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In Cooranbong NSW on “Demolition (Dwelling House...” at 266 Newport Road, Cooranbong NSW 2265:

Jarryd Horn commented

This DA is only 10-15 mins from the existing Warnervale Service Centres, given the vast stretch of road between Sydney to Newcastle, how does this proposal meet the needs of Commuters of the M1 Motorway?
Local residents will not have ANY access to these centres (the RMS have stated no access to locals from any side road) nor will there be any On or Off ramps at Cooranbong.

As per the NSW Planning & Assessment Act 1979 NO 203, 79C, in particular the below legislation, Cooranbong and Dora Creek Residents firmly believe this DA does NOT comply with the following:

79C 1 (b) - The likely impacts of that development, including environmental impacts on both the natural and built environments, and social and economic impacts in the locality

79C 1(c) - The suitability of the site for the development

79C 1 (e) - The public interest

The DA will bring:

Light Pollution - 24hour high visible lighting, affecting local residents sleep patterns, many whom are shift workers.

Severe Noise Pollution - 24hours, 7 days a week. The night time noise in particular will NOT be tolerable, even with sound barriers.

Severe Air Pollution - Diesel omissions, compression breaking, petrol omissions, gas omissions, toxic omissions, potential fire hazards and explosions

Financial Hardship - The value of good, expensive, currently highly valuable and sort after homes will diminish overnight. The stress on many owners who have mortgages could increase depression and suicide rates within the region, due to their inability to refinance or sell due to their low bank valuations.

Flora & Fauna - There is an abundant amount of wildlife within the area and several estates surrounding it. Lorikeets, ducks, kookaburras, regent bowerwird, geese, kangaroos, these animals will be effected by this DA. The beautiful trees surrounding the area, which support the above wildlife will be
destroyed, hence either killing these animals or injuring them in their removal.

Health Hazard - As per the above references to air, noise and light pollution, all of these leading to decreased health for many hundreds of residents in YOUR regional areas. Placing further strain on medical services and costs to the taxpayer.

Economic Impact - The local businesses rely on local and visitors dollars to survive. This DA will reduce numbers from visiting Lake Macquarie. Bypassing any possibility for local business to provide services, such as bakeries, coffee shops, fast food outlets, general stores, newsagents etc who currently rely on the visitors using their services.

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