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In Morayfield QLD on “Reconfiguring a Lot -...” at 26 Rangeview Road, Morayfield QLD 4506:

Ken Herbert commented

I am a local resident and I object strongly to this application on several grounds.
1. Observing other subdivision developments which this developer has hand a hand in (info available on line), we see very heavy, to total, clearing of ecologically and environmentally significant trees. These trees are crucial for many reasons including, but not limited to, habitat and mitigation of “heat island effect” which blights many modern subdivisions with insufficient trees and significant paved surfaces. I remind all concerned that we are in an environmentally sensitive area with Sheep Station Creek and its riparian zone as well as Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park nearby. The recent subdivision developments along McLoughlin Road and J Dobson Rd have already had an obvious negative effect on native fauna – koalas, kangaroos, bird species - and flora. This proposed development will further exacerbate this issue. This is already obvious to any honest person.
2. The proposed residential subdivision adds to flood risk in the area. This area is naturally affected by seasonal flooding, but clearing of the land, modifications of ground levels and contours, and the removal of larger trees allows for higher water run off velocities into catchments which create more severe flooding and erosion of precious top soils. The proposed development is part the way up a steep hill and the aforementioned effects are even more likely to occur due to the elevations and land contours relevant.
3. Infrastructure is already appallingly insufficient for the growing population in the local area. Roads (esp. McLoughlin and Rangeview) are often too narrow, drains and bridges cannot cope with even moderate flooding, there are no bus stops for our children when travelling to and from school, intersections and corners can become dangerous, etc. By increasing the population even more we further exacerbate the issues. What contributions will the developer make to at least neutralise the effect of scores of extra residents? If recent developments are a guide, the answer is “insufficient”.
I ask that the council seriously reconsider this application and support our community in protecting this unique and environmentally significant area. We have already seen many examples of devastation in the last 18 months in our immediate area. We are not fooled by the 3000 square metre average block size, as we have already seen a significant number of such blocks with their very large brick houses, with large 4 bay sheds, large concrete or paved driveways, no trees and numerous cars littering the footpaths or kerbs. People frequently have a tendency to build up to their block size, and in the process a semi-rural pocket is turned into an environmentally impoverished suburbia.

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