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In Wayville SA on “Removal of up to 5...” at King William Road, Wayville, SA:

Monika Orovec commented

This portion of land is being referred to as a ‘bike way’ but it is so much more – it is home to wildlife; and it is how pedestrians of all ages move between Wayville and Goodwood and access tram stop 2 - and the city. Surely then, it is reasonable to expect the needs of all users be fully considered in its redevelopment.
DPTI’s goal is to increase the capacity of cyclists moving through the area – and the current way it is intended this goal be achieved, is through the removal of trees to accommodate a wider and smoother (and therefore faster) ‘bike way’– hence the removal of 11 regulated and significant trees – and others that do not meet this category and therefore don't require council approval or mention, to be removed.
As a resident and daily user of this “shared zone”, the proposed plan addresses the needs of cyclists; however does nothing to consider our responsibility to our wildlife or to mitigate the ongoing risks posed to pedestrians by speeding cyclists.
An alternative approach might consist of: (1) separating cyclists and pedestrians in the section from Musgrave Street to King William Road (there is sufficient land to accommodate this); (2) placing seating and ground cover planting along the pedestrian path; (3) preserving all healthy trees alongside current track (these trees would provide a barrier between the two paths); (4) maintaining the width however smoothing the current track for the use of cyclists; (5) improving the lighting to the entire area (which is lacking) and (6) cutting back and regularly maintaining the plant growth encroaching on the tracks.
The value of this land is significant – it therefore deserves a more considered and unique solution than what is currently being proposed.

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