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In Thirroul NSW on “Commercial - demolition of...” at 282-298 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul NSW 2515:

Richard Whittington commented

I wish to object to this proposal because it fails to adequately acknowledge or address impacts on local traffic in residential streets or on through traffic on Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

Piecemeal traffic assessments for individual developments do not make any sense when the real impacts are cumulative. This is a problem with the entire planning process.

Thirroul is impassable particularly in a southerly direction, for many hours on most weekends (pre-covid-19), a situation that is already unsustainable for residents of suburbs north of Bulli Pass, and for tourists who bring revenue to the Illawarra. It is also plainly dangerous. Contemplate any emergency requiring a rapid response when Lawrence Hargrave Drive is a parking lot throughout Thirroul. Residents already consciously modify their travel behaviour when the road network is clogged, which is extremely inconvenient and stressful. "Rat-runs" have developed in residential streets both east and west of Lawrence Hargrave drive, commencing as far north as Austinmer, in mostly futile attempts to bypass the main road through the commercial centre of Thirroul. Futile, because the rat-runs converge on Lawrence Hargrave Drive north of the railway bridge that divides Thirroul. Existing traffic signals are not synchronised, and pedestrians risk life and limb.

Relevant authorities appear to monitor traffic (measuring devices have been installed from time to time) but no action has been taken to ameliorate a situation that is becoming progressively worse with ongoing development in the northern suburbs.

This DA should be rejected pending a thorough review of the road network and rectification of existing traffic flow issues, which follow past development approvals.

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