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In Maroubra NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 41 Robey Street Maroubra NSW 2035:

Neigbour Next Door commented

The "anonymous" comment above is probably from the owner. Why would you build TWO houses in one block of land? How greedy can you get?

1) Noise and Privacy Concerns
This is a family area with very young children and infants. The construction of the 3-4 stories houses with 31+ rooms create a very undesirable living area in this low density residential suburb. If the property was on Anzac Parade, it would have been different but this is right in the middle of a residential suburb with 7 adjacent properties. With multiple rooms on the top floor, I'm concerned about the privacy of my children and the blocking of the sunlight for the garden / backyard. Partying with large amounts of people in the communal/outdoor areas will cause headaches for everyone in an otherwise safe and quiet area.

2) Fail to Fit the Character of the Inner Residential Street
The existing apartments are build on Anzac Parade and corner/intersections. Building a 31-room high-density boarding house adjacent to singles/two storey houses, averaging 3-5 person per block, is in complete contrast to the existing low density building scheme. With that many boarding rooms, low income occupants can come and go with no responsibilities to keep the area safe and clean.

3) Safety Concerns
The narrow strip of land is unsuitable for two densely populated building forms with car lifts and can cause people to be trapped in the middle of a fire. With boarding houses, visitors can come and go and there is a lack of safety emphasis to existing families in the area. Traffic from Anzac parade and Maroubra road are already keeping Robey / Ferguson streets very busy, with parked cars on sides.

4) Lack of Parking
Robey / Ferguson are small streets with limited parking. The parking in front of my house is already heavily occupied. With the increase of 31 rooms plus visitors on the weekend, there are only 2+7 on premise parking space. The rest of rooms with potentially 20-40+ cars have no where to park but fight for existing parking in the area. Furthermore, occupants will take up street parking before going through car lifts and underground parking.

5) Other Communities are Rejecting High Density Boarding Houses
There are no reasons for such a high density boarding house in the middle of single/two storey houses. Other communities have rejected 10-30 rooms boarding houses on even bigger sized land.
Engadine [10 rooms]

Ettalong [30 rooms]

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