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In Keiraville NSW on “Residential - multi...” at 14 Cosgrove Avenue, Keiraville NSW 2500:

Ursula Szafraniec commented

As a former Keiraville resident whose child attends Keiraville PS, I strongly oppose this development proposal and am concerned about the negative impact it may have on residents, the local environment and local resources.
Bushfire risk - The proposed development is located in the middle of a high risk bushfire area. In light of an already catastrophic fire season, this seems irresponsible and must be reconsidered.
It also includes only one access point. In the case of a bushfire and evacuation, this single road would be the only way for a considerable amount of residents to drive out of the estate, all whilst emergency vehicles are trying to enter to fight the fires.
Traffic and access - This proposal is in an area already overloaded with traffic and parking from students. Indeed, the entire Keiraville area struggles with current traffic and parking loads! The proposal doesn't make mention of the results from a recent Keiraville and Gwynville traffic study. These results must be considered.
Also, a single access point to the estate is proposed, with a two-way street on one side and a one-way street on the other. This access point is meant to service approximately 109+ cars, in a suburb already saturated with traffic and parking.
Environmental protection - The area of the proposed development was originally zoned as needing environmental protection for animal habitats and vegetation. This should not be ignored. In addition to this, the area would be aesthetically damaged beyond any repair and significantly harm Mt Keira’s natural landmark beauty. This is also part of an important landmark in our local Indigenous communities.

Impact on current residents - It is expected that the development will be in construction for years. During this time there will be trucks, heavy machinery, traffic controls and everything else that comes with a significant development such as this. This will heavily impact current traffic and all nearby residents, particularly vulnerable pedestrians such as parents with prams and young children and the elderly. These pedestrians already struggle with the traffic on these roads, but would face further dangers and difficulties as a result of the construction. Whilst it may be argued this impact is only for a limited period of time, no benefit is evident from this proposed development which would offset the inconvenience and difficulties.
Please listen to the community. Thank you for your consideration.

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