centre here.

  8. In Petersham NSW on “Other Das” at 122 Crystal Street Petersham NSW 2049:

    Sandra Setian commented

    Character filled buildings such as this one make the suburb what it is. Destroying it instead of incorporating the existing structure is a crime. Designing an amazing and complex new build to work with this wonderful building should be part of the approval process.

  9. In East Melbourne VIC on “Demolition of the existing...” at 1071-1081 Hoddle Street East Melbourne 3002:

    Katherine Edwards commented

    Please reconsider, this is a unique and indispensable Modernist vessel representing the quality and craftsmanship of Australian mid century architecture - and intrinsically tied to the story of Marvellous Melbourne. At the very least you could leave the facade intact, not only is it a tourist draw card but is a visually commanding, iconic modernist streetscape. Please reconsider, The last thing Melbourne needs is yet another poorly conceived steel and glass multi-level soulless building! and especially in the heart of our historic gem, East Melbourne.

  10. In Glenwood NSW on “Use of a Heritage dwelling...” at 174 Glenwood Park Drive Glenwood NSW 2768:

    Sai Vannemreddy commented

    This definitely can be a great help with the young families that are settling in this area. We had to wait for a spot for a few months and even after that split our child care between two centres, such a stress to the little ones to adjust. Please make this happen

  11. In East Melbourne VIC on “Demolition of the existing...” at 1071-1081 Hoddle Street East Melbourne 3002:

    David McCubbin commented

    A pity.

    A pity that such a beautiful building will be replaced by another steel and glass box.

    The tragedy here is not so much one era displacing another, but the absence of imagination, and dully predictable outcome.

    In as much as Vicroads blithely allows the desecration of our shared ecological heritage at Ararat, so Melbourne City Council approves once again the lowest common denominator on the only criteria that counts in this City... Money.

  12. In Rosebud VIC on “Construction of 5 new...” at 35 Sherwood Avenue Rosebud VIC 3939:

    Sophie commented

    I agree with everyone above. I too bought in the area for the peaceful streets, tree filled large gardens with native wildlife, and modest surrounding houses. I hate what is happening!

    There is an extremely concerning amount of developments and subdivisions being done in the Rosebud South area, which are not in keeping with the existing neighbourhood character. Huge old gum trees are being chopped down, vegetation removed, wildlife habitats destroyed, and as many houses as possible crammed onto each block. It is turning into a concrete jungle, without any of the benefits of living in the inner city, all due to greed of developers who buy blocks only to carve them up and on-sell.

  13. In Glenwood NSW on “Use of a Heritage dwelling...” at 174 Glenwood Park Drive Glenwood NSW 2768:

    Murty Chappidi commented

    I think it’s great initiative
    This area is growing fast and many young families are settling in and around. It’ll tremendously help parents.

  14. In Gregory Hills NSW on “Construction of a food and...” at 33 Village Cct, Gregory Hills 2557 NSW:

    Lauren Eldeir commented

    Who in their right mind decided that it would be a great idea to build a fast food chain next door the a playground, water ways and a public school that will be built in the near future! I can’t fathom the amount of rubbish that will be left lying around. Let alone it will become a new “hangout” for people late at night! This is not ok.
    Why not put hungry jacks near the other fast food chains. We don’t need it in a built up residential area near our parks and schools.

  15. In Glenwood NSW on “Use of a Heritage dwelling...” at 174 Glenwood Park Drive Glenwood NSW 2768:

    Gagan Singh commented

    There are several young families in Glenwood with children who require childcare facilities. The current childcares are full and hard to find a spot, hence another childcare in this area is a requirement and I would support the opening of childcare at this location.

  16. In Redfern NSW on “PAN-40675Alterations and...” at 51-53 Wells Street Redfern NSW 2016:

    Lisa Anthony commented

    Wells Street is developed and densely populated and the population requiring boarding houses is served by a significant number of them in the area already. This is about population balance. Continuing community cohesion and interest. As another comment notes, this is a transient population and the existing examples of this type of dwelling demonstrate that the management is very lite on when it comes to ensuring adhesion to things like rubbish, noise and general comminity care. Redfern is inclusive of all, and do it should be, but there does need to be a balance to maintain equal stress in ammenities and ensure the success of this wonderful area.

  17. In Upper Ferntree Gully VIC on “Development of a Medical...” at 1 Mount View Road, Upper Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

    Clarke & Helen commented

    Seen plans, not that bad. Whoever is crying you must live next door. I feel for you. The facts are this site is in a commercial area.

  18. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Demolition of existing 2...” at 150-152 Glenayr Avenue Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    Nicolette Boaz commented

    Every time the Planning committee allow a 2 story building to become a 4 story building and 2 units to become 10 - you are condemning Bondi to be overcrowded. Especially if it eats into the open space surrounding the building. There is no more space. There are no more buses. There is already too much traffic. You must take infrastructure into consideration before allowing this developer greed to run rampant. You have that responsibility.

  19. In Kew VIC on “Construction of four (4)...” at 103 Brougham Street, Kew VIC 3101:

    Nicole commented

    4 dwellings on one lot is excessive. The additional congestion this will bring to an already congested street is inappropriate. This should be reconsidered to two dwellings and ensure appropriate off street parking for both.

  20. In Kew VIC on “Construction of a three (3)...” at 47 Walpole Street, Kew VIC 3101:

    Nicole commented

    Please restrict to 2 levels in these suburban side streets to avoid completely diminishing the liveability of the area. Access to private backyard spaces and natural light must be maintained for existing residents and these 3 storey apartment blocks take this away.

  21. In Denistone East NSW on “Construction of new 73...” at 26 Beattie Ave Denistone East NSW 2112:

    Warren Smith commented

    Dear Ryde residents,
    Our local community needs at least 10 unique individually written letters to be sent to The General Manager City of Ryde to escalate this to a public meeting.
    It needs to be titled Submissions - LDA2020/0358
    You will need to include your name and address also.
    Closing deadline is 11th November.

    Submissions are required to be in writing, and should the submission be by way of objection to the proposal, the submission should specify the grounds of objection. All correspondence should be addressed to the General Manager and can be sent by:
    • Email:
    • Post: General Manager, City of Ryde, Locked Bag 2069, North Ryde NSW 1670
    • Drop off: Customer Service Centre (Underneath Ryde Library), 1 Pope Street, Ryde NSW 2112

    Thank you

  22. In Mermaid Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use...” at 21 William Street, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218:

    Paul Hamilton commented

    This project should NOT go ahead. Already due to multiple units in the street, and shop front on the highway residents in this street cannot get a park anywhere..... also doesn't need to be four stories....

  23. In Petersham NSW on “Other Das” at 122 Crystal Street Petersham NSW 2049:

    Elise M commented

    Please don’t demolish Tindil. The Inner West Council should not allow another piece of our history to be pulled down and replaced with something structurally and aesthetically inferior. Sydney has already destroyed so much, we need our planning laws to protect the character of the inner west and our city.

  24. In Kew VIC on “Demolition of an existing...” at 19 Holroyd Street, Kew VIC 3101:

    Dr. Jay RAO 4 cameron court, KEW 3101 commented

    As the owner of the property adjoining the proposed properties for development, I wish to receive FULL details of the proposed development as it seems to be inappropriate for the site in question in a heritage overlay area of significant value as well as an area too small for TWO residential houses for an average block of land

  25. In Elsternwick VIC on “11 lot subdivision on land...” at 66 Orrong Road Elsternwick VIC 3185:

    Jenny commented

    How is it possible to demolish something which no one can replace or build even similar? Where is planning authorities to stop all this mess of destruction of our suburbs, cultural heritage and the way of life. we vote for our councils to protect our cities and not to issue permits for kill our way of life and culture. Traffic and pollution what it brings from those permissions.

  26. In Maroubra NSW on “Section 4.55(2)...” at 27 Banks Street Maroubra NSW 2035:

    Edward Slade commented

    The flat roof looks suspiciously like a roof terrace - which was turned down in the first planning request. It’s important that with a roof this high overlooking all of the neighbours houses that we don’t suddenly see a section 4.55(2) that suddenly puts railings or glass balustrades on the flat roof.

  27. In Ormond VIC on “Partial demolition and...” at 483 North Road Ormond VIC 3204:

    George P. commented

    I don't know what the problem with Miriam is. I was also present at the council meeting and all councillors including the objectors were given the opportunity of putting their views forward. I think Miriam fails to acknowledge that this is not going to be a night club venue. This venue is intended to also have a large focus on dining for families and also some light entertainment. The people who are running the business are proven hospitality operators in the area and run tight and clean operations also keeping in line with local residents and the neighbourhood. I am sure they are going to do a great job and bring some life in what is a dull part of the street. Give them a go!!!!

  28. In Petersham NSW on “Other Das” at 122 Crystal Street Petersham NSW 2049:

    Kay Proos commented

    I oppose this demolition. I was shocked to see the sign. Right under your nose too! Shame.

  29. In on “Residential - dual...” at 36 Honeycomb Street, Horsley NSW 2530:

    haley harrod commented

    Is this dual occupancy going to be two sorry and block our view and invade our privacy ?

    Also the streets are very narrow so I think off street parking needs to be made available for the Multiple cars to avoid blocking the street and making it dangerous to go around the cars as there is a corner there

  30. In Redland Bay QLD on “Units x 30” at 143 - 149 Esplanade, Redland Bay QLD 4165:

    Sandra Jehan commented

    And, the man who owns the land who is developing it for units, doesn't even live in Queensland. He is over in Perth WA. So he has no interest OTHER THAN MAXIMIZING HIS PROFIT at the expense of the buyers who will incur damages, the council, rate payers and the community.

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