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  1. In Sorrento VIC on “The development of a...” at 9 Sorrento Close Sorrento VIC 3943:

    John commented

    It's a pity the owner doesn't get on and complete the property. It is a disgrace to leave it partly complete for all these years particularly such a visible site at the gateway to Sorrento.

  2. In Umina Beach NSW on “Shed” at 6 Carawa Street, Umina Beach NSW 2257:

    Lesley Harvey commented

    Can the owners keep and work around the lovely shade trees in the back yard?
    All too often yards are clear-felled of mature trees that rarely seem to be replaced contributing to The Peninsula being measured as the hottest* area on the Central Coast (*Council heat mapping).
    Please value a tree as an asset that adds value to your place.

  3. In Umina Beach NSW on “Secondary Dwelling & Carport” at 2 Australia Avenue, Umina Beach NSW 2257:

    Lesley Harvey commented

    Can Council ensure this granny flat has onsite parking?
    In this area of many rear lanes, too many granny flats don’t have enough parking and cars are cluttering the laneways causing obstructions for other residents and service vehicles.
    Can the owners try & keep any trees for shade or add one or two to assist the liveability during our hot, baking summers?

  4. In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 1038 Anzac Parade Maroubra NSW 2035:

    J Pearce commented

    Thank you Council for even considering this proposal. You’ve just ruined my return from holidays. This DA is a farce.

  5. In Lilyfield NSW on “Construction Certificate...” at 127 Charles Street Lilyfield NSW 2040:

    Alexander Goldrick commented

    Hi, the neighbours in Hubert St are concerned this construction will block views of the water. Can the roof line please be lowered? Kind regards, Alex

  6. In Burraneer NSW on “The nominated trees are...” at 70 Burraneer Bay Road Burraneer NSW 2230:

    Nick deGuingand commented

    I wonder if the trees are really diseased.
    If they do need to be removed, please enforce the rule to replace them with three trees for each removal. And enforce care for the replacement trees.

  7. In Newtown NSW on “Other Das” at 251 King Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    Joeo commented

    Yet another DA with no supporting documents.
    Can you please explain why a DA can be described as “Other Das” [sic] which is no more descriptive than leaving it blank?

    Please tell me when this DA, lodged on 3/7/19 has documents available.

  8. In Redbank QLD on “Road work, Stormwater,...” at 3 Henderson Street Redbank QLD 4301:

    Kel Cooper commented

    When will this stop?
    You are destroying the fabric of bellbird park. This was a quiet family area, but you guys are just after the developers quick money.
    You have no planning for services, roads, bicycle lanes, pedestrian walking paths. Nothing.
    And don't get me started on the destroyed wildlife areas.
    Greed is what you councilors are about.

  9. In Kallangur QLD on “Material Change of Use -...” at 79-85 School Road, Kallangur QLD 4503:

    Deborah St.Ledger commented

    I live in Florence Street, Kallangur in Halcyon Glade complex. Many residents and myself are concerned that vehicle access to the proposed development is being directed from our adjoining Magree Street, which is a dead-end road. Could you please advise why vehicle access is not being proposed to be directed from School Road? Please email any information to:
    Many thanks,
    Deborah St.Ledger,
    Body Corporate Committee of Halcyon Glade.

  10. In Vincentia NSW on “Dual Occupancy with strata...” at 28 Halloran St, Vincentia, NSW:

    Maria Allen commented

    It is a shame that there are more dual occupancy applications now in the estate. People have bought into and love living in Bayswood with its peaceful setting and convenience. I feel that a dual occupancy could lead to two lots of renters which means more cars and noise.

    I personally hope this application is rejected.

  11. In Coorparoo QLD on “Dwelling House, Demolition,...” at 19 Verry St Coorparoo QLD 4151:

    Keith and Rois Reichmann commented

    Given the character of this street is predominantly 'old Queenslander', I believe there should be a commitment to maintain this style at 19 Verry St. The slats proposed for the front of the house detract significantly from this style, likewise the design of the roller door of the garage. I also think it preferable that the garage/carport be set back from the front boundary. Ideally the concertina windows proposed for the front verandah should be sympathetic to this theme e.g. casement style or similar.
    The roofline on the extension is very modern and its appearance looks like an add on. Perhaps this could be designed to be more compatible with the existing house.

  12. In Indooroopilly QLD on “Multiple Dwelling” at 23 Lambert Rd Indooroopilly QLD 4068:

    Robin Mathews commented

    1) Plans submitted show this development for 23,25 Lambert Rd and 186 Clarence Rd is out of step with the Indooroopilly 5 storey limit for this area.
    Comparison with the two new Lambert Rd developments adjacent show it is clearly one story higher without including the height of the considerable roof structure lift and stairs of "the swimming pool and recreation area"
    2) The building shadow will clearly impact light and sunshine for the heritage building next door in Clarence Rd.
    3). Wind tunnel and associated effects are likely considering the height of other new existing and future developments at this Clarence/ Lambert Rd intersection .
    4) Clarence Road is assessed as a so called low traffic area contrary to considerable and increasing use by vehicles and people accessing schools (St Peters). The proposal is to disgorge a further 50+ vehicles with frequent refuse truck movements blocking the pavement.

  13. In Mount Eliza VIC on “Buildings and works to...” at 235 Canadian Bay Road Mount Eliza VIC 3930:

    Brad Castricum commented

    Totally support as locals in the area who retire or require this type of facility should be able to stay and live in the area

  14. In Windsor QLD on “Demolition, Multiple...” at 35 Oakwal Tce Windsor QLD 4030:

    Jayne Rose commented

    Probably too late, but just saw a For Sale advertisement in the latest Brisbane News. How many houses are being removed??? Tragic, if all these old houses are being replaced by crammed in townhouses. No doubt all the trees and vegetation is being removed also.. We are losing our quintessential Queenslanders. I hate what is happening in Brisbane (but probably not just Brisbane). All the new homes and townhouses need airconditioning, as there is no proper through-flow of air, no sun protection over windows, ceilings often too low for fans. I'll stop ranting. Please stop cramming too many buildings into small areas.

  15. In Summerland Point NSW on “Change of Use from Caf to...” at 3/60 Cams Boulevard Summerland Point NSW 2259:

    Patricia Hilleard commented

    Would you please tell me what the change of use is FROM WHAT to WHAT

    There is nothing on the DA I received that explains what is going to happen in the premises.

  16. In Eltham North VIC on “2 lot subdivision and...” at 107 Ryans Road, Eltham North VIC 3095:

    Julianne Napolitano commented

    There are way too many of these subdivisions popping up in our area and clearing lots of old growth trees which are impossible to replace also the traffic parking and most of the infrastructure is not keeping up with the amount of these new developments it’s such a shame that we are ruining our suburb just to make money l just wonder what we are leaving our kids

  17. In Saint Ives NSW on “Demolition of two...” at 11 Collins Road St Ives NSW 2075:

    Natalie Lowe commented

    I totally oppose the constitution of any further unit blocks in this area. We are at saturation point with units in st ives, there has been no additional infrastructure to support the existing ones. There is already significant traffic and parking problems. We chose to live in a quiet family friendly neighbourhood and we are currently being overrun by more and more unit blocks and hence people in our suburb. Please stop further development. The community does not support it.

  18. In Hornsby NSW on “Convert residential...” at 77 Burdett Street Hornsby NSW 2077:

    Leone Coward commented

    Not another child care centre in this area. This intersection between Balmoral Street and Burdett Street is already an accident prone area. People just pull out of Balmoral Street without looking. There is always a queue along Burdett Street to cross over Palmeston Rd, it's a very congested area with absolutely no parking. Not a good place for peole to be bringing their children and dropping them off. Please no more!!!!

  19. In Preston VIC on “Construction of a medium...” at 50 Regent Street Preston VIC 3072:

    M McDonnell commented

    Residents in Myrtle Grove are concerned that 4 units on this site is a clear cut case of over-development.

    We urge council to consider scaling back the proposal to 3 units.

    If council permits 4 units, the living space in each dwelling will be so limited that residents will need to use allocated car garage space as living or storage space and then park their multiple cars on the street in Myrtle Grove. This small street is already becoming choked with cars parking in the street from all the town houses opposite this address.

    Thank you.

  20. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Alterations to existing...” at 2-8 Campbell Parade Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

    Russell commented

    I formally oppose Noah’s Backpackers application to increase their occupant capacity. Every week my wife or I have cause to call the Bondi Beach police precinct to complain about the noise and antisocial behaviour of backpackers from Noah’s in the small reserve (known as Boondi Reserve) located on the corner of Campbell Parade and Francis Street from 9pm onwards. As such, Noah's shouldn’t be permitted to increase their occupancy if they can’t control their current numbers.

    Granted not each and every incident in Boondi Reserve which we have observed has been caused by Noah's guests. However the vast majority are. On any given night, we witness a steady stream of Noah's guests exiting the main door from reception, crossing Francis Street and congregating on the corner of Francis and Campbell, in Boondi Reserve around the park bench, or both. Often passersby will join the original group and add to the disturbance.

    The entire beach precinct is an alcohol free zone, yet these visitors show absolutely no respect for either the restriction placed on public consumption of alcohol, nor any respect for their neighbours. Almost every incident involves alcohol and/or marijuana resulting in violence, public urination and defecation, and an assortment of vulgar and obnoxious behaviours, usually including playing music loudly through speakers in the early hours of the morning.

    In the last week alone we witnessed three French idiots come out of Noah's to join the larger group already congregated. Two of whom then proceeded to drop their pants and flash passing cars, while the third ran into the middle of Campbell Parade playing chicken with oncoming cars, taxis and busses. I could tell they were French because every single word they yelled out was perfectly legible from our balcony fifteen metres away.

    Depending how large and drunk the group is we will go to our boundary fence and ask them to move on. Obviously this isn't ideal as it places us in danger depending how intoxicated they are. Most often we simply call the police, but they may not be able to attend due to higher priority calls. On the many, many occasions the police have attended and moved the guests back into Noah's, I suspect they probably had better things to be doing with their time.

    We have raised the issue with Noah's onsite management on multiple occasions. Their response is always the same, "Call the police". I submit that this is not an effective use of police time, to be attending to incidences of antisocial guest behaviour which Noah's should be managing. I suggest that Council should be taking the steps that are in their remit to limit the impact of Noah's guests on the neighbourhood amenity, and allow the police to do the job they should be doing.

    We want Noah’s to be held responsible for the noise and disturbance created by their customers from 9pm onwards. They should not be permitted to house more backpackers until these issues are under control.

    We believe that there are four simple things that can be done to curb the regularity of this issue:

    1) As an enforceable condition of continued operation, Noah’s should abide by the same noise abatement guidelines as licensed social hubs in the area and hire security guards from 9pm to be positioned outside on Francis Street/ Campbell Parade, to ensure their guests are quiet and respectful of their neighbours.

    2) Remove the park bench in Boondi Reserve. This simply serves as a magnet for obnoxious, threatening groups to gather round at night. It is almost never used during the day as it faces a broad expanse of busy main road, i.e. Campbell Parade. It is however situated straight outside our apartment block's front bedrooms. Frankly I cannot think of a more stupidly placed park bench in the entire Waverley LGA.

    3) Install lighting in the rotunda area. The current street lights don’t adequately illuminate this area. Behaviours such as urination, defecation, drinking, drug taking would all become less appealing if the area were well lit.

    4) Embed concrete studs in the top of the safety barrier wall which runs along Boondi Reserve separating the footpath from Campbell Parade. This would discourage backpackers from sitting on top of the wall at night, drinking and smoking pot. Allowing intoxicated guests to continue sitting on top of this wall completely defeats its purpose i.e. keeping pedestrians separate from cars.

  21. In Capel Sound VIC on “Develop second dwelling” at 43 Woyna Avenue Capel Sound VIC 3940:

    Tony MASCARO commented

    Can you subdivide properties in Capel Sound I was told that was been stopped

  22. In Brunswick VIC on “Buildings and works...” at 411-413 Victoria Street, Brunswick VIC 3056:

    Andrew commented

    If every building application requires and obtains a reduction in the car parking requirements, parking requirements must be useless restrictions, maybe a joke. In this case, why have parking requirements in the first place?

  23. In Magill SA on “To remove a significant...” at 31 Leonard Street Magill SA 5072:

    Shaun Gilbert commented

    It’s a significant tree for a reason and needs to remain. All this development is resulting in tree scapes along streets being destroyed, significant trees should be protected from removal to avoid the area turning into more of a concrete jungle that it is already becoming.

  24. In Hawthorn East VIC on “(Amendment) Construct...” at 500 Tooronga Road, Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Kerrie Knott commented

    Rob, I too feel very strongly about the claims and changes to planning requirements. There seems to be an assumption that we should all be walking and cycling everywhere we go!!!! Amazing given the number of baby boomers living in our area.

  25. In Mount Eliza VIC on “Buildings and works to...” at 235 Canadian Bay Road Mount Eliza VIC 3930:

    Jane Citizen commented

    Just convert the old hospital into an aged care instead of building a new building.

  26. In Hawthorn East VIC on “(Amendment) Construct...” at 500 Tooronga Road, Hawthorn East VIC 3123:

    Rob Beavis commented

    Thank you Kerrie, I assumed this was a standard proforma ambit claim by developers. In the circumstances you described I withdraw my objection.

  27. In North Bondi NSW on “Remove one (1) Kaffir Plum...” at 8 Glenayr Avenue North Bondi NSW 2026:

    John commented

    Removal/pruning of FRUIT TREES does not require consent under Council requirements.

  28. In Patonga NSW on “Proposed Telecommunications...” at 68 Patonga Drive, Patonga NSW 2256:

    Shelley Barron commented

    I oppose this tower . There is growing evidence that 5G radio frequency radiation are harmful to humans and our environment. The guidelines that are given by ARPANSA are out of date. The testing they refer to was done back in 2002, which was even before 4G! 5G will massively increase exposure to the RF radiation on top of the 2G, 3G and 4G network for telecommunications already in place.

  29. In Patonga NSW on “Proposed Telecommunications...” at 68 Patonga Drive, Patonga NSW 2256:

    Elishah commented

    The technology is largely untested, and tests that have been done have exhibited harmful effects. 5G has been banned in several countries!
    If only we could hear the 5G signal waves every part of our organic tissue be resonating a high pitched screaming noise.

  30. In Patonga NSW on “Proposed Telecommunications...” at 68 Patonga Drive, Patonga NSW 2256:

    Marjo Patari commented

    Patonga has been a haven for me and my family for years. I love that there is poor phone reception in areas and that my body can have a rest from the consant bombardment of EMFs that we are subjected to in most other parts of the Central Coast. It has been a place to truly unwind and rest. Don't spoil this precious part of our coast by installing this tower. Give the people of Patonga, those that come to visit for its tranquilty and the wildlife that surround it some peace.
    Consider the location of this proposed tower. It is next to a National Park and is zoned as land for Environmental Protection 2. How is installling a tower on this land in keeping with the aims to protect high ecological, scientific, cultural or asthetic values?

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