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In Gungahlin ACT on “AMENDMENT TO APPROVED...” at 92 Swain Street, Gungahlin, ACT:

Mel Williams commented

I object to this application. It removes many of the amendments made to the original application that attempted to address issues raised by the community. Further more there are the following issues that should support the original being revoked:

Shared driveway
• The only access to the 309 car park spaces in the new development is through the current YMCA driveway off Swain St used by all of our parents doing pick-up drop-off of their children. Having additional residents coming and going, and having to share the driveway with waste trucks (that have no turning circle so will be reversing into the driveway and blocking it for both directions of traffic while they do waste pickups) and delivery trucks doing drop offs creates serious concerns about access in and out of the driveway, as well as increasing safety risks for accidents and injuries.

• The additional units add more cars to the already significant traffic that will be coming and going around the development and surrounding roads in Gungahlin including Swain St, Gozzard St and Gundaroo Dr. The surrounding streets are already congested from construction workers, residents and commercial operators. The new development will exacerbate traffic issues and increase the risk of accidents and injuries.

• The development does not provide parking for visitors, customers of the commercial tenancies or some of the units. This will place further pressure on parking in the surrounding areas and will result in more double-parking of residential and commercial properties and increased risk of accidents and injuries. For YMCA Canberra, it will most likely mean the parent car parking will be taken by users of the development so parent’s will not be able to do drop-off or pick-up.

• The development has nearly 100 apartments facing west and therefore looking into, or being able to look down into, the YMCA Gungahlin ELC. This includes where children have their nappies changed and use the toilets, rest, play and spend time outdoors. This contravenes the Human Rights Act and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The original approval failed to adequately address this. The amendment tries to address it but still fails to adequately protect the privacy of the children. In addition, many apartments will have views into surrounding residential and commercial properties.

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