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In Thirroul NSW on “Commercial - demolition of...” at 282-298 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul NSW 2515:

Hagen Kreusser commented

In addition to all the already posted objections which I fully endorse, I have several points that I also wish to raise:
1. In an article which appeared in the Mercury on Saturday 16th May a council spokesperson commented that the INCREASE IN TRAFFIC created by this project WILL NOT be considered by Council in assessing the DA. If this is true then it is obvious that councillors don’t have any idea of the impact on the local population caused by the existing traffic, let alone the implications of an increase in the future caused by this and other DAs. It is also obvious that no councillors live in the area. Maybe they should take a drive through Thirroul on a weekend or during peak times on weekdays (school times and people driving to or from work).
2. In the same article it was stated that if the DA was rejected, it would negatively impact the economic growth of the region. In fact the opposite is true because local residents would prefer to go to Woolworths in Bulli where parking (and traffic) would be a lot easier (especially once the extended parking lot is completed at Woolworths).
3. There is a TWO story height limit for Thirroul under the Wollongong Development Control Plan so why is a three storey DA even being considered?
4. The extra units planned would add additional revenue to the Wollongong Council in the form of rates etc. Could this be an incentive for the council to approve the DA?
5. This DA appears to be a “make a quick profit “ plan for the developers with no consideration of its affect on the local community.

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