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In Morayfield QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot -...” at 26 Rangeview Road, Morayfield QLD 4506:

Christie Plant commented

Our family has lived within a 2km radius of this proposed development site since the year 2000 (20 years), & more recently, we moved our family to Rangeview Road. We STRONGLY oppose this application for all of the above valid reasons, as listed by our fellow concerned community members. I would also like to add some additional points that I hope will be considered by council:

1) Safety of our children - we have chosen to raise our three children in this unique, serene & quiet area so that they can have a little freedom to ‘be kids’. Such a rare & priceless thing these days! They run, ride their bikes, walk their pony & dogs, bush walk through & explore Sheepstation Creek. Many of our neighbours enjoy peaceful & relaxing trail rides along McLoughlin & Rangeview Roads, & into Sheepstation Creek Reserve, on their horses daily. With an increase in traffic on these roads, this will sadly no longer be possible.

Both McLoughlin & Rangeview Roads contain sharp bends, blind corners & in parts, are too narrow to allow two cars to cross paths at the same time. Both roads are ‘dead ends’. There is no space to even turn around at the end of Rangeview, which means cars have no choice but to drive up onto the footpath areas (where our kids play) to exit.

2) The top of McLoughlin Road is a safety issue. It is so totally unsafe for two cars to pass each other at the same time due to the bend in the road & the narrowness. I often have to pull my car off the road to avoid oncoming cars turning into McLoughlin Road from J Dobson.

3) Turning out of McLoughlin Road onto J Dobson Road is dangerous. Please council members - come & observe for yourselves! The sharp bend on J Dobson Road has drivers cutting the corner all day long. Increased traffic using McLoughlin Road is a tragedy waiting to happen.

4) Wildlife. If it’s not oncoming traffic we’re dodging, it’s wildlife. Thanks to the complete devastation of much of the land along J Dobson Road by developers in preparation for ‘emerging community’ aka rabbit warren living, the wildlife have nowhere to go. The kangaroos are hanging out by the roadside playing chicken with cars. Most of us locals have the sense to drive slowly, but once again, opening these two roads up to additional traffic, as well as devastating more land for this proposed development, is a recipe for disaster. Already, there are dead kangaroos & possums sighted daily on these two roads. I dread the day we see a deceased koala - they’ve only just started coming back to the area with recent sightings in Rangeview.

5) More houses = more traffic = even more traffic issues further up the road. At peak times, such as morning school drop off times, the cars banked back along all of the roads that turn onto Oakey Flat Road is a serious issue. Our children, along with many other children in our neighbourhood, attend schools in Burpengary and Narangba. The cars banked back each & every morning trying to turn right onto Oakey Flat Road, Is often 10+ cars deep. This includes Nairn Road, Madeline Drive & Forest Hills Road. We are now at the point where we just have to accelerate fast, go & hope for the best. There are simply no breaks in the Oakey Flat Road traffic at that peak time of the morning.

How can these roads in our area POSSIBLY cope with increased traffic as a result of more houses being squished into the area? How can increased traffic on these inadequately planned roads be considered safe & in the best interest of our local community? Where will the wildlife go? Where will the kids play? Where will the horses be ridden?

This bushy, serene & peaceful pocket of ours is unique, & it needs to be protected & saved to provide a safe haven for our wildlife & our future generations.

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