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In Ferntree Gully VIC on “Building and works to...” at 2-8 St Elmo Avenue, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

Bronwyn Stephen commented

Firstly in answer to Neville's comments about being President of Glengollan when you responded to that comment from Barry you were responding in an open forum, I think no one else would have known your position at Glengollan and it certainly is relevant - otherwise you could be another resident.
By the way how many Board members at Glengollan actually live nearby, within the affected area, will be affected in their own homes by this proposal?
As a resident of the area since 1981 (and hoping to spend my retirement years in my current home) I was always aware of Glengollan in the area, a large sprawling village spread over three streets, all LOW LEVEL buildings (except the section between the old hostel and nursing home, not visible at all from the street) with a large garden and mature treed component to the village.
The village residents are our neighbours, we chat with them regularly, we see them deal with changes, keep an eye on them if they get into difficulty, my children and now grandchild had many wonderful interactions with the residents over the years.
To say of course by its nature the new building will be large is disingenious - just because it is does not mean it should be built.
We do not want that large building, we do not want two storeys destroying people's back yards, people's privacy, people do not want to sit in their backyard and be overlooked, they currently see the Dandenongs - they now will see a wall. Or a balcony with someone overlooking them.
Car spaces may be adequate for the guidelines but we live with daily parking and traffic hassles in this street - the proximity of the hill sloping up from 10 - 12 and curving so traffic moving in either direction has a blind spot, the overflow parking already on the street due to inadequate parking at 1-0-12, the parking for the bike track, the parking for Underwood Road houses - all make a mockery of your "as set by planning regulations" therefore it is adequate statement.
Ask your unit residents in 1-9 St Elmo about the small truck which parks there most nights as he obviously cannot get into his on site parking at 10-12, about the large SUV with huge vehicle carrying trailer who until recently parked there even though he was from our end of the street due to inadequate parking at his unit.
Ask me about last week when I could not safely get into the street due to a vehicle parked a bare car length in from the intersection with Underwood, with vehicles parked in front of 1- 9 and vehicles trying to leave the street lined up, no space to enter the street safely - my car and another had to sit out in Underwood until the vehicles leaving St Elmo had gone and squeeze through the space available.
Ask me about an aged care facility in Croydon of 104 beds with over 25 cars a day parked on the street despite on site parking.
Eight people attended the meeting - who did you letterbox drop - the Glengollan residents facing 2-8?
This is a small and connected neighbourhood - not one of us who lives in St Elmo, Vaughan or Carmel will be able to ignore the effect it will have on us.
Culturally the residents of Glengollan have mostly come from the area, from low level, larger blocks and moved to Glengollan as it reciprocates that feel - now in their last years you are going to elevate them up in the air, where they cannot walk directly out into the garden, with views over private backyards and roofs?
And please do not use Aged Care as an excuse - good large aged care can be done without going up, without filling a block almost edge to edge, without removing large - never to be replaced effectively - trees, without imposing visually and bulkily into everyone's faces.
Other villages have had to work within their confines - look at Walmsley Village and its rebuilding of its aged care facility.
The fact Glengollan is not for profit is not relevant - we always knew that.
It is a bit late to write letters to us as "neighbours" - you have not treated us as neighbours - if you truly regarded us as neighbours you would have involved us all from the start.

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