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In North Bondi NSW on “Demolition of two...” at 2A Gould Street North Bondi NSW 2026:

Tim Catley commented

This application seems to have many of the same issues as the previous application for this space. The development is large, out of keeping with 2 storey, semi detached character of the street and reduces available parking in an area where parking is becoming increasingly difficult. Specifically this development:

1. removes a parking space from Gould Street, potentially impacting a mature tree root system. It isn't clear how Cars will fit under the tree without some tree surgery being required. This property also retains the two driveways on Murriverie road effectively providing 4 spaces for the dwelling while removing one for the rest of the community.

2. The property has a side door opening onto the boundary from the garage. Given that the boundary has been substantially reduced by this new development is seems an unnecessary addition that impacts on the privacy and noise of the adjoining property and unnecessary as residents can exit through the garage or other exits on the property.

3. The new development would appear to cast a substantial shadow over the adjoining property, this has been exacerbated over the prior application due to the reduction in boundary between the two properties and the lack of pitch on the proposed new roof. This impact is particularly substantial during winter where the north-facing side of 4 Gould will receive very little winter sun.

4. The boxy design of the property with a flat iron roof is largely out of step with the two storey semis that are prevalent on this side and section of Gould street. This style of semi has recently been preserved by good quality and sympathetic renovations in both Knowles Avenue and Middleton Avenue where contemporary renovations have enhanced the character rather than destroying it.

5. The small windows on the property also provide a boxy, soviet style of architecture long since abandoned in Australia.

delivered to the planning authority

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