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In Morayfield QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot -...” at 26 Rangeview Road, Morayfield QLD 4506:

Melissa Irwin commented

We are strongly opposed to this planned development just like some of our neighbour’s comments above as well as the details below.
We have recently moved to the area, and we selected this location due to its natural beauty and wildlife. We wanted to raise our children in an area where there was an abundance of wildlife and bushland pockets to teach them a better understanding of these areas and importance of keeping places like this not just for the wildlife but for future generations to come. When we first came to the area J Dobson road had mobs of Kangaroos which we would see daily much to the excitement or our children, now the development has started they have cleared all the trees and vegetation we are lucky to see 1 or 2, there used to be properties filled with animals. When such large clearings like this are conducted for development purposes how can this NOT have a heavy impact on the wildlife that called this home as well as a negative environmental impact. For a Semi rural area, I cannot understand why you would let a suburban development take all of this away.
The proposed sight of the new development there is already evidence of newly knocked down trees and vegetation which was all completed prior to this application being submitted. Before any of this happened, we could look down our property passed the paddocks into the trees and see an abundance of birds and wildlife including Kolas, whom you could also hear at nighttime. Now we see roof tops and lights from the homes towards the end of Rangeview road. Areas such as these need to be stopped from future developments these are all areas which wildlife including endangered animals share their time in other than just the Sheep station creek conservation park, animals do not just live in the small areas we decide they should. This passage direct from the Sheep station creek management plan states the importance of keeping the area near this reserve protected -. "The condition of the vegetation and habitat within and between reserves is an important factor in resilience to climate change (Mansergh and Cheal 2007).Off-reserve conservation efforts provide an important complement to the protected area reserve system inresponding effectively to climate change. A high level of natural connectivity improves the likelihood of survival of species by supporting large populations and a range of microhabitats (Mackey et al 2008). ''

The road and resource infrastructure are not designed in this area to take even the number of houses still due to be developed, this will cause congestion and ruin the roads, this is something we are already feeling the impacts of when the Bruce highway is banked up and people try and use the backroads to beat the traffic.

The area also no longer feels safe to take my young children on bike rides to the local park due to the increase in traffic and trucks already, the roads nature strip areas are not wide enough to move safely off the road.

The recent unfinished development on McLoughlin road which has been left in a such a state I am sure it would be considered unsafe this has been untouched on the Christmas period. We do not want to see this happening again in our area with more deployments happening. We used to see many animals on these blocks before they cleared all the trees including the street trees. These trees used to be a habitat for bats and a flock of Cockatoos which numbers have appeared to be dropped in the area. They have also been approved to only allocated a handful of street trees as part of the replant which will not be enough for the wildlife who used to call this home, and I cannot understand how this would be allowed.
Can you please consider this all carefully before you make any decisions regarding this application?

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