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In Northcote VIC on “A mixed-use development...” at Building 25 Separation Street Northcote VIC 3070:

Liz (Elizabeth) Schroeder commented

The day before I heard about this proposed development I was looking at the surrounds from the top of the "hill" in All Nations Park. I was struck by the number of new developments that were visible to the west since the last time I had looked at that view - I was quite horrified.

The most dominant, of course, is the development on the Plaza itself, but it would be dwarfed by the proposed development at 25 Separation Street. Any new development should be no higher than the Northcote Plaza building, but my very strong preference would be that it be significantly lower if any development is approved - and certainly no taller than two or three stories.

This is because 1. it is a corner site, and any building beyond two or three stories high would be a very dominating building at that location. 2. Infrastructure in the area is already overwhelmed - try getting a seat on public transport (particularly trains) from this area in non-COVID times. There's absolutely no chance of getting a seat, and often, no chance of even getting on the train at all. Public transport on this line will not be improved if the Liberal Party wins the next State election. 3. The character of our city is very much based on strip shopping with lots of cute / quirky / interesting little shops, cafes and businesses. We don't need another soulless shopping centre adjacent to Northcote Plaza - and anything approved there would take business away from the small traders and businesses on High Street. 4. Parking is already an issue - any development must include parking for the residents of that building (a minimum of 1 car parking space per bedroom for each apartment, plus sufficient parking for anyone shoppers visiting that complex). Parking at Northcote Plaza is already frequently over-subscribed, so there must be many more parking spaces beyond those required for residents of the development and those currently existing in the Northcote Central basement and Northcote Plaza included in any development of the site.

Developers seeking approval for multi-dwelling buildings in the City of Darebin should be required to build 1 apartment for social housing for every 5 they build at no charge to any level of government (all to be of the same standard, of course). This is a cost-effective way to build social housing and provides some social good from the impost and detriment placed on our community by such developments. (Some good should come of their greed at least.)


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