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In Bilinga QLD on “Material Change of Use...” at 99 Golden Four Drive, Bilinga QLD 4225:

Gary Cahill commented

As a concerned nearby resident I have read the applicants entire submission and I am concerned over the safety element of using Golden Four Drive as one of the exit points of this accommodation complex.
I transverse this exit from Golden Four Drive to the Gold Coast Highway nearly every day and most times have to wait in a service lane on the southern side so as not to block the through traffic , cars and buses on the northern side travelling south just have to sit in the middle of the road as they wait to turn right to the air port or highway.
The opposite entry is worse turning off the highway as you can not see properly through the blocking cars awaiting to turn out of Golden Four Drive. You risk being hit on many occasions.
The proposed exit from this application into Golden Four Drive will only add to the congestion and risk. As the proposed exit lines up directly with the lane to the Uni, through the lights you can see this being used as a direct short cut by the students and service vehicles, creating a serious risk to other road users as they cut through the intersection.
Just recently there was a motor vehicle accident adjacent to the property, these can only increase as 400 odd extra transit this corner daily as they go back and forth to the Uni.
The projected car ownership of student residents does not stack up in reality when comparing to the applicants other inner Brisbane city locations as lifestyles will be different .
Street parking is time restricted, so where can any overflow legally park??

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