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In Morayfield QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot -...” at 26 Rangeview Road, Morayfield QLD 4506:

Christie Plant commented

In summary to my earlier comments, this unique & environmentally sensitive pocket of Morayfield West, which includes McLoughlin & Rangeview Roads, as well as Adelong & Coolbart Court, should be left as is. It is unsuitable for further development in every aspect. It consists of four ‘no through roads’ & is bordered by beautiful Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park - home to Platypus, Koalas, Kangaroos & many more precious wildlife species.

We are not asking for road improvements to our pocket of bushy paradise. We the locals love & respect the wildlife we share our neighbourhood with. We drive slowly & cautiously. We give way to the animals. We allow them to pass across the road safely.

We respect each other by displaying patience, courtesy & care towards each other as we navigate the narrow roads, sharp bends & blind corners safely.

When we spot our neighbours ahead on horses, we slow down, we move over & we are ready to completely stop if signalled by the rider to do so. We give both the rider & the horse the space they need & deserve to enjoy their leisure ride safely.

When we see our kids on their bikes, scooters, running for fitness, playing in their front yards, we slow down, we drive carefully & we let them be kids.

We can continue to maintain this harmonious balance with our wildlife & each other now as things are, however, all this will change if these proposed developments are allowed to go ahead.

The development on McLoughlin Road currently underway is already a major concern. 16 blocks I believe. What does this mean for that dangerous T-intersection at the top of McLoughlin Road we navigate daily? What does this mean for the already alarming mortality rates of the wildlife? (As a result of the recent devastation & destruction of majority of the land along J Dobson Road by property developers, much of the surviving wildlife have relocated to our pocket - it’s their last remaining safe haven). 16 houses - most houses have at least two cars. That’s a huge increase in traffic volume using these roads. These roads have not been planned, designed or built to cope with this volume of traffic. Adding another 11 houses as per this proposal (& potentially lots more), on top of this 16 is ludicrous & I believe negligent.

The destruction & devastation of more land, as well as an increase in traffic volume, will warrant a complete town planning overhaul of the entire area. Why?? For what reasons?? There’s no schools, shops, bus stops or train stations within this immediate area. Currently, there’s no need.

No overhaul needed if we leave things the way they are - large pre-existing acreage properties. Denying any further development in this area will ensure limited traffic volume of which the existing roads can safely accomodate, and the wildlife will be given a chance at survival.

We ask that the council considers the protection & preservation of this unique pocket of sensitive environment as it’s top priority.

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