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Recent comments

  1. In Goodwood SA on “Demolish existing dwelling...” at 12 Erskine Street, Goodwood 5034, SA:

    David Mallett commented

    It is a sad day to see so many Trees and beautiful homes lost to modern architecture . Unley is loosing so many of our turn of the century Bluestone homes on large gardens and established Trees.

  2. In Mount Eliza VIC on “Development of an aged care...” at 60 Kunyung Road Mount Eliza VIC 3930:

    Louise Rawlings commented

    The water run-off will be terrible, and it will add pollution to the already changing beach. This goes against everything that Mt Eliza stands for, residents themselves cannot build 3 storys on their own properties so how can a million dollar company swing in and get these three story townhouses through? Just like that.
    Ryman sponsor the music event in mt eliza, probably a PR exercise.
    We are in a climate emergency and our koalas and other living creatures are in threat of extinction. This is not the appropriate place for this massive development. Losing hundreds of old trees is just one reason. People pay big money to live in Mt Eliza for it's bush setting.

  3. In Mount Louisa QLD on “Certificate of Compliance -...” at 31 Strathburn Street Mount Louisa QLD 4814:

    Carol Mead commented

    If this submission is related to approval for any car park/entrance way for a walkway off Strathbourne Street, the residents of Mount Louisa have opposed any impact to the current occupants of the street from access which may be granted to persons for the purpose of access to Mount Louisa from this street for walking/hiking or provisions for a carpark.
    If this application is for drawings for a house build, then I have no objections

  4. In Goodwood SA on “Demolish existing dwelling...” at 12 Erskine Street, Goodwood 5034, SA:

    Cathy Heptinstall commented

    We are losing too much of our character heritage streetscape. It is a waste of resources to pull down a perfectly good home. Why not adapt and repurpose. Soon all our streets will look the same. Build if you must, but find a more suitable place, which is not at the expense of our state's heritage. We can't bring back what is destroyed.

  5. In Miranda NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 19 Urunga Parade Miranda NSW 2228:

    Pat Johnson commented

    The Council should tell la nd development to go to hell with all these " affordable " boarding houses. Sutherland Shire is starting to look like a slum area. The traffic is a mess in Kirrawee and the promised green area of Brickpit is almost non existant. It is a disgrace to think that no planning into road traffic was considered before all the unwanted ' boarding houses ' were given permission to build. The population of the Shire has increased but can our hospital cope with all the new arrivals, or our schools?

  6. In Forestdale QLD on “Domestic - Shed & Carport” at 248 Johnson Road Forestdale QLD 4118:

    Sarah commented

    This is a massive shed and concerned what it is used for. Forklift being used daily and forestdale is a suburban estate. Please advise why this is allowed and why it was approved. This is not a commercial estate. This shed is behind us and is a disruption to our lifestyle.

  7. In Heathmont VIC on “Removal of Covenant 2016455...” at 4 Edna Street, Heathmont VIC 3135:

    Margaret H commented

    I met admit l am concerned that although this covenant was put in 1946
    The covenant was originally put in a reason with owners of that time believing that the land & reasons/values for doing this would be protected.

    We are loosing this too often for me not to believe that these protections & the valued intentions that were put in place will be sadly a big loss for all of us not just now but also for future residents who may consider this option as a way to safeguard & to protect our natural & diverse community/ suburb.

  8. In Bongaree QLD on “Request to Change (Minor) -...” at 9 Dux Drive, Bongaree QLD 4507:

    Derek Patey commented

    In regards to this development application, which I understand is currently under evaluation. I believe that calling a multimillion dollar development minor is nothing short of bizarre and it does make one wonder what has been the motivation of the developer to take this pathway.
    Secondly, it has been made apparent that half of the footpath along Bongaree Avenue belongs to the developer. I believe there should be total stay on proceedings until a public enquiry is held to establish how a developer ends up owning half of a public footpath. This appears a serious transgression towards the Bribie Island Community. An enquiry is a must!

  9. In Miranda NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 19 Urunga Parade Miranda NSW 2228:

    Nelle Exwards commented

    Demolition work has just commenced, not ideal in current covid situation, with a lot of us working from home or unemployed at home. Not much consideration has gone into this for local residents is there?
    It may cause a lot of rent payers to move.
    The noise in this area is always difficult, with trucks, generator noise, etc etc and now this.
    A boarding house will definitely diminish the value of apartments around here. And lower the demographic surely.

  10. In Denistone NSW on “Construction of a new two...” at 512 Blaxland Rd Denistone NSW 2114:

    barbara Johnson Johnson commented

    I heartily agree with M.Kemp's comment . Every mature tree must be protected as so many are being destroyed to make way for buildings. We need to make every effort to save every tree possible to enhance the environment , refresh the atmosphere and provide habitat for fast disappearing birdlife..

  11. In Eastwood NSW on “Section 4.55 (1A) to modify...” at 4 Tallwood Ave Eastwood NSW 2122:

    barbara Johnson commented

    It is recommended that the landscaping proposals should include some suitable shade trees for beauty and practical habitat for birdlife.

  12. In Denistone NSW on “Construction of a new two...” at 512 Blaxland Rd Denistone NSW 2114:

    barbara Johnson commented

    It is strongly recommended that the plans should include the planting of trees to add to the amenity and provide much needed refreshment to the atmosphere

  13. In Peterhead SA on “Torrens title land division...” at 10 Phillis Tce Peterhead SA 5016:

    Maureen Jones commented

    Meanwhile 1 minute down the road people aren't permitted to subdivide due to heavy pollution in that area. I am pretty sure the pollution stretches to Phillis street from the top of Hargrave Street. Turning 2 houses into 6 doesn't sound like a great outcome for anyone except those making money from such a deal. More little boxes with no more open space for residence. SHAME!!!!

  14. In Port Noarlunga SA on “Two storey residential flat...” at 15 Leitch Avenue, Port Noarlunga SA 5167:

    Mike England commented

    Leich Avenue is a feeder road between Port Noarlunga and Christies Beach.

    This road is also used by many people going to Bice Oval and the associated bowling club.

    Number 15 is situated on a bend and even with existing residents, traffic is reduced to one lane only due to on street parking. Rubbish bin pick up is a nightmare.

    Five dwellings would potentially add up to fifteen extra cars to this significant safety problem.

    Leich avenue needs to have on street parking banned NOW before any further residences could even be considered.

    I STRONGLY appose this application

  15. In Meadowbank NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1 Railway Rd Meadowbank NSW 2114:

    Tim Heyer commented

    Speaking as someone who actually lives in the area, i definitely support this DA as it will provide a much needed boost to the railway station precinct, a proper supermarket (which will help take cars off the road going to Top Ryde), and some shops for locals. I believe this develop to be consistent with the needs of the community, as outlined in the meadowbank education precinct to upgrade the commercial area around the station.

  16. In Peterhead SA on “Torrens title land division...” at 10 Phillis Tce Peterhead SA 5016:

    Catherine McMahon commented

    While State Govt changes to planning laws allow multiple subdivisions in local areas, there remains a chronic lack of open space between Centre St and Semaphore Rd (east of Fletcher Rd) and the stormwater system will need to carry greater loads.
    These impact on both new and existing residents.

  17. In Banksia NSW on “14-16 Banksia Avenue...” at 16 Banksia Avenue, Banksia NSW 2216:

    Judith McCabe commented

    PLEASE Bayside Council, just for once be on the residents side and block this outrageous building proposal. Why should the residents of this Street, and everyone else nearby, be made to suffer forever if these plans are approved! Greedy developers don’t ‘give a damn’ about the impact that this and any other similar proposals will have on the existing residents, the traffic and all other infrastructures that will be so badly affected by these plans!!

  18. In Frankston South VIC on “Section 72 - To construct...” at 18 Bembridge Avenue, Frankston South 3199, VIC:

    Mary J Scott commented

    A single dwelling would be far more appropriate than the proposed two story monstrosity. There are plans to subdivide even though this is not stated on the planning permit. The building to land size % is very concerning especially given it’s already been subdivided in 2014.

  19. In Goodwood SA on “Demolish existing dwelling...” at 12 Erskine Street, Goodwood 5034, SA:

    Anne Wharton commented

    I agree with Leah - this is one of a lovely row of single-fronted cottages. There are also 2 magnificent gums in the street which give it a lovely feel. It would be nice to see it restored rather than demolished and maintain the heritage streetscape.

  20. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 145 Hall Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    CM commented

    A real shame to lose another building from the inter-war era to be replaced by a bland block of flats. This looks to be a (what is now pretty rare in Bondi with so much demolition of our history) Spanish mission style home that adds to the character and streetscape of Bond, unlike what is proposed to replace it.

  21. In North Bondi NSW on “Modification to delete...” at 57 Glenayr Avenue North Bondi NSW 2026:

    CM commented

    It's a bit of a farce if the developer can just apply to delete this condition. What is the reason? We need more affordable housing, not less.

  22. In North Brighton SA on “Demolition of existing...” at 30 Quandong Street North Brighton SA 5048:

    Sue Horstmann commented

    What’s the point if providing feedback to Council when the DAP ignore their own guidelines.
    This developer has received approval to subdivide this land & build 2 two story houses on a hammerhead which ignores numerous development guidelines. What’s more the recommendations to proceed by the Town Planner were Based on the wrong code for this area

  23. In North Bondi NSW on “Modification to delete...” at 57 Glenayr Avenue North Bondi NSW 2026:

    EmHughes commented

    If this block currently is zoned as affordable housing then personally I think it's important it remains so. I don't think it's fine to buy an entire block of flats with certain conditions and then change them in order to make a fortune.

  24. In Ettalong Beach NSW on “3 Lot Strata Title Subdivision” at 2 Warrah Street, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257:

    Lesley Harvey commented

    Can Council ensure any shade trees taken down on this block are replanted two-for-one?
    While it is good to see urban renewal, yet another duplex on this narrow street has created excess cars parked on the verges. Can Council ensure there is compliant on-site parking for residents/tenants plus a visitor spot?

  25. In Blackwall NSW on “Demolish Existing Dwelling...” at 14 Springwood Street, Blackwall NSW 2256:

    Lesley Harvey commented

    Can the contractors work around the trees at the front which are facing into the hot summer sun in the afternoon? All too often, blocks are clear-felled, when with a bit of thought, existing mature trees can be pruned and retained. New owners/tenants will pay more for the shade remembering Council has heat-rated our area as the hottest on the Central Coast.
    While it is good to see urban renewal, I find it hard to see how three (3) units will fit on this small block of land - onsite parking will be a squeeze and again, on The Peninsula, more cars overflow onto our streets.

  26. In Upper Caboolture QLD on “-” at 60-172 Litherland Road, Upper Caboolture QLD 4510:

    Lisa Tasker commented

    Caboolture River Road needs to be widened and developed before development of this size is allowed to go ahead. No infustructure has been put into place before these developments have been considered. This was supposed to be done before any work was started as portrayed by council in the planning stages.

  27. In North Bondi NSW on “Modification to replace...” at 1/25 Hastings Parade Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    Lisa Hynes commented

    what is justification for removing trees?

  28. In Bridgeman Downs QLD on “Service Station, Caretakers...” at 915 Beams Rd Bridgeman Downs QLD 4035:

    Lucille Hopkins commented

    Omg another petrol station leave Bridgeman Downs alone and Albany Creek, the poor wildlife here, and the traffic coming with all this development. Ugly townhouses everywhere thought the council said no more townhouses for Brisbane. Yep just re- zone it so council can build more ugly, townhouses. Petrol stations should not be allowed in a built up area.

  29. In Oak Park VIC on “Construction of a multi...” at 234 Waterloo Road, Oak Park VIC 3046:

    shelia Burgess commented

    Disgusting now 35 plus cars parked on the road, along with cars parked from the railway station. Noticed people from new developments on Waterloo rd mostly park on the road, as garage assess is very poor, due to poor design of driveway.

  30. In Haigslea QLD on “Minor Change - One (1) Lot...” at 116-162 Grieves Road Haigslea QLD 4306:

    Daniel commented

    We moved out here to live on acreage to get away from all the rental scum bags in town , and I was sure you couldn’t subdivision large blocks out here . Please don’t ruin the area

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