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  1. In Warradale SA on “Res Code 1 into 2 Torrens...” at 16 Lincoln Avenue Warradale, SA:

    Ferna Harris commented

    Noooo! I cannot believe this lovely house and garden are to be DESTROYED! What is wrong with you people? When I read the description of the house when it was up for sale I thought it had everything you could ask for in a lovely home but I guess once again, the utter greed factor comes in to play. I am really sorry that this home is to be no more. Such a loss to the neighbourhood.

  2. In Mount Lofty QLD on “Reconfigure 2 into 3 Lots” at 41 Bridge Street Mount Lofty QLD 4350:

    Leigh wrote to local councillor Bill Cahill

    It is so sad isnt it, but no one appears to be listening. Unless it happens to you, no one seems to care. I love our city, but soon it wont be the city I love so much.

    Delivered to local councillor Bill Cahill. They are yet to respond.

  3. In West Bathurst NSW on “Detached habitable additions” at 27 Commonwealth St, West Bathurst, NSW 2795:

    Bhakti Manning commented

    Why are there no documents posted here for this DA?

  4. In Bethania QLD on “Minor Change Application” at 30 High Road Bethania QLD 4205:

    Lynne Venczel commented

    As the present owners wish to sell this land, they stand to have a higher gain if it is code accessible and as residents, we will be denied an opportunity to voice our wishes and/or objections. This community has been sold down the creek by the council over the crematorium, it is just not fair and will be reflected in the next election where we will be looking at representation which is honest and respects the wishes of the community Please redeem yourselves and deny this application as it is not in the best interests of our community

  5. In Bentleigh East VIC on “20 Lot Subdivision” at 14 Quinns Road Bentleigh East VIC 3165:

    James commented

    This is an appropriate development for the zoning of the land. Come on, if you're living on this street and have a single home you have probably survived the down turn and sitting on a pretty penny because your land is valuable. You could probably sell up and move to the neighbourhood zone properties around the Patterson Road precinct or even the further out in Bentleigh East. These complaints should have come once the land there was re-zoned for such developments. Apartments mean that our kids don't have to move to the other side of the world to buy homes to live, they can stay within the area close to their families. Mental health stays strong as they have support from loved ones. Congratulations to the council for having this vision.

  6. In Wyong NSW on “Fit Out & Use as a Food...” at 20F Lucca Road Wyong NSW 2259:

    boris branwhite commented

    in the early 2000s i was in a bayer committee monitoring chemical safety on the site - during these meetings, the 2 illegal sullage pits built by the initial owners were discussed - the exit into porters creek wetland had been sealed and one sullage pit had been removed - it is believed the remaining sullage pit is under the slab of one building..
    this pit contains pharmaceutical residue.
    it is likely that the site and soil is still contaminated.
    re-purposing this ex pharmaceutical premises to food production may not be the best choice for this site.

  7. In Bethania QLD on “Minor Change Application” at 30 High Road Bethania QLD 4205:

    Lissa Duncan commented

    This site needs to remain Impact accessible and not rezoned as code accessible. The recent decisions by council, on current zoning has had a huge impact on the community and nearby Residents. I request council to keep the current zoning of Impact accessible and let the community have their a say.

  8. In Ettalong Beach NSW on “Five Storey Hotel Building...” at 216 Memorial Avenue, Ettalong Beach NSW 2257:

    M.Guest commented

    Why, Why .Why Do we want or need highrise at the beach. Yes it's good for the developers and their paid prormotors but what do the residents and rate payers want?
    Council are supposed to represent the later group who have to live with these large structures for ever. The developer just rolls on to the next scheme not having to live next to or deal with the issues created by this increase in density.

    The roads are in shocking condition. Picnic parade the main road into Ettalong is used by all the large trucks during construction, is a series of potholes joined by tar.
    These large heavy trucks can be heard crashing and banging from hole to hole and the roads are worse after the projects like Atlantis finish.

    Coastlines generally have breezes which these high rises will turn into wind tunnels for folks on the streets. Walk around north Sydney CBD to see the effect.
    Without set backs shadowing is a major issue. The new Atlantis building in winter casts a shadow that extends to the beach. The road between the beach stays damp for most of winter as it sees no sun.
    Not enough thought and planning goes into these approvals as we can never go back. Are we are opening Ettalong up to becoming a mini me Gold Coast?
    I hope not.

  9. In Rostrevor SA on “1 into 2 Torrens Title -...” at 7 Sheila Street Rostrevor, SA:

    Caleb Baker commented

    Sheila st is a small street close to a school that has considerable traffic on it during school drop off and pick up. It has had a number of properties sub divided in the past resulting in smaller houses where the occupants end up parking on the road, presumably to use their garage for storage. This results in increased danger for children trying to cross the road between parked cars.
    Additionally the character of Rostrevor is being changed by having many small dwellings, and cutting down the native trees in the area.
    A number of houses have been sub divided on sheila st already and another is in the process of being built. Sheila st risks being a long line of small attached houses with no on street parking available for school drop off and pickup.

  10. In Somerton Park SA on “McDonalds Restaurant” at 262-270 Brighton Road Somerton Park SA 5044:

    Christos commented

    Parents need to parent. End of story. If you don’t want your child eating McDonalds, don’t let your child eat McDonalds. If your child defies you, then you need to address the relationship between yourself and your child. If you don’t like it, don’t give them your business. It’s as simple as that. I have a child at BSS and yes, we sometimes eat McDonald’s but my children also know the value of a balanced diet. Sometimes my child asks me if he can stop at Hungry Jacks in Brighton on the way home from school. Sometimes we say yes and he goes, other times we say no and he respects that. We have a good, open and honest relationship. We share mutual respect. Stop blaming organisations with slippery slope arguments to compensate for your parenting deficiencies. I wonder how many of the people complaining have never eaten fast food or worked in a chain business as one of their first jobs when they were younger? You are responsible for your own child, not society, not council and certainly not an organisation.

  11. In Mount Hutton NSW on “Telecommunication Facility” at Lake Macquarie Square 46 Wilsons Road Mount Hutton NSW 2290:

    terry saunders commented

    What type of telecommunication is being applied for . a tower or phone exchange ?

  12. In Moorebank NSW on “Change of use of the...” at 403 Newbridge Road Moorebank NSW 2170:

    Joadi Sylvestre commented

    What kind of community facility?
    The vehicle access here is very close to a busy intersection. Would not be a good position for a facility where there is frequent entry & exit of vehicles.

  13. In Petrie Terrace QLD on “Boundary Realignment” at 85 Cricket St Petrie Terrace QLD 4000:

    Michael Bulpitt commented

    I wish to object to the proposed boundary realignment for the following reason.
    The property is currently been developed under a previous BCC approval, to the maximum GFA permissible, relative to the total land area contained within its current boundaries.
    The realignment of the boundary will reduce the site area, diminishing what little green space area remains already.
    The size and scale of the redevelopment is already excessive, with at least six bedrooms, seven toilets and three bathrooms. There has been a change to the window and door arrangements, which is not permissible without a formal advertised DA for the house.
    The developer has already pushed boundaries by raising the height of the house initially beyond the maximum allowable level and had to then lower the height following objections.
    I find it difficult to believe that this will ever be a "family" residence and more likely used as either student accomodation or Air B and B.
    I also am of the understanding that this boundary realignment was known about before the house redevelopment was commenced and the developer is now strategically seeking an additional approval.
    Any approval of this DA sets a very dangerous precedent for the whole of Petrie Terrace as a suburb, contravenes the Inner West plan and should be declined.

  14. In Chifley NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1243 Anzac Parade Chifley NSW 2036:

    Sebastian commented

    I oppose this DA. There is no place for a half-way house in our community. This area is very family focused with young children residing. It is also very near many schools, day cares and kids parks. I will be horrified if this is approved and strongly oppose!!

  15. In Bethania QLD on “Minor Change Application” at 30 High Road Bethania QLD 4205:

    M MacLeod commented

    Can you please explain what the interpretation of a “Minor Change Application” is regarding this development application?

  16. In Bentleigh East VIC on “20 Lot Subdivision” at 14 Quinns Road Bentleigh East VIC 3165:

    Mary commented

    A 20 lot sub division on 649 sq mt - how many sq mts is each lot? This is absolutely ludicrous. A totally inappropriate development that continues to destroy the character & charm of neighbourhood while putting additional stress on the infrastructure.
    When do the concerns & sentiments of the residents & ratepayers over ride the mammon worshipping developers?
    This development needs to be squashed!

  17. In Arncliffe NSW on “134-136 Forest Road,...” at 136 Forest Road, Arncliffe NSW 2205:

    Kirstin Benade commented

    This is how described the property:

    “Seize this rare opportunity to secure 2 of Arncliffe's most historically significant properties, "Gladstone"& "Wentworth".

    Situated on a vast, 1505 sqm parcel of land with potential to divide (STCA) and offering endless potential. These stately c1880 Victorian mansions with their blend of authentic period character and modern convenience, are to be sold in one line.”

    I guess it’s more important for Bayside Council to turn the whole of Arncliffe into Wolli Creek style multi story blocks.

  18. In Chifley NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1243 Anzac Parade Chifley NSW 2036:

    Leonie Turner commented

    There is NO place for a half-way house in our community. This area is very family focused with young children residing. It is also to be very near several schools. REALLY??? Someone thought this was a good place to house people straight out of gaol. Absolutely, there is NO place for paedophiles in our community. Randwick Council act in the best interest of your constituents and stop this ludicrous plan.

  19. In Wyoming NSW on “Section 4.55 - Change to...” at 50 Renwick Street, Wyoming NSW 2250:

    Wendy Mortimer commented

    I am a resident and ratepayer of Wyoming, and I and my family are strongly opposed to the construction of the telecommunications tower in Davidson Park.
    - Wyoming is fully covered by three towers nearby. It also does not make sense to build the tower in a valley.
    - the proximity of unused council land north of this site and adjacent to railway line could/should be considered.
    - the use of the fields and parks by the community is increasing, and the Council has spent significant time and money upgrading facilities, so they are a multi-functional community green space
    - the heavy density of population and housing, and possible resultant health impact as reported and peer-reviewed by ARPANSA and the World Health Organisation
    - lack of community consultation
    - lack of study of environmental effects on significant populations of rainforest birds in the area.

    As a resident, it is with great pride that I watch Wyoming evolve into a friendly, family centred suburb. Young families are increasingly choosing to live in Wyoming, and as a result, there have been significant upgrades made to housing and facilities. We have the option to maintain this area, and its remnant rainforest, as a green space. We do not need or want to be burdened by this ugly, and potentially dangerous, piece of private infrastructure.

    Look elsewhere.

  20. In Saint Ives NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 46 Cowan Road St Ives NSW 2075:

    Roy De Giorgio commented

    This development flouts all common sense and it’s approval shows a council that doesn’t listen to it’s constituency. The size of this is unreasonable and will put undue stress on Cowan Street - which is a two lane road which already backs up from Mona Vale Road.

  21. In Mount Lofty QLD on “Reconfigure 2 into 3 Lots” at 41 Bridge Street Mount Lofty QLD 4350:

    Mark Singleton commented

    The Suburbs are being ruined by over development of these houses shoe horned into tiny blocks. The Arden Vale home being built on Cuzon St Nr Bridge St has its gutters right up to the blocks boundary on 3 sides East Toowoomba and Mount Lofty is being destroyed by a council greedy for rates.
    Two properties on 41 Bridge Street would be in keeping with the area but what the hell do the council care?

  22. In Saint Ives NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 46 Cowan Road St Ives NSW 2075:

    Lisa Miles commented

    I would simply like to endorse all of the well considered and articulately expressed comments put forward by Mr. Mike McLaren.
    The proposed development is completely and unacceptably at odds with the aesthetic character of Cowan Road, the St Ives green area and indeed the broader St.Ives suburb. But of far greater importance are the impractical logistical considerations well outlined by Mr. McLaren and all of the other residents who have thoughtfully put forward input here.

  23. In Franklin TAS on “Change of use to Food...” at 3445 Huon Highway, Franklin TAS, Tasmania:

    Zainab Clark commented

    It will be so good to see this lovely character venue come back to life and return to taking it's place in village life. Petty Sessions was a favourite to take guests to after a walk along the foreshore and was a tourist and visitor destination in itself. Wishing the new owners well with this venture.

  24. In Chifley NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1243 Anzac Parade Chifley NSW 2036:

    Cindy commented

    My earlier question .... Where is the documentation outlining the intention of this boarding house use. Can someone please provide a link ... was answered by saying to look at the comments. Can you please highlight EXACTLY where it says who this is going to accommodate. How can we oppose without evidence? I’m all against having paedophiles in our area, especially when you look at what happened yesterday with a 7 year old .... our children are at risk anyway and we don’t need to heighten that risk. If this is meant to house paedophiles, I’m totally against it.

  25. In Bowden SA on “Demolition of existing...” at 78 Gibson Street Bowden SA 5007:

    Tiffany Bolton commented

    With climate changing and temperatures in the the city and inner suburbs increasing, there is a scientifically supported need to preserve and increase the tree cover. This lowers temperatures caused by reflection from hard surfaces such as road and building surfaces, and has outcomes in maintaining a healthy living environment for people in the area. Therefore I request council place requirements for either retaining the significant tree, or replacement with some quickly growing eucalypts which can both enhance the visual amenity, and meet the need for shade, heat abatement and possibly even contributing to maintaining biodiversity in the council area.

  26. In Morayfield QLD on “Request to Change (Minor)” at Lot 11 Nolan Drive Morayfield QLD 4506:

    Bud Pratt wrote to local councillor Peter Flannery

    Great idea. Am all for extended hours.

    Delivered to local councillor Peter Flannery. They are yet to respond.

  27. In Somerton Park SA on “McDonalds Restaurant” at 262-270 Brighton Road Somerton Park SA 5044:

    Bronwyn McAllister commented

    As a parent of a student at BSS, I am also opposed to this proposal! I have witnessed students purchasing junk food before and after school from the local supermarket and frequenting the local fish and chip shop as well! So, I feel, that building a McDonald's will only encourage the students to buy junk food more frequently! Not to mention the environmental impact on our beautiful area with litter, higher volume of vehicles (encouraging unsavoury behaviour?) and most importantly, the negative effect on our children who choose to eat the unhealthy food options that McDonald's offer.

  28. In Ferntree Gully VIC on “The removal of one...” at 30 Quarry Road, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

    Danie commented

    I’d like to know the reason as to why the tree is being removed and what type of tree it is and why is native vegetation being removed? There has been so much clearing in the Upper Ferntree Gully/Upwey area over the last ten years that there are now massive gaps all over the mountains. There use to be so many trees on quarry rd that you couldn’t see it but now it’s completely visible and you can see it straight across from Glenfern rd!

  29. In Somerton Park SA on “McDonalds Restaurant” at 262-270 Brighton Road Somerton Park SA 5044:

    Sue Erickson commented

    Please say no to this application.
    I live near to the site on the beach side of Brighton Rd. near a small park.
    Litter will be a big problem.
    I do not look forward to the hot fat cooking smells that come with fast food outlets. I chose to live here for the sea breeze not hot fat smells.
    This fast food outlet will have a damaging effect on the small food businesses that are directly opposite Brighton High School.
    I can’t understand why anyone would consider placing such unhealthy food choices near to 2 schools. I understand that the food is inexpensive but that comes at a cost long term.
    Please consider the community that you represent not just the money making aspect.

  30. In Somerton Park SA on “McDonalds Restaurant” at 262-270 Brighton Road Somerton Park SA 5044:

    Kalani poetsch commented

    I attended Paringa park and now attend Brighton high, after a long day at school kids get tired and want food fast. Having a McDonald’s will be the first option for kids to go to before home. Kids should be eating healthy and learning about how what you eat can impact yourself and the environment. The McDonald’s industry is oily, fatty foods that will not provide the energy kids need and will result in obesity. This industry has also impacted the environment in so many ways, with plastic straws and cruel, cheap animals being slaughtered for disgusting burgers. Instead of building another McDonald’s, we should be building a place that has healthy food options that provide the correct nutrients that will help feed children/teenagers growing minds and bodies.

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