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  1. In Millswood SA on “Remove significant tree -...” at 9 Malcolm Street, Millswood SA 5034:

    Julienne Lenain commented

    I agree with the above comments.
    Unless the tree is unhealthy or dangerous in some way, it should NOT be removed!
    There needs be clear statements as to why trees are to be removed, together with certified aborist reports.

  2. In Caringbah South NSW on “The tree at the rear of my...” at 9A Wentworth Street Caringbah South NSW 2229:

    R. Greenrod commented

    If the tree is healthy it should not be removed.
    Council needs to become more proactive in protecting our native trees.
    Has this tree been properly maintained with regular trimming and dead wood removal?
    The recent dry weather will cause trees to drop more branches, this shouldn't mean every applicant is given permission to remove a tree.

  3. In Gerroa NSW on “Dwelling, shed, swimming...” at 16 Crooked River Rd, Gerroa, NSW 2534:

    Steven commented

    Most people have no objection to wood heaters, they remind us of the country and why we moved down, I wouldn't be concerned about a few greens having their usual complaining.

  4. In Wayville SA on “Remove significant Corymbia...” at 39A Davenport Terrace, Wayville 5034, SA:

    Bruen Holman-Bates commented

    The tree is way too big for a small suburban block. Gums are messy & dangerous in their shedding of leaves & branches. This tree would have been planted by an owner, I very much doubt it would be s natural occurrence. I have no issue with it being removed but the Council should ensure that it is replaced with at least 2 small trees in keeping with the scale of the house & surrounding properties. Additionally all Adelaide councils should ensure that streets in suburbs & the city are tree lined to green them as well as islands on main roads like Greenhill Rd etc. This would ensure green coverage, cooling, shade, visual amenity & aesthetics & protection & corridors for animals, birds & insects.

  5. In Flagstaff Hill SA on “Removal of significant tree...” at 26 Craigburn Drive, Flagstaff Hill SA 5159:

    Susanne Clift commented

    There appears to be no reason given in the application for the removal of the tree. Has it been assessed as diseased or is the property owner concerned that it overhangs either the road or the property?
    It concerns me that we may be removing trees unnecessarily, when the whole area is enhanced by the trees which are part of the neighbourhood. We need to have good reasons to remove trees of this age.

  6. In Leichhardt NSW on “Residential redevelopment...” at 40-76 William Street Leichhardt NSW 2040:

    Terri Wilson commented

    This is simply over development.
    Yes develop but not to this extent. You cannot get on the light rail at peak times. As for more cars and yes people will gave cars, this will cause more traffic woes in the area.

  7. In Chatswood NSW on “L 1 - 'Babylon display...” at 409 Victoria Avenue Chatswood NSW 2067.:

    Jan Miley commented

    Very disappointed the Chatswood community has had it’s restaurants and cafes gutted in the Chatswood Concourse and replaced by enterprises such as Babylon, flogging real estate, principally apartments. So there are not enough apartments in Chatswood already? Where will the residents of these apartments go to eat, relax and watch their children play on the grass? Apparently, not in the Chatswood Concourse which was designed for community, not for more shops.

  8. In Leichhardt NSW on “Residential redevelopment...” at 40-76 William Street Leichhardt NSW 2040:

    Noeleen Liapis commented

    I would like to agree with all comments made by others. How much parking is to be allocated for each apartment and their visitors? Will there be off street parking for deliveries? Will there be extra public transport options made for the huge influx of people into an area already bursting at the seams. Are there enough school places for an overnight addition of school age children? I believe there needs to be a lot more information about the proposed development before it is approved.

  9. In Regents Park QLD on “Residential Development” at Estramina House 10-14 Estramina Road Regents Park QLD 4118:

    Ricky Punculis commented

    Hi everyone i hope all are well . I was just wanting to enquire about the idea of starting a community garden at Estramina house , any help on this topic would be much appreciated . Kind regards. Ricky Punculis.

  10. In Millswood SA on “Remove significant tree -...” at 9 Malcolm Street, Millswood SA 5034:

    Anne Wharton commented

    I wish to add my great concern about the application to remove this magnificent tree. To add insult to injury, the tree is on the Unley Council's Significant Tree List. The tree is close to the front fence and not in a position which would hinder building if the owners are wanting to do renovations. I sincerely hope that Council staff refuse this application.

  11. In Box Hill VIC on “Use for accommodation,...” at 26-28 Prospect Street, Box Hill VIC 3128:

    Hasan commented

    With the number of high rise development's along Prospect Rd increasing so will the number of cars in the area as well as the demand for the limited numbers of on street parking which will result in more cars being parked in the surrounding local streets. If this applicant wants to develop this site they should bare the costs instead of trying to transfer them onto local residents and the already over stretched local shopping centre car parks.

    Therefore no reduction in statutory car parking requirement's should be granted for this development.

  12. In Milperra NSW on “Procedural paper...” at 56 Prescott Parade, Milperra NSW 2214:

    Mark C commented

    Surely any future development of this area would be in a flood plain.

  13. In Milperra NSW on “Procedural paper...” at 56 Prescott Parade, Milperra NSW 2214:

    Jodie Lavin commented

    We are totally against this development. The area will not cope with the additional traffic created by the extra cars, the additional schooling requirements, and additional parking needed. I have seen traffic monitoring wires across surrounding roads, these were put down at very quiet times of the year (no schools, no uni) so unrealistic studies have been done that do not reflect the amount of traffic that we currently have in the area. The development does not reflect current housing that exists in the area. The land sizes are extremely small with no allowances for additional vehicles, caravans, trailers or boats. These will be stored in existing streets creating greater traffic hazards. If the development is passed the amount of houses needs to be greatly reduced, land size increased per house, roads widened, visitor parking increased, access to the M5 greatly improved. The lights at Poziers WILL NOT cope with any traffic increases, they cannot cope now. So much more needs to be done with infrastructure before any of these developments are even looked at. We totally oppose the Riverlands development.

  14. In Gerroa NSW on “Dwelling, shed, swimming...” at 16 Crooked River Rd, Gerroa, NSW 2534:

    bernadette black commented

    Please consider the effect of wood heaters on our air quality. It really is time to discontinue this form of house heating.

  15. In West Lakes SA on “Removal of a Regulated Tree...” at 10 Grenada Court West Lakes SA 5021:

    Vanessa Bush commented

    No the tree should not be allowed to be removed.

  16. In Gerroa NSW on “Dwelling, shed, swimming...” at 16 Crooked River Rd, Gerroa, NSW 2534:

    Patricia Dunn commented

    Once again, please allow no more wood heaters to be installed.There are plenty of adequate, less polluting methods available for heating a home.

  17. In Howrah TAS on “Visitor Accommodation (10...” at 15 Howrah Road, Howrah, TAS:

    Katherine Denney commented

    While Tasmania is desperate for new residences and first-time buyers find it so hard to get onto the property ladder, I feel such a development should be for residential accommodation, not visitor accommodation. Why can't property development be 'for people, not profit' for a change?

  18. In Millswood SA on “Remove significant tree -...” at 9 Malcolm Street, Millswood SA 5034:

    Isabel Fforde commented

    I wish to add my voice to Emma’s very well said comments. I totally endorse everything she has said - these consultations do not feel particularly genuine and I have never heard back re an outcome. The whole process needs improvement. Please reject this application or explain why it is necessary to remove the tree.

  19. In Wayville SA on “Remove significant Corymbia...” at 39A Davenport Terrace, Wayville 5034, SA:

    Isabel Fforde commented

    I too agree with the comments from Emma,Sylvia, and Wendy. I live in this section of Wayville and the trees are a valuable asset for wildlife, environment and people. What is the reason for this tree to be removed? It does not look diseased. Is it to facilitate a future subdivision or is it simply inconvenient? Please consider this carefully and turn down the application. This seems even more ridiculous on a 40+ degree day - we need more trees not less.

  20. In Sunnybank QLD on “Subdivision of Land” at 73 Fairbank St Sunnybank QLD 4109:

    paul commented

    To whom it may concern,

    This proposed subdivision will not be in character with the neighbourhood by bringing in something that is out of scale, it will reduce visual privacy, increasing potential noise sources, cut off views, intruding on the skyline and reduce the number of trees and shrubs, as this large block is currently home to a wide variety of plant and native animals that live in the vegetation.

    Fairbank Street is already a main thoroughfare for parents driving their children to and from the local primary school and with this development having insufficient space for onsite parking due to the proposed narrow block, this will created additional vehicles permanently parked on the road and will in turn congest an already suffocating road.

    The proposed narrow blocks lowering property values may potentially providing temporary accommodation for either the rental market or used for tourism (Airbnb) or may even left unoccupied by wealthy (foreign) buyers. This will Ignore families values and targeted at small households e.g. singles and couples without dependents.

    This will only benefit developers and investors, by produce ugly, unsafe, “dog boxes” of poor build quality, and designed to meet the needs of investors ahead of occupants, much less local residents.

  21. In Millswood SA on “Remove significant tree -...” at 9 Malcolm Street, Millswood SA 5034:

    Emma Mller commented

    Why must this tree be removed? If it is merely for the convenience of the owners or the developers then I absolutely reject this application. Why even have ‘Significant’ tree status if all it takes to overcome this designation is a make believe ‘consultation’ process in which the the unsupported request is made public and comments from the public are completely ignored. I am aware that trees don’t live forever, and sometimes it is necessary to remove them for safety reasons. This rationale should be published (with reference to an authorised arborist report) along with a plan to replace the tree with a younger sapling as part of the consultation process. I am also aware that trees are slaughtered merely for the convenience of developers and/or renovators, even sometimes to prevent shading on solar panels. These rationales should also be published including the absence of any plan to replace the tree.

    There should also be some feedback loop that advises people what the outcome of the consultation process was and what was the basis of the final decision. What we actually have here, is a sham consultation process, where no rationale is provided and all objections are ignored.

  22. In Wayville SA on “Remove significant Corymbia...” at 39A Davenport Terrace, Wayville 5034, SA:

    Emma Miller commented

    I agree with the comments of a Wendy and Sylvia. I wish the ‘public consultation’ phase of this approval process actually included real consultation instead of this tick a box exercise. Publishing no rationale for the removal of significant trees and ignoring any comments about the application is not consultation. Even so, I will continue to register my extreme distress in the ongoing denuding of our once leafy suburbs in completely rejecting this application, particularly given there is no reason provided for the removal of this tree.

  23. In Milperra NSW on “Procedural paper...” at 56 Prescott Parade, Milperra NSW 2214:

    Julia commented

    This development will have such a negative impact on our great suburb. The environmental impact will be be devastating., not only to the fauna and flora but the surrounding streets, which do not cope at the best of times. Please consider the great green belt that has been a haven.

  24. In Gerroa NSW on “Dwelling, shed, swimming...” at 16 Crooked River Rd, Gerroa, NSW 2534:

    ROY Schmidt commented

    Based on the importance of the location, I question whether a residential house, a LARGE shed, a good size pool & a wood heater can be achieved for $400,000?? That is, will the design & quality of the properties be appropriate for the location?
    Plus I agree with the comment by Julienne Seymour re phasing out wood heaters! The morning after impact in Gerroa can be horrific!

  25. In Milperra NSW on “Procedural paper...” at 56 Prescott Parade, Milperra NSW 2214:

    Michelle Hutchinson commented

    I am against this development taking place. Milperra does not currently have the infrastructure to cope with not only this new development but also the other one that Mirvac has planned at the University. Our roads, internet, power are not coping as it is. Traffic is a nightmare at the best of times on Henry Lawson Drive and Bullecourt Ave. It is at a standstill and it gets gridlocked if there has been a breakdown or an accident on any of the surrounding roads.
    Internet services will be under more stress and residents are always complaining about inadequate internet services that we have already.
    The loss of parkland and the effect that this will have on our native animals will be devastating. We do not have a coed public school in area which leaves parents to apply for schools out of area.
    Our public transport system in Milperra is ridiculous. Buses are limited and it is our only option. Car parking at East Hills station is very limited, and trains often bypass as Revesby is the main station in the area. Catching a train during peak time is extremely crowded and I do not know how we are going to keep fitting more and more people on an already busting at the seams public transports system. This means that most people opt to drive and as already stated our roads are just not coping.
    Milperra is a small, quiet community which will change greatly if this development and the uni development are built. Our little suburb will nearly double in size and double in car capacity.
    This land would be better utilized as open parkland as once we lose our green parklands we will never get them back again. After the loss of so much bushland over the last few months, isnt it best to keep what bushland we have and plant more trees.

  26. In Milperra NSW on “Procedural paper...” at 56 Prescott Parade, Milperra NSW 2214:

    Jenny Henville commented

    There are already far too many “planned” developments for Milperra it’s madness - all up we are talking up 1,000 homes / 2,000 cars - that is crazy. Milperra does not have the infrastructure to cope with this influx of homes and people and we already have crowded roads / limited bus services / no trains / no co-Ed schools it is just not feasible or justified.
    Please save our environment and wildlife from these crazy developments for the safety and sake of our younger generation

  27. In Wollongong NSW on “Residential - Eight storey...” at 9 Park Street, Wollongong NSW 2500:

    Ashley Miller commented

    9-11 Park St, Wollongong 2500. DA-2019/1356

    I Ashley Miller of 4/13 Park St, Wollongong OBJECT to this application for the current reasons.


    As this new development will be on the north of our building this will shade my townhouse from 12 noon for the rest of the day in winter. My townhouse is already shaded from 16 Church St until around 11am. This will leave us with 1 hour of sunlight per day. With almost all windows facing north this will make a dramatic difference. This will not only make it cold and dark but a problem of mould and moisture may also occur.


    With the new development planning to have 2 level basement parking I believe a very deep hole will need to be dug in the ground. I am worried this will affect the foundations of our building. With us being on the higher side of the hill I feel it would be possible for our building to slightly slide towards the excavated area. Causing cracking and movement to our foundations and brickwork.


    With the new development housing up to 15 units this will put a lot of stress on street parking. There is lucky to be any parking on the street at the moment. Let alone with all these possible extra residents. Through the construction period there probably won't be any parking for residents. If any at all.


    8 stories is an unreasonable height for this street. With a building at 6 stories on our South we will be completely engulfed by 2 taller buildings. All other buildings in the street are 4 stories or less. This 8 story monstrosity just doesn't fit in with the street landscape/environment.


    Noise is obviously a factor of all construction sites. It's something that is going to happen no matter what. The problem is with a job this size this noise will go for an unbearably long amount of time. With infants, new mums and pets in this area they may be forced to stay elsewhere during the day for an extended period of time.

  28. In Milperra NSW on “Procedural paper...” at 56 Prescott Parade, Milperra NSW 2214:

    Tauhid commented

    This development will have no positive affect to the community what so ever. The suburb itself will be over crowded as the infrastructure are not adequate enough to carter this development. Furthermore given the current circumstances and millions of animals lost their lives, we should be preserving this area for flora and fauna.

  29. In Wayville SA on “Remove significant Corymbia...” at 39A Davenport Terrace, Wayville 5034, SA:

    Sylvia Wade commented

    We support Wendy Bevan in her comments re the further destruction of our local significant and regulated trees. Two in one week - 21 Florence St Fullarton with the removal of River Red Gum, a glorious regulated tree and now, this significant tree, a Lemon Scented Gum, so vital for our dwindling, compromised wildlife and birds.
    The community feels despair as we see the area torn apart by this uncontrolled destruction supported by authorities who do not care nor even listen. We express our concern yet decisions are pushed through in the guise of safety when the underlying reason, in most cases, is development and/or renovations that motivate the majority of applications to destroy our trees.
    Shame on all who continue to allow it to happen.

  30. In North Bondi NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 10 Patterson Street North Bondi NSW 2026:

    Cameron commented

    Is the cost of work accurate? 16K to demolish a house doesn't sound right. What is being built here?

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