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In Thirroul NSW on “Commercial - demolition of...” at 282-298 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul NSW 2515:

LInda commented

The plaza upgrade, while needed, is a smoke screen for the real agenda here - its about the residential component, designed with complete disregard for the heritage, safety and logistic constraints of this community.
This proposal is totally out of scale for this suburb. How many units/cars/people can we take in this already congested area ?

Putting traffic lights at King St does nothing to alleviate the horrendous traffic conditions already experienced here.
Residents in suburbs north of Kennedys Hill will start using the back roads to avoid LHD, creating a backlog along Redman Ave as they compete with cars exiting the proposed development to turn right onto LHD.
As stated in the traffic plan, the development expects to generate 564am peak hour, 555pm peak hour and 734 weekend car trips. Once these cars are green lighted to enter Lawrence Hargrave Dr... where will they go? Traffic is already at a standstill on weekends. This is going to create more gridlock than we are experiencing now.
The traffic study was tabled from information generated from just 2 days of monitoring - Thurs 19th Sept and Sat 21st Sept.
Conveniently this avoided the weekend winter sporting season - anyone familiar with trying to get in or out of the northern suburbs on game days will understand the sentiment of this and more totally avoids the summer beach season. Try turning left or right at the McCauley St T-section on a weekend...I bet you have to wait more than the few second delay that is stated in the Intersection Results Survey.
Cars can be backed up down Bath St waiting to get out.

After the bus stop is moved, crossing island at IGA gone and on street parking taken away, I wonder if the carpark will be accessible to consumers 24hrs a day as it is now? This carpark is utilised by patrons of Beaches, Anita's and surrounding restaurants of an evening, as on street parking is already limited.
The provision of 132 residential car spaces is inadequate in an era that most people own a car regardless of public transport options. Its conservatively around 50 spaces short. Where will they park ? What's stopping them taking up the Commercial spaces?We are busting at the seams here - anyone regularly catching a train to Sydney will tell you its standing room only, and how will that work in the current climate of social distancing ?
It already takes a week to get an appointment at the doctors.
The schools are at capacity - St Michaels are already turning families away.
More importantly - what happens in an emergency ? How will services get through ? What is it going to take for council to realise that everything has a limit.
Enough is enough.

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