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In Albion VIC on “Construction of nine (9)...” at 52, 54 & 56 Selwyn Street Albion, VIC:

Naomi Harper commented

Realistically it could be 18 cars at MINIMUM parked on these streets- now add the visitors' cars...say +9?where will 27 cars park?

Not to mention the increase in vehicular traffic and risk to each and every child using Selwyn Park and crossing the surrounding streets to do so.

The sun glare alone trying to navigate around the park to exit the area in the mornings is extremely challenging- then add a few parked cars as there are now with the existing dwellings, and its very dangerous. Serious accident of this nature occurred right there 9 months ago. Now lets consider all these extra cars'd be near impossible to fit through and i feel like it would be a daily battle just to survive getting out past it all!!

The sheer increase in vehicle numbers just puts our children and families using this area at such risk and it completely goes against the intentions of how this area is meant to be used and enjoyed. No point having such a brilliant park with all it's brilliant facilities (which you as a council have achieved) if you can't get to and from it safely! Don't undermine what you have achieved by approving this proposal.

I've been here 14 years and I understand the need for increased housing, and appreciate quality developments (such as what exists on the opposite side and all around the park), being small to moderate sized developments that have contributed to the character of Albion- but 9 in this location is absolutely unacceptable and I strongly object to this proposal.

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