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In Godwin Beach QLD on “Material Change of Use -...” at 1 Esplanade, Godwin Beach QLD 4511:

James unwin commented

As a local resident I completely agree with everything that everyone else has listed to date and as the person who will be closest to these campsites I strongly oppose this and cannot believe that there hasn't been any community consultation from council or from the people who are proposing this work. I may not have found out about this until construction had started if not for the fact that I happened to be home from work and ran in to someone out front who informed me of this proposal. This is going to drastically change our way of life. I have a young family of 3 children ranging in age from 1 year to 12 years old as well as partner who is the nurse who frequently does night shifts and often needs to sleep during days. I fear that I will no longer be able to live where I am due to noise and greater traffic with campsites being extremely close to my house and the front driveway to a 23 car car park coming across my front yard. My front yard is also where my kids enjoy playing with other kids in the neighbourhood as it is a very quiet Street usually only driven by locals who respect the area. The proposed 2 m high noise barrier around my yard is going to do absolutely nothing except make my backyard feel like a prison considering my house is build 2.4m to floor level which I had to build at that height due to flood level specified by council. I feel that there will be loud uncontrolled music been played there of a night time and high volumes of people going in and out during the day, also noisy people returning from the Sandstone Point Hotel late at night. I fear that my property will be greatly depreciated by this project going ahead and I will be forced to sell to get my family away from this, potentially costing me hundreds of thousands of dollars. I really hope that the council consult the locals and listen to what they are saying. This is not the sort of area that needs this and I believe it would be much better suited elsewhere.

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