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In Bondi Beach NSW on “Demolition of all...” at 81 Wellington Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026:

S Kruger commented

Broadly we object to this development:

1. It overshadows neighbouring buildings badly. It's too high and will create permanent shadows over buildings/houses to the south on O'Brien Street. This will not only affect neighbouring building privacy and access to sunlight, but also any solar energy facilities used by neighbouring properties.
2. The development is trying to covertly sneak in ahead of the established heritage review and report on O'Brien Street due in October. It's clearly not in keeping with the heritage of the area and they are trying to cicumvent this. The development erases the few remaining early 19th century bungalow-style homes that defined Bondi. Extremely rare to be seen now, so often replaced by homogenous unsustainable bland architecture that erases our history and heritage.
3. 71 apartments, 71 car parks (including guests), 77 bicycle parks (including guests), and 24 motorcycle park. All resulting in massively increased traffic that will come from an increase in the number of dwellings - it must be remembered that it's not just owners who have cars and other vehicles (scooters, bicycles, etc). Delivery vehicles for home delivery of food, Australia Post deliveries, residents cleaning and dog walking staff. This is a massive increase in population and people to service that population in an area that is already quite dense.
4. How does this add value to the area? Short answer - it doesn't. In any way whatsoever. It only adds people, traffic, congestion and shadows.

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