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In Morayfield QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot -...” at 26 Rangeview Road, Morayfield QLD 4506:

Jennifer McAnulty commented

I strongly oppose this development for the following reasons as previously stated
1. Our property will be seriously compromised by this proposal as we will be the only five acre block sandwiched between future development on all 3 sides of our boundaries. We have lived in this piece of unique paradise for the past 21 years and we find it very bewildering that our property has also been included in this subdivision on the plans submitted to council even though we have never been approached by said developer. Rumour has it that the 3 x 10 acre properties bordering our back boundary have accepted an offer also to sell the back parts of their properties. This will seriously compromise the creek system which flows directly into sheep station creek. This creek is already prone to flooding during wet weather so another development is going to be devastating to this area. I am completely at a loss to understand the reasoning behind this development. It seems that it is only the $$$$signs that is clouding people’s minds. There seems to be no thought towards the abundance of wildlife in this area. We have already had recent sightings of koalas returning to the area since the destruction of their habitat when 3 x 5acre blocks were developed on McLoughlin road and most of the tall gum trees were cleared to make way for houses. Tony Latter was present when this koala sighting occurred. This once pristine area had been turned into a desolate dust bowl with heavy machinery working constantly, trucks travelling up and down a very narrowed road due to the earthworks. Since the recent developments in McLoughlin road and Rangeview road, there is already a great increase in traffic, speeding cars and cars parked on and adjacent to footpaths. This decreases the sighting distance for oncoming cars. The properties in this proposed development are all very heavily treed with large significant gums being home to much wildlife. Where does council propose for these animals to go once all land is cleared of trees even though there was a strict new laws imposed on tree clearing in February 2020 which developers choose to ignore. Why not keep these housing developments to within a few kilometres of the rail corridors where there is less impact on our already fragile acreage environment. I would like to extend an invitation to all councillors to visit this area before making any decision on this proposal, to come and appreciate the beauty of this area, to witness the wildlife, to also witness the destruction on J. Dobson and McLoughlin roads caused by previous development activity, and also see how this area will be compromised further if this development is approved.

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