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In Albion VIC on “Construction of nine (9)...” at 52, 54 & 56 Selwyn Street Albion, VIC:

Cassandra Connelly commented

The Selwyn Park area is already a busy place with car and foot traffic, the impact of multiple dwellings on the proposed site will further impact this space and be a detriment to the local residents and those who use the community spaces and sporting clubs opposite. The additional vehicle traffic alone will affect the usage of the park for local residents, congest the street and most likely spill into community parking located in the park's grounds, ultimately impacting the usability of the facilities by residents.

The original design of the neighbourhood did not intend for such developments to be placed within the community. If a design featuring a smaller number of dwellings, more in line with the character of the area were proposed, it would undoubtedly be better received by current residents.

I urge the Council to examine the historical evidence both from Australia and overseas regarding issues that multiple dwelling developments have had on communities. This includes the research into the ongoing livability of neighbourhoods, as well as the long term impacts on the environment, before making a decision on this development. In the City of Brimbank, we have examples of multiple dwellings being built in the (approx.) 1970s that have diminished the character of the neighbourhood and impacted the local community in various ways.
Council have an obligation to provide safe, livable neighbourhoods for residents now and in the future. I urge you to reject this proposal and prioritise the wellbeing of our residents, the local environment and our city.

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