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  1. In Marrickville NSW on “Royal Exchange Hotel -...” at Marrickville & Garners Rds, Marrickville 2204:

    David commented

    As far as I can see, the recent pub renovation has been undertaken for the purposes of gambling. I do not see a food area and therefore see no reason why this application should be allowed to proceed. Is it in a child's interest to be there?

  2. In St Leonards NSW on “Addition of 33 units to top...” at 545 Pacific Hwy St Leonards, NSW:

    Ian Brennan commented

    This application was submitted on the 21st December, giving no on-line details of how 33 more apartments are to be squeezed into the existing development.

    Given this is the holiday season, a normal 14-day period, the timing of this submission is likely to reduce the ability for the neighbourhood and the council to perform an informed review.

    I recommend that this submission be circulated for wider consideration given the timing.

  3. In Wulguru QLD on “Iluka Stage 1 - Operational...” at 0 Lexington Drive Wulguru QLD 4811:

    Murray Hopkins commented


    Recently a house was built next to us (at 6 Lexington Drive) and hard Landscaping of a metre wide spoon drain was put in down the length of this block on the adjoining fence line in a design that forces the water to exit across our block, this was completed late Dec 2012 and is eroding our land. The nature strip in front of 6 Lexington and partially across the front our property has also been raised approx 600mm to facilitate the water to run across our nature strip.

    I would like to put forward my concerns for drainage on these blocks at Iluka Stage 1 - Operational Works Associated with RC12/0029 and have someone from the Council explain what must be submitted and approved in this regard and what recourse we have should the drainage from this development erode our property.
    I Live at 4 Lexington Drive Wulguru and these blocks if approved will be directly behind mine up the Hill.


    Murray Hopkins

  4. In Malvern VIC on “Part demolition and...” at 164 - 178 Glenferrie Rd & 2 - 6 Winter St & 3 - 9 Edsall St, Malvern, VIC:

    Rixx O commented

    It is incumbent on Council to reconfigure the parking arrangements of the adjoining car park.

    It is essential that angle-parking is installed so as to allow free-flow one-way traffic movement.

    It will prevent endless collisions when drivers reverse, unaware of passing traffic.

    It will , without any doubt, add at least another row of car spaces ( 20 to 24 additional bays) .

    Rixx O

  5. In Bushland Beach QLD on “Multiple Dwelling (2X3...” at 15 Deedes Crescent Bushland Beach QLD 4818:

    Paul Jacob commented

    This property does not have a two street access,as does the application in nearby Elk st. A power box GMS Deedes No1, is located at the left front of the lot. The lot is currently for sale. The access on the left side of the property is a public walkway, the only walkway for that particular Sunland estate to the Mt Low Parkway.
    The lot is just over 730 sq meters in total. I cannot see how this application can be considered for approval.

  6. In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Y. Pudjiastono commented

    I am an owner and a resident of a unit in 14 Freeman Rd. I would like to raise my objection with the development of the 6 storage boarding house at 18 Freeman Rd., due to the following:

    1) Safety and security concerns for the residents and neighbouring school children:

    There is a park around the corner where many Chatswood high school students like to gather. I saw when I passed by that they consumed alcohol sometime. Having a large boarding house near the park will induce the current students gathering with more alcohol influence. High turn over and the likely lifestyle habits of the typical demograpic that would reside in boading house will expose the current students gathering to the unsavoury characters and behaviours.

    This would negatively impact the safety and security of us, the residents that live in the surrounding areas. In particular, for us that walk to and from Chatswood station and regularly have to walk home from the station in the evening. At the moment, I feel safe to walk to/ from home to the station, but I don’t think I will feel safe having to pass the streets around a gathering of people consuming alcohol.

    The street also have a lot of children using the short cut from Eddy road to get to Chatswood public school. A decrease in security/ safety will create unnecessary risk for the children, the parents might end up have to walk with their kids or to drive them to the school everyday.

    2) Decrease in property value and rental income of the surrounding areas from the negative wide spread perceptions of having a large boarding house located at the neighbouring property. In this case it would be a large boarding house that can accommodate up to almost 100 people.

    3) Noise: a large boarding house will potentially have a large young populations that live together. This will significantly increase the noise level of our quite and peaceful neighbourhood and street.

    4) Worse graffiti problem: larger gathering of young populations that mix with alcohol will exacerbate the graffiti problem that we have in our area. We regularly have gravities, specially around the small park where the students currently gather.

    5) Parking issue: At the moment the street parking has been stretched to the limit. It is very hard to look for a street parking along Freeman Rd. Building a large boarding house that potentially can have up to almost 100 tenants (and therefore a large number of vehicles) will significantly increase the parking problems that we have.

    6) The approval of the propose boarding house (in addition to the 400 rooms boarding house in Alber St) would set a dangerous precedents to change the overall character of the surrounding Chatswood area. This will reduce the overall value of the surrounding units in the street.

  7. In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Lilly commented

    I am the owner of a unit in 14-16 Freeman Road Chatswood and I am extremely against this application to the extent of which I am very annoyed due to the following reasons-

    1.) Pranks/littering-

    As my unit is among the lower levels of the apartment, my balcony is exposed to the general public located above the entrance to the carpark. As such, it is extremely vulnerable to people throwing rubbish etc. inside and that kind of behavior is appealing to high school/University students.

    2.) Noise Pollution-

    As my apartment is very close to the applicated position of the boarding house, it is subject to massive amounts of noise pollution at night. I want to have a peaceful night's rest after a tiring day of work and I'm sure that this is true for everyone in the vicinity.

    3.) Bad Influence-

    The students attending the boarding house may mostly be good fellows, but there is bound to be a few that like to "fool" around. As a parent, I wish for my child to grow up in a peaceful and gentle environment and I do not want him to mimic what the boarders do. I am sure that every loving parent would agree with me.

    4.) Increased Parking problems-

    As of right now, the people who I invite to my unit are already in strife of valid parking positions and sometimes have to park at the carpark next to the train station. Should this application be approved, i fear that the situation with visitor parking may worsen many times over.

    5.) Property and Rent Cost will drastically drop-

    I purchased this unit for a lot of money and I feel outraged at the application because should it be approved, the amount that my unit is worth will certainly drop. I do not feel that it is fair to me or anyone in Freeman, Oliver and Eddy Road that we should lose money for the sake of some students that will only ever cause us trouble.

  8. In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Mandar commented

    I am resident of 16 freeman road. It's a very peaceful lane and is a very comfortable dwelling for families and children. It is a close ended street and the proposed boarding house is right at the end of the street. Right next to the street is he playground for chatswood high school. There are several children who use the path from eddy road near 16 freeman road to get to chatswood public school.

    Boarding houses should not be created in this cul-de-sac that too right in the end of the lane. This will cause disruption in the entire lane. Young population induce a high probability of alcohol related unruly behavior. The street is full of children using the short cut from eddy road to get to chatswood public school. It will create unnecessary risk for the families and children, resulting in stress for parents of young kids.

    There is very limited parking on the street due to the nature of street and the number of cross roads. These parking resources will also become very scarce and will cause potential conflicts between residents and students.

    Given that there is already a boarding house coming up in albert avenue, there should not be another one created here.

  9. In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Fang Hu commented

    I am a resident of 16 Freeman Road. I am strongly against this application. I hope the applicant can answer the below questions:

    Why does the applicant plan to build this boarding house in our quiet residential area? IMO, it is so wired. Not only to people who live here, but also to students who may move in.

    How much does the applicant care about our community? Have they evaluated the impacts to our community? Or, have they done any survey to the people who live here?

    Why does the applicant think we may need another small boarding house after we have already got 12-level big boarding house nearby train station?

    How can this building project benefit Chatswood residents, in particular the residents who live on Freeman and Eddy road?

    We know all people who live in our current neighborhood cherish our peaceful community and environment. Any reason makes the applicant believe students (in particular international students) will care about our community as us?

    For building a boarding house in residential area, my biggest concern is who are going to manage students' behavior outside of house? We know that normally boarding house rules only focuses on managing students' in-house behavior.

    Who are going to take the liability to resolve the conflicts between residents and students in future? I believe there will be many conflicts coming later if this application is approved.

  10. In Darlinghurst NSW on “Section 82A Review to use...” at 122-124 Flinders Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010:

    Ivan van Tonder commented

    I recently saw a development proposal for The Local Taphouse at 122-124 Flinders street Darlinghurst. This request seems to be to extend the trading hours of the roof top terrace to midnight from Monday to Saturday.

    I own and live in a unit in the building directly opposite, 99 -115 Flinders St. My living room window is that the same level as the rooftop bar and my upstairs balcony and bedrooms are one level higher.

    I strongly oppose the request to extend the rooftop bar operating hours. When this bar was proposed we were advised that noise levels would be kept to reasonable levels and that we should not even notice the operation of the rooftop bar. However living directly opposite the bar this is not the case at all and the noise levels from the rooftop bar are certainly noticeable and at times very disruptive, this is mainly when there are patrons of the bar yelling and screaming both from the street (smoking or waiting for taxis) over and above the music from the bar.

    We were advised that the extension into the rooftop bar would result in less street level noise from patrons as they would most likely remain in the rooftop bar when smoking. This has certainly not been the case. There have been many incidents when there has been loud yelling, screaming, laughing and even violent fights at street level. The staff do not seem to be making many attempts to keep the noise down and keep the patrons inside.

    The opening of the Taphouse has increased the levels of noise to the area. The rooftop bar has increased this noise level further as it has brought it up to the same level as the living area and also affects the balcony and bedrooms. With the current reasonable closing time of the roof top bar, the impact to living across the street has been mainly acceptable apart from some weekends. But I have no doubt that if the opening hours were to increase this would result in more noise and therefore complaints from those living in the surrounding area. Therefore with this in mind I would request that you refuse this application.

  11. In Chatswood NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 18 Freeman Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Kelson Ren commented

    I do not think boarding house application in 18 Freeman Road should be approved because the below reasons.

    1. My personal story: I have lived in Chatswood and been in the State electorate of Willoughby for two years. I like Chatswood and always call here my home since moving here. And, recently I made one of biggest decision in my life - bought my first home in 14-16 Freemand road. The key reason that urges me to settle in there is because my wife and I plan to have our first child in 2013, and we think Freeman Road is a peace and quite place for us to have our new born baby and raise him/her there in following years. However, I just heard the news from my friends that there is an application to build boarding house in 18 Freeman Road. Honestly, after heard about this, both my wife and I have been hard to fall into a sleep for a couple of nights. Because both of us studied in USYD and had visited our friends who lived in boarding house before. We have seen how it looks like. Music in night, parties in weekends, alcohol drinking and alcohol-related unruly behaviour… all of them waked us up in night. I don't want our babies loses peaceful and quite night in their childhood, so if this application is approved we may have to consider selling the new bought property and have a re-purchase in next year. It will really be a big strike for our family. I know all residences lived in Freeman, Oliver and Eddy road may have the different situations, but I quite believe that someone may share the stories as similar as my wife and me.

    2. Drinking problem: In our uni experience, we have seen some students (even in campus) tried finding a hidden place to drink alcohol in night, so it really worries us that sports ground of Chatswood high school and the small garden of Oliver Road will become a secret alcohol-drinking place for students. If really happens, it will give a big negative impact to peaceful life of more families who live in this area.

    3. Property value: I feel that it is also unfair for our residences lived in Freeman road to get potential loss of property from this building project, which has given a quite big impacts already. From, we have seen more than five properties of 14-16 Freeman road have been sold since Oct. And, we believe that it will have more similar sells coming if this application is approved.

    4. Parking problem: in the last two years when I lived in Chatswood, I often have a problem to find a visitor parking place when visiting my friend who live in 5 Freeman road. Having a boarding house at the end of Freeman road will make the current extreme shortage of parking in that area even worse.

    5. Noise: That planned boarding house is so close to our building that noise will give us a big problem in their construction period, and we even think it may not only impact our neighbour residences, but also studies of Chatswood High School.

    6. From student perspective: for those students studying in university, no matter in Macquarie Uni, USYD or UTS, they have got 400 accommodations next to Chatswood station. I can't see a obvious reason that they may need another 50 rooms in another place - 10 mins walking to Chatswood station. It is not convenient for them.

    In general, I can't see a benefit to Chatswood residence from building this boarding house in Freeman Road, but we believe that it will give big negative impacts (such as noise levels, parking problem, unruly behaviour, potential loss of our property value…) to a large number of residences lived in Oliver, Freeman and Eddy road. So, it's why I think this application should not be approved.

  12. In Bondi Beach NSW on “Hurricane's Grill & Bar -...” at Shop 1 126-130 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach 2026:

    Jan & Peter Kirk commented

    Thank you for the opportunity to consider the application for HURRICANES TAKEAWAY.
    We oppose this development as follows-
    1.There are several liquor outlets in the area- such as the
    hotel around the corner.
    2.The site of Hurricanes new site is extremely busy- traffic wise-
    no parking.
    3.We assume the existing liquor licence you refer to is Hurricanes main
    Restaurant. Therefore a licence extension to cater for liquor sales is the
    subject of this application.
    4. Has this construction work been completed?
    5. Has the council requested a D.A. as it appears that alterations have
    already been completed.
    6. It should be noted that it is not our wish to stifle the takeaway business
    but to suggest common sense in the matter.
    Not a good time of the year to send emails of this nature but Merry Xmas
    & Safe New year to you all.
    Jan & Peter Kirk of Bondi Breakers Building (next door)

  13. In Revesby NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 7 Robb Street, Revesby NSW 2212:

    Hidden by site administrators
  14. In Northmead NSW on “Construction & Operation of...” at 1 C Redbank Road Northmead NSW 2152:

    Piers Wren commented

    I believe this development will create traffic flow problems on a corner that already flows poorly and attracts many children due to the toddler playground immediately across the road.

    Currently, cars heading towards Briens Rd from Glenn Ave along Redbank Rd need to cross onto the wrong side of the road at this point (intersection of Redbank/Park Rd) due to two white vans that are semi-permanently parked (perfectly legally) just outside the no-stopping zone here. The slight rise of the road as it turns a bend; combined with the Park Rd intersection makes this point in the road dangerous at most times.

    During weekends and after school hours, traffic here is worse again because it is a popular parking area for people playing sport or families playing in Redbank park - which is a very popular park on nice days. During these periods, Redbank Rd and Park Rd are often reduced to single-lane by parked cars between approximately 50 Redbank Rd, around the corner and up to approximately 7 Park Rd.

    Please consider the flow of traffic and increased parking requirements of this business. I would certainly appreciate it if a no parking / no standing zone could be implemented for a few houses either side of the intersection on both side of the road to keep the area clear and reduce the risk of tradies trucks blocking visibility whiled parked and visit the business.

  15. In Bellingen NSW on “Subdivision (7 lots)” at 285 Hydes Creek Rd Bellingen NSW 2:

    Pia Dollmann commented

    This posting is happening after the fact and therefor useless. The 15 submissions that were received by Council against the scale of the development were not taken into account.

  16. In Hawthorn VIC on “Construction of thirty-two...” at 414 Auburn Road Hawthorn VIC 3122:

    Christina Mowle and Paul Dillon commented

    We urge the council to enforce their own standards for visitor parking in regard to the proposed development. A reduction in visitor parking that forces extra cars into surrounding streets will make the Rosslyn Street/Auburn Road corner even more dangerous than it is currently. It is already complicated by the adjacent road island, the cobblestones and necking, traffic coming up the hill past the university, a steady stream of traffic and two bus stops.
    Dwelling numbers at the proposed development should be reduced to allow space for all parking on site - with the added benefit of reducing the degree of reckless over-development represented by the current proposal for 32 dwellings.

  17. In Hawthorn VIC on “Construction of thirty-two...” at 414 Auburn Road Hawthorn VIC 3122:

    Sara commented

    I object strongly to the reduction in visitor parking visitor bikes and as this affects all the surrounding streets. The developers should have to meet the regulations which are there for a reason and not take short cuts. These buildings will have an impact on the environment for a long time and should be the best they can be.

  18. In Mt Cotton QLD on “Dwelling” at 16 Sunrise Street, Mount Cotton, QLD:

    Carl Porritt commented

    Please take into account the storm water flow onto adjacent properties with any land shape alteration.

  19. In Dundas NSW on “Subdivision one lots into...” at 155 Kirby Street Dundas NSW 2117:

    Lynne Hindes commented

    I have discussed this with my neighbours & we are concerned with the increase in traffic in the area. We already have had a 8 townhouse development the same distance away in the other direction ""approved"" 82-84 Kirby St. These 2 developments plus the increase in dual occupancy is making Kirby St a very busy & dangerous street. The 50k zone is not policed & reguarly broken.

    We have concerns for the safety of the residents of Kirby Street.

  20. In Blaxlands Ridge NSW on “Cemetry” at 288 Packer Road Blaxlands Ridge:

    Brian Schultz commented

    To the General Manager,

    I wish to put forward my objection for the proposed muslim cemetery in the Blaxlands Ridge area. Plan 0548/12
    This land is an untouched envir...onmental habitat. I cannot see how it could remain this way or even minimally be affected by 10,000 burial plots.
    Nor can i understand how a cemetery can encourage primary industry enterprises & systems appropriate for the area to promote the conservation & enhancement of local native vegetation including the habitat of threatened species, populations & ecological communities by encouraging development to occur in areas already cleared for vegetation to ensure that development does not detract from the existing rural character or create unreasonable demands for the provision or extension of public amenities & services.
    To ensure that the development retains or enhances existing landscape values including a distinctive agricultural component as i understand the objective of RU1 zoning is meant to do.
    This development will be of no benefit to our already struggling koala population, our native flora & fauna or the local community.
    It is not catering for our local community but for another community out of the area
    Yours faithfully
    Brian Schultz

  21. In Hawthorn VIC on “Construction of thirty-two...” at 414 Auburn Road Hawthorn VIC 3122:

    sandy rea commented

    This is far too many dwellings for this size block of land. There should be no reduction in the required number of visitor parking. This affects the general amenity and attractiveness of the surrounding properties and impedes the Residential C quality. This is far too overbuilt and highly objectionable.

  22. In Petersham NSW on “To carry out alterations...” at 2-4 Shaw Street Petersham NSW 2049:

    Pam Glasscock commented

    A recent development application submitted for premises located at 2 – 4 Shaw street was initially opposed by council.

    The developer appealed and Council principle Solicitor Joe Strati penned a CONFIDENTIAL report .
    As a result of this report council had a change of heart and no longer opposes the development.

    I believe that this decision is flawed this matter must be reconsidered as a matter of priority.

  23. In Coogee NSW on “Formal Recognition of a...” at 18A Carr Street Coogee NSW 2034:

    Rebecca Wilkinson-Preece commented

    This is a bad decision and should not be approved. As a person that previously rented the top apartment at 20 Carr Street, I offer the following comments: -

    - The sun will be blocked for 20 Carr Street and will reduce the value of the property
    - Privacy will be reduced for 20 Carr Street - especially the top apartment
    - The top apartment at 18 Carr Street is beautiful as it is and rare that it actually has outdoor space. It would be a crime to take this away, especially as the apartments would have little to no access to outdoor space.
    - By removing this outdoor area, only one remaining apartment in that block will have an outdoor area in the block.
    - Clothes washing/drying facilities will become very difficult for the residents of 18 Carr Street with an additional two apartments requiring use of a small and limited outdoor area downstairs.
    - The block (18 Carr Street) tends to be quite noisy, with the middle floor attracting transients, the increase in noise by having additional people in the block by adding another apartment would not be pleasant.
    - Parking is already and issue on Carr Street, and by adding another apartment, this will only add to the current parking issues with tenant possibly adding a further 2+ vehicles to the street (There is no off-road parking at 18 Carr Street).
    - If the application is successful, the noise and traffic congestion during the works will be distressing for many weeks/months to residents living near the property.

    Please keep this property and it's character as it is. It seems a shame that greed for rent overcomes the basic human needs to have access to the outside and an opportunity to sit outside at your own dwelling.

  24. In Newtown NSW on “Demolition of the existing...” at 128-146 Burren Street Newtown NSW 2042:

    Duncan Stephens commented

    I am not sure why so many car parking spaces are needed when this is across the road from Macdonaldtown Station. A better use of the space would be more space for the kids; drop-off area and 1 or 2 disabled parks.

  25. In Blaxlands Ridge NSW on “Cemetry” at 288 Packer Road Blaxlands Ridge:

    tina commented

    this is a totally inappropriate place for a cemetery, muslim or otherwise. The sandstone soils would be near impossible to dig. This is a bushland setting, try putting it in Richmond or Windsor I also don't see the need to pander to a MINORITY group. The catholics and Anglicans share a cemetery so I think the muslims should too

  26. In Darlinghurst NSW on “Amalgamation of 3 lots,...” at 91-93 Riley Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010:

    Stephen Thompson commented

    City of Sydney

    The development application for 91 - 93 Riley Street for an apartment tower is totally in appropriate for this place which is of national heritage significance. If this and the new auditorium at Sydney Grammar goes ahead it will permanently destroy what is left of old East Sydney and Little Italy.

    Stephen Thompson
    Surry Hills NSW 2010

  27. In Blaxlands Ridge NSW on “Cemetry” at 288 Packer Road Blaxlands Ridge:

    Sue Guymer commented

    1/ The site proposed for this 10,000 burial plots is a sandstone region and an inappropriate site for any cemetery of this huge size. 2/ I believe allowing this development will bring about social and cultural changes to the Hawkesbury Region that will greatly impact on the very reasons I choose to live in the Hawkesbury. This will just be the start of a New
    Hawkesbury that will resemble the changes that have taken place in Blacktown, Auburn, Lakemba, Bankstown etc. This is not what I want, wish or desired for my home region of the Hawkesbury. If you feel the same and wish to protect the Hawkesbury from these types of social and cultural changes, then you need to stand up now and say it

  28. In Blaxlands Ridge NSW on “Cemetry” at 288 Packer Road Blaxlands Ridge:

    Ted Nassif commented

    The Hawkesbury does not want this cemetery to go ahead! We do not want the beautiful Hawkesbury to be end up like Lakemba / Bankstown / Auburn! The cemetery is just the start, if this is approved, more of them will move into the area and the next thing in council will be a mosque for development! WE DON'T WANT THIS!!!!

  29. In Blaxlands Ridge NSW on “Cemetry” at 288 Packer Road Blaxlands Ridge:

    Cheryl Evans commented

    Destroying our bushland fauna, removal of sandstone the impact of the wildlife do the residents have to spell it our for you.

  30. In Lower Mt Walker QLD on “Impact Assessment:...” at Rosewood-Warrill View Road, Lower Mount Walker, QLD:

    Maxine Ellison commented

    My name is Maxine Ellison and I live at 903 Rosewood- Warrill view road.
    I very strongly object to the poultry farm been put near to my place as this would destroy the life style because of the smell and all the extra traffic it would create. I work from home and breed and train horses, and as i have experienced the smell of poultry farms before i can tell I will not be happy about this. I will tell everyone I know to object to it.
    It was only through a letter I found in my mail box that I found out about this.

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