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In Thirroul NSW on “Commercial - demolition of...” at 282-298 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul NSW 2515:

William Roworth commented

I am not a resident of Thirroul but regularly visit my granddaughter.
This development will effect a large percentage of the population in the Illawarra and Northern suburbs. By and large this is going to be felt the hardest in Thirroul, but the ripple will be felt a lot further afield.
I feel compelled to ask - how can I development of this scale be dumped on the rate payers of Thirroul with no warning or sufficient time frame to compile a response ?
The DA is comprehensive and difficult to understand in some points for the layman. The developers have had the luxury of taking their time to formulate their submission yet the residents of this town have been given the same exhibition period as if it were a single house proposal.
Releasing this amid the Corona period of social distancing seems very coincidental and hampers residents ability to unite on this very important matter.
I agree with all the points listed in these submissions re traffic/ parking/infrastructure but also think people need to take particular notice of the flood and shadow study. The escarpment view which is a notable feature of the Northern suburbs will be lost.
The pretty pictures that have been released by the developers do not accurately reflect the impact this development is going to have on LHD. The photos on the DA show a much more imposing building that puts the shops, cafes and bars on the opposite side of the street in shade by around 2.30pm.
This is an arrogant proposal solely for the developers to make money it does not add anything to the community, it just leaves the residents with a town they never wanted or asked for.
Please listen to your constituents. They are telling you they don’t agree with their village being destroyed.
In hindsight, it has been acknowledged by council it was a mistake to allow the over development of Wollongong City but it is not too late to save Thirroul village.
Just because you can, dosen’t mean you should.

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