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In Keiraville NSW on “Residential - multi...” at 14 Cosgrove Avenue, Keiraville NSW 2500:

Brian Hood commented

Dear Greg Doyle, GM Wollongong Council,
This development must be opposed. The application fails on multiple grounds:
1. Site access is extraordinarily limited. Single driveway with a very steep gradient making emergency evacuation / access near on impossible
2. Clearing of over 250 mature trees from the escarpment. Developments like this need to considered for in-fill in existing suburbs. Sprawl through virgin bushland really should be considered a last resort for urban planning in the modern era
3. Proximity to bushland and bushfire risk. Why would we voluntarily approve 47 houses in the path of such a destructive force which will, inevitably, affect these unfortunate residents?
4. Density. The residents of Keiraville are fiercely proud of our village. This development is grossly disproportionate to the character of the street, the surrounds and the suburb.
5. Waste. By my calculation, 47 units will require 141 individual bins. Where will these bins be stored? How will they be collected? If not individual bins, then 660L or larger bins will require specialised rubbish trucks which will not be able to get up and down the single access, and steep driveway.
6. Parking. Cosgrove, Georgina, Robsons, Gipps, Northfields are all completely and utterly full. Residents are unable to enjoy the same parking privileges as most other residents of comparable suburbs (i.e. simply parking on the street in front of their own house) because of the University. The Developer is unfortunately deluded if he thinks 109 car spaces will be adequate.

Summary: Large scale developments such as these must be considered as part of a broader urban planning policy within the Wollongong LGA. I would think a modern, progressive and environmentally aware planning process would dictate these type of large scale developments by considered as in-fill developments closer to city centres.
Thank you for your consideration

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