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  1. In Ningi QLD on “Material Change of Use -...” at 1030-1072 Bribie Island Road, Ningi QLD 4511:

    Gary Yates commented

    30/01/2019 MBRC assure me that there is no Concrete Batching plant to be built at this address, however it will be built off Bestmann Road Ningi. At this date there were no applications for development at this site although the Trees have been cleared.

  2. In Parramatta Park QLD on “Combined Application...” at 92 Martyn Street Parramatta Park QLD 4870:

    Jasmine Fawcett commented

    I live next door and the construction noise is unbelievable, they do the loudest job at 6:30 in the morning. This is unfair and shouldn’t be allowed. I have a new born and people have over night jobs, surely their start time for construction noise could be changed to a later time. Is there anything you could do about this?

  3. In Coffs Harbour NSW on “Retail-Outlet-New -...” at 30 / 87 Ocean Parade Coffs Harbour NSW 2450:

    Daniel Kurt commented

    As the owner of the adjacent cafe Malabou Express Cafe Bar est. 2015 it is my concern that potential customers to my business will need to walk through the applicants outdoor dining area in order to acces my cafe.
    Whilst I am not against competition I belive that will have a huge detrimental affect on my business and this would affect me financially and my ability to operate a profitable business.
    I would appreciate your consideration of my concerns when determining this application.
    Daniel Kurt
    Malabou Express Cafe Bar

  4. In Mortdale NSW on “New Tandem Garage” at 41 Dardanelles Street, Mortdale, NSW Australia:

    Robert Schrunkel commented

    You are not allowed to build right on the boundary, should have 900mm undeveloped away from boundary.

    The size of the rear grassed area has been over exaggerated. That was already concreted over two years ago.

    Why do they need an additional tandem garage, when they already have a double garage. Is this really going to be a garage/storage space ? Or is it intended for an existing business workshop to operate from ?

  5. In Samford Village QLD on “Material Change of Use -...” at 11 Bergman Street, Samford Village QLD 4520:

    Nicole commented

    I love living in my town house/ you it complex.

    It’s a smaller complex of 30 units. We back back onto a nature reserve water way. There are many houses around us. It’s a relatively quiet complex with a mix of professionals and blue collar workers. Lots of singles living on their own too.

    I don’t like maintaining a large yard as a single mum.

    We have a town house that has a double garage. Two living areas. Three bathrooms. A laundry. Massive patio over the lagoon reserve.

    Hard polished timber stair case
    Great top quality fittings
    Fully air conditioned
    $4600 hot water systems

    What I’m getting at is - if built well - town house living offers life style in a nice home.

    You’re best to work with your town planning and have provisions put in place like ensuring all houses must have a double garage etc

    You can work together to keep all people happy

    To think those of us who live in high density housing are like some form of ghetto dwellers is insulting.

  6. In Marrickville NSW on “Sec 96(1A) - Minor...” at 27 Warren Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Resident commented

    What minor modification requires a cost of $1.2 million?
    The amended application could not be found on the council website. This often occurs when trying to view development application details on council's website, whether it is a new, old or an amended DA. It only allows for the notice that a minor modification amendment was applied on 22 January 2019. However the notices to do the "deep excavation" was posted on the cyclone fencing surrounding this property 4 months plus ago, without a council DA notice. There is a reference to the 2015 DA application posted on trees on council footpaths surrounding this property.
    The applicant has put up cyclone fencing with the notices for "deep excavation" and council told residents that the fencing was to protect the property from "break- ins", it makes no reference to the intention on the notices on the property about excavation and demolish.
    As the property has been painted a dark grey in 2018, making it very unappealing and causing a heat trap, it has now remained empty for most of 2018 and into 2019. It would be uninhabitable for tenants in this heat. This belies the owners promotion of this property being available for affordable housing in the original DA.
    Again the original DA has no currency given the property has not been re-zoned from it's original R2 zoning in keeping with the rest of the street. Apparently no one else is permitted to build 2 storeys to their houses as the zoning, cadastral pattern and planning for the street does not allow it. This plan is not transparent and neither has the process by which the owner is stealthily proceeding.

  7. In Enmore NSW on “To extend the trading hours...” at 2 Stanmore Road Enmore NSW 2042:

    Dufa Wira commented

    The Warren View is on the make, live and loud. Ms Berejiklian's new innerwaste council has just waved through an extension of the hotel beer garden trading hours from 10pm to midnight and granted permission for amplified music in the unsupervised open beer garden area. The impact on residents and the community is significant and I know at least one objection was lodged. No explanation was given. Curiously the application was amended at the last minute and a glorious, expensive, whitewashing 'noise impact assessment' prepared by commercial 'planners' was injected. No noise here. Move on.
    It seems the fix is in and this is just the next step.
    Bye-bye democracy ..., what is to be done?

  8. In Launceston TAS on “General Retail and Hire -...” at 80A-88 Charles Street Launceston TAS 7250:

    Angela Green wrote to local councillor Danny Gibson

    You are all so correct in what you are saying but it is best to remember that Councillors do not reply to 'personal' letters. I don't know how to make them realise that the city is losing its heritage and uniqueness, and because of this will more than likely lose tourists especially those who are trying to get away from all the cement and highrise to seek clean air and a tranquil environment. We used to be known for our parks and gardens and all the beautiful trees. These too are disappearing.

    Photo of Danny Gibson
    Danny Gibson local councillor for Launceston City Council
    replied to Angela Green

    Thank you for alerting me to this.


    Councillor Danny Gibson
    Deputy Mayor
    City of Launceston
    PO Box 396 LAUNCESTON Tasmania 7250
    M 0407 096 597 I

  9. In Rosanna VIC on “Construction of six (6)...” at 28 Millicent Street , Rosanna, VIC:

    Scott commented

    I echo original comments in opposition from Lyn and strongly oppose the construction of 6 double-storey dwellings and waiver of on-site visitor car parking requirement and would support no more than 4 dwellings. As Lyn has clearly stated there is already excessive traffic travelling through the street and existing street parking causing congestion. With young kids at my premises the dangers this presents is concerning.
    I also point out the previous sale of like sized property at 29 Millicent St which is also likely to become units, if further trends continue in this way there would be no available street parking and further street congestion. This over development is also likely to reduce property values for homeowners in the street.

  10. In Bunyip VIC on “Use of the land (Warehouse...” at 50 Nar Nar Goon-Longwarry Road, Bunyip, VIC:

    Leanne Thomas commented

    I really don’t think bunyip needs another gym , bunyip Only needs the one gym and the few personal trainers we have around town.
    I really think it will be to dangerous at that intersection.

  11. In Rosanna VIC on “Construction of six (6)...” at 28 Millicent Street , Rosanna, VIC:

    Andrew Fisher commented

    My name is Andrew and I am also a resident of Millicent St near Lwr Plenty Rd. Already Millicent St has dangerous traffic, with drivers using the street as a rat run during peak hour. The street is too narrow for the amount of cars that park on it already - our car has been damaged by through traffic and friends have had an accident on the street also. Waiving parking requirements for this development will see more cars parking on the street, exacerbating the problem.
    The proposed housing density of this planning application is unprecedented for the street and will detract from the quiet family-friendly character valued highly by residents. Please do not allow this application to proceed as proposed. Sincerely,

  12. In Botany NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1274 Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019:

    Anthony Theotokas commented

    My concern regarding the approval of DA-2018/379 are the rear 2 story building will directly effect the surrounding neighbors, With the balconies in both sides of the rear building and with minimal screen planning will be intrusive and will interrupt the privacy of all boundaries.
    The street parking situation is congested as is! 7 car spaces for a possible 24 persons plus staff is not enough.
    Three year ago i applied for a DA to extend the existing garage on the rear of my property and had several restriction to the to the following.
    1/ The height of the garage roof was to be no higher than 2.4 metres.
    2/ The roof was not allowed to pitch and a flat roof was only allowed.
    3/ Grass to concrete/hardstand ratio.
    4/ All footings to be 3 metres away from certain neighboring native trees.
    5/ No sewer or running water to be run to the rear of the lot.
    So if i had height restriction place on my DA shouldn't everyone?
    We are over housed and over developed these days. To have a 2 story building so close to the adjoining boundaries with balconies on both sides is ridiculous and if approved and i will be seeking an explanation on why i was not allowed to go higher than 2.4 metres on my rear extension.

  13. In Rosanna VIC on “Construction of six (6)...” at 28 Millicent Street , Rosanna, VIC:

    Cam commented

    I agree with everything Lyn above has written. She clearly outlines the reasons in her response and whole heartedly agree that council should not approve more than 4 dwellings on the block as is the case with 37 Millicent Street.

  14. In Diamond Creek VIC on “Use of the land for a micro...” at 25 Station Street, Diamond Creek VIC 3089:

    Suzanne Green commented

    I strongly support this application. This new place in Diamond Creek will enable several local community and supporting groups to have somewhere to meet along with providing several new jobs in our community. Having lived in Diamond Creek for 20+ years it will be nice to see an exciting new venue which will bring more people to our beautiful suburb and provide a great place for existing residents to frequent. I look forward to attending this new establishment and I'm confident it will be a big win for Diamond Creek.

  15. In Warriewood NSW on “New - Residential Flat...” at 31 Warriewood Road Warriewood NSW 2102:

    Vivian Power commented

    Has the council given enough thought and planning into the access roads into this NEW Unit proposal.
    There are 27 units being built, with a total of 67 car parking spots. Someone in their wisdom has decided ther will only be “ 6 “ cars from this unit block using the roads in peak hour on Monday to Friday, which I think is absurd, just a juggling of numbers to get this passed through council.
    The development ajoining, namely 41 Warriewood has now completed its roads namly. Bubalo and a section of Lorrikeet, Why has number 31 not been made to have its own road through its development site and not a TEMPORARY road as is now appearing on the plan

  16. In Randwick NSW on “Addition of 2 x 1 bedroom...” at 3A Stanley Street Randwick NSW 2031:

    jennifer tuckwell commented

    This would be yet another addition to a building that will have no ability to accommodate the extra car spaces needed.
    These are old established areas that were built with limited/no parking and the desecration of street car parking needs by Randwick Council continues unabated.
    I truly have no idea of just how many times Council can keep on doing this before you will have to "do away with" your car zoning areas altogether.
    Its madness and its short sighted and its just plain greedy.

  17. In Eltham VIC on “Buildings and works to...” at 13 Piper Crescent, Eltham VIC 3095:

    Caitlin commented

    Seven dwellings on this block is excessive and does not fit with the neighbourhood character of the area. Piper crescent is narrow and will not be able to accommodate on street parking. The block also has a significant amount of established trees which must be protected. Piper Crescent is currently a street face with mostly single dwellings with significant landscaping to the front of the properties. Any new properties added to the Crescent must adhere to this street face. A more appropriate development on this site would be 3 dwellings as this would be able to accommodate 2 vehicles per dwelling, allow the street scape to be maintained and protect the established trees on the block. The narrow street. A development of 7 dwellings on this block would negatively impact on the amenity in the area, not fit with the character of the street, damage the natural environment, be detrimental to social interaction on the street and would be dangerous as additional traffic cannot be accommodated on the narrow crescent. During construction of the dwellings neighbours would be significantly impacted also. Approving this development would only put more strain on the traffic congestion already plaguing Eltham due to it's poor public transport options and inaccessibility by bicycle due to topography.

  18. In Warradale SA on “Land division, 1 into 3” at 36 Gardiner Avenue Warradale, SA:

    Johanna den Dekker commented

    Ferna Harris totally agree with all your comments. and Peter Simms surely it is up to the council to communicate on our behalf.
    Also the removal of trees. I have complained to the council about this problem. Our street , Struan Ave, is becoming so hot because of the overdevelopments and tree removals.

  19. In Eltham VIC on “Buildings and works to...” at 28 Ryans Road, Eltham VIC 3095:

    Caitlin commented

    The proposal of 4 dwellings on this block is not excessive. My only concern is the preservation and protection of the established trees on the block. This area of Eltham is extremely lush and leafy and all trees need to be maintained and treasured.

  20. In Marrickville NSW on “Dual Occupancy” at 119 Addison Road Marrickville NSW 2204:

    Kevin cruz commented

    I totally agree in developing this area. I live in Sydenham and for quite a while, I have been driving through this area. I dont think there is consistency with the structures built around the area.

    I believe there is nothing wrong with the construction of the proposed duplex. It will help in the development of the area and show other people that there are new concepts/designs.

  21. In Wamuran QLD on “Request for Change (Other)...” at 1085 D'Aguilar Highway, Wamuran QLD 4512:

    D Donnelly commented

    We desperately need a supermarket, eat in dining and healthy fast food. Also a larger post office to handle increasing demand in the area.

  22. In Warradale SA on “Land division, 1 into 3” at 36 Gardiner Avenue Warradale, SA:

    Peter Simms commented

    To all the residents reading these planning alerts specifically relating to these excessive subdivisions happening in our area. Comments seem to always be directed at the Marion Council & are they have no effect because nearly all of the approvals for this type of development bypass Council & are granted approval by the State Government planning department.
    We need to voice are concerns to our local State MP's

  23. In Pymble NSW on “Modification to DA0112/17 -...” at 16 Hope Street Pymble NSW 2073:

    Fact Checker commented

    I'm not seeing the problem here folks. It seems like you have the daggers out for your neighbours. The people are changing the colour of their house! Its paint! Why the vitriol? Its also a battleaxe lot so its not even visible from the street.

    Any of you can paint your houses a different colour tomorrow without even asking the council but you choose to make life difficult for these people because you don't like the house that Council has approved. Isn't your gripe with the Council? We don't live in a dictatorship. People are allowed to change their minds and that's why the planning system allows for modifications.

    Whether you like it or not, the original DA is compliant. Whether you like it or not, modifications are permitted. Everyone please calm down.

  24. In South Yarra VIC on “Permit for Hoarding...” at 91 Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra VIC 3141:

    Ant commented

    Judging by tje application and noting the building recently sold ., I would expect that the hording is advertising for future many ticky tacky boxes crammed on to the block so let’s hope they sell fast get started and finished . As before the road will be packed with trucks and builders vans and a near impossible drive during the day .
    “another one hits the dust “

  25. In Wamuran QLD on “Request for Change (Other)...” at 1085 D'Aguilar Highway, Wamuran QLD 4512:

    Candice Irvine commented

    Could a fenced fenced playground pleases be considered, with both younger and older children's equipment, plus barbecues and shaded seating areas included? Thank you

  26. In Elsternwick VIC on “Use of the land for office...” at 10-16 Selwyn Street Elsternwick VIC 3185:

    J. Elizabeth commented

    The height of this development is not in keeping with the residential environment of Elsternwick. 14 stories is much too high.Why do the council wish to destroy the atmosphere and culture of Elsternwick? A more considerate approach to development can be taken to ensure Elsternwick sustains it's culture.

  27. In Bardwell Valley NSW on “Change of use from...” at 16 Hamilton Street, Bardwell Valley NSW 2207:

    Nina E commented

    On Christmas day 25/12/2017, two double windows were put into an existing shed which runs very close along my fence line. The two windows they installed look into my back yard, and into my spa area.

    This was done without my knowledge, nor was I notified by the owner of 16 Hamilton Street, Bardwell Valley.
    The two double windows are an invasion of my privacy, an encroachment upon my rights and most important my security.
    If this outbuilding is approved, then the windows which were put in (without Councils approval) will also be approved.
    I am then at risk of different types of people renting the building and my belongings are also at risk.
    Noise Factor
    As this outbuilding is on my boundary line/ fence line, and is made from thin metal with no insulation, all noises from this building is now exacerbated from the changes made.
    Night is worst by the stillness, the noise travels into my house, causing me to keep my back door and windows closed. Before the changes, the noise level was bearable.
    The windows which were illegally installed, without Council approval to an existing building, need to be removed; a sliding door be installed on the other side of the building with an air conditioner installed.
    The way this building is at the present, I object to it becoming a secondary dwelling, as Council needs to look at what was done to this outbuilding without their permission, before approval is given.

  28. In Wamuran QLD on “Request for Change (Other)...” at 1085 D'Aguilar Highway, Wamuran QLD 4512:

    Maddie commented

    Hi I would love for a new playground in the area! A nice updated one close for the kiddies to go and play! Least a baby swing at the park would be great! Also a Wamuran pub would be nice! Somewhere nice and close to go for dinner and drinks and catch ups! Instead of having to drive to wood ford or caboolture/Morayfield!

    Thank you! Can’t wait to see what the future holds

  29. In Wamuran QLD on “Request for Change (Other)...” at 1085 D'Aguilar Highway, Wamuran QLD 4512:

    Lillian kemp wrote to local councillor Adrian Raedel

    In agreeance with many other locals, it would be fantastic to have a well equipped , fenced play ground/ picnic area for the local children and their families to gather and enjoy.

    Delivered to local councillor Adrian Raedel. They are yet to respond.

  30. In Carlingford NSW on “Development Application -...” at 801 - 809 Pennant Hills Road Carlingford NSW 2118:

    Andrew Jones commented

    It is correct that many people use the car park to park their cars & then catch the M54 etc to Epping Station seeing that Epping area parking is full by 7:30am
    I know that people have feared that a parking scheme would come in, will be interesting what the retailers say especially those that work for long hours at the shopping centre..lucky i walk to walk there

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