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In Craigieburn VIC on “Use and development of a...” at 65 Amaroo Rd Craigieburn VIC 3064:

Paola Chiappinelli commented

Dear Council,
I oppose the Energx's application to build a waste to energy facility in Craigieburn and I am deeply concerned about its likely impact on air quality and local community's health.
What would be the scale of this facility? What kind of materials is the proposed plant going to burn? Who will monitor the level of toxic emissions in the area and the repercussions on people's wellbeing over the years?

On a larger scale, if we want to address Victoria's waste crisis effectively, I believe that we should consider developing more waste and resource recovery facilities across the state - in accordance with the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan - rather than building big incinerators in a single area.
Do we know where the ashes generated by all waste to energy plants proposed for Victoria will end up? Toxic ash, for example, must be disposed of in specifically designed hazardous waste landfills. However, at the moment Victoria does not have a sufficient number of those hazardous waste landfills and will need to create more.
So, do we want to find a safe solution to our waste problems or do we want to create more problems?

Please do not go ahead with this project!
Let's set a positive example instead and keep our community safe.

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