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In Godwin Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use -...” at 1 Esplanade, Godwin Beach QLD 4511:

Paul Gillmore commented

Paul & Barbara - 37 May Street
MBRC Planners and Councillors
We totally oppose the proposed development of 1 The Esplanade Godwin Beach and are extremely angry that local residents have not been consulted. We fear that the "temporary" status applied to this development is a ruse and that once the developer has committed environmental vandalism and destroyed animal, bird and mangrove habitat further development will be proposed and approved - all too late. Godwin Beach is completely unsuitable for this type of "Eco"? tourism. There is one road in and out of this small and quiet community. These roads have been designed and built for small amounts of local traffic only. The influx of transients will have a serious negative effect. There is great fear in the community about the potential variety of people who may choose a camping holiday - particularly with its proximity to the Sandstone Point Tavern. Goodwin Beach community comprises largely of elderly people and young families. Groups of young children are free and safe to ride their bikes, skate and play on the beach and on the streets. The elderly are seen daily on their walkers taking exercise on the narrow streets. We all know each other here and watch out for the safety of young and old alike. We are mindful of our speed and the proximity of the vulnerable. We are concerned that the security of properties and the peace and quiet afforded by the area which will be threatened by people who have no stake in maintaining what the residents love about Godwin Beach and why they have chosen to make it their homes. The elderly are particularly concerned about home invasion and the young families are concerned about the safety and welfare of young children. The working families are concerned about break and enter events. We are concerned that to make this a viable commercial venture for the developer - with only 20 sites - the comings and goings from the site would have to be numerous. The last remaining kangaroos and wallabies in the area graze feed and rest on the 5 acre block of the proposal. We have seen over the years the carnage on the roads in the local area where development has occurred. Once Sandstone Point was alive with kangaroos and wallabies - all now gone or killed. Where are these animals supposed to go? Each day at low tide thousands of migratory birds can be observed - resting on their mammoth journey from as far as Mongolia, China, Siberia, Russia and Alaska. These birds roost at night in the trees that will be felled and destroyed by this proposal. The mangroves which were once so fiercely protected by MBRC are now expendable. These precious fish nurseries seem now to be considered as collateral damage. Much of 37 acre block is tidal. Therefore to make it useable for heavy 4WD vehicles, boats and caravans it would require a great deal of fill to raise it above the tidal flow, which would change the hydrology of the property with potential negative impacts on adjoining and nearby properties. If at that end of Godwin Beach houses are required to be built 2.4 metres above ground level because of future innudation fears, then it stands to reason that much of this development would also have to be 2.4 metres above ground level. This is hardly an "eco" development, when the developer would have to clear fell the block, bring in massive amounts of fill, destroy wildlife, bird and fish habitat, create a carpark from a kangaroo grazing area and place a massive extra load on the amenities of the area with a greater number of people. The current zoning is rural and this should not be changed. Respect for the local community view points, concerns and opinions must be paramount.

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