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In Helensburgh NSW on “Residential - demolition of...” at 14 Laurina Avenue, Helensburgh NSW 2508:

Erica Ashley commented

As a resident who uses Laurina Avenue daily to access my house, I am disappointed that this local developer is trying for what can clearly be seen as an over-development of the site at 14 Laurina Avenue.

My personal reasons for objecting to this development relate to the issues of safety, environmental and the lack of beautification of the project.

This development is to occur on the already dangerous bend of Boomerang Street and Laurina Avenue. The increased traffic flow in the past two years from the new bike track, Kids Korner Pre-School, the increased amount of sporting activities on the ovals both weekends and evenings and the activities of the local club, has prompted me to use the word dangerous. If you approach this bend from Parkes Street and try to proceed down Laurina, you can only do this safely if no other car is heading in the direction of Parkes Street. If a car is approaching in the opposite direction, one car must stop and pull over behind cars already parked on Laurina as it effectively has made Laurina Avenue a one lane street near this bend. This is only going to worsen and become more dangerous with the development. The other traffic issue is cars leaving Boomerang Street to proceed to Parkes Street. These cars firstly go too fast and secondly approach the bend on the wrong side of the road as the road has no kerb and guttering, has numerous broken edges of the road surface and many potholes. It is a relatively sharp bend and since drivers have no obligation to give way to any other drivers, other than drivers exiting Laurina Avenue towards Parkes Street, there is a total trust system in place, that everyone is going to be 100 percent sure of what every other driver is going to do. I understand no developer can be responsible for all road users yet the reason I am stressing on this point is that there is now a real consideration to add a development right on the bend. I am no safety expert but there is a very real perceived risk of an incident regardless of severity, may occur on this bend.

As for the environmental aspect of this project, and based on the landscape plan submitted to council, the majority of plants are Blue Agapanthus (85 to be exact). Given the area near the development is in close proximity to bush land (as most of Helensburgh is), the way the landscape plan is presented does not take into consideration the active wildlife we have in the area. The native animals and birds we have in the vicinity of Laurina, Excelsa and Rajani Roads are an asset to our community. Both day and night, many species of wildlife can be seen using our trees and gardens as corridors to move safely from one place to another. I cannot see anywhere in the landscape plan of this development where the wildlife has been taken into consideration. This is an environmental issue and one I believe needs addressing with wildlife experts.

Lastly, the actual look and feel of the development is very concerning to say the least. I will only stress on one aspect to bring this to the attention of the application committee. The façade on the front property boundary has a blank wall. In extremely simple terms – it just looks ugly, put there for no other reason than it needs to be there and is completely out of place.

This development is totally over the top for the site and I would like to see some serious consideration taken to avoid this project being approved in its current development application state.

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