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In Ferntree Gully VIC on “Building and works to...” at 2-8 St Elmo Avenue, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156:

Bronwyn Stephen commented

Compared to what is currently on the site this is a massive change, most of the site will be taken up with the two storey building. The planning application says there are two and single storey buildings in the street - there are a total of five double storey homes out of the whole street, at less than 10% this would definitely be the minority of housing style.
And unfortunately if this goes ahead the two storey nature of the building will be used as justification for further developments in the area.
The limited tree cover will be mostly to the rear of the site - cynically this area because it cannot be used otherwise - and less to the front - it will not hide the bulk of this building. This block has been gradually cleared over the last couple of years leaving a yawning cavity looking back to really substantial trees and back onto Buchanan tree tops.
Parking and access to the street is already a major issue - only yesterday there was an issue reported to the Police of people being parked from Underwood Road down and across the front of 2-8 - parked too close to Underwood and then opposite each other and with vehicles trying to leave St Elmo - that I could not get into the street.
The street already has inadequate parking for the units from 10 -12, is used for that overflow parking, regularly has small trucks parked on the street which cannot be accommodated in the unit parking at 10-12, and is used for people going on the bike track.
34 car parks will not cover all the spaces needed especially with 108 residents.
Parking in this area creates a tunnel effect towards the slope uphill on St Elmo from which there is limited visibility already and additional parking on the street on a regular basis will further add to the complexity and danger of this area.
Is this aged care as in nursing home or apartments ?
I have no problem with an aged care facility but also wondered why Glengollan was not listed as the applicant? And is this to replace the existing facilities at Lording Street / Underwood /Road and if so what will go there - we need to know the complete long term picture.
And no I do not want a mammoth two storey development of townhouses but mentioning this almost sounds like a "lesser of two evils" situation - hardly a conciliatry approach.
Perhaps some community consultation prior to this would have been good, especially as we all are dealing with so much else going on at present.

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