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In Potts Point NSW on “Alterations and additions...” at 6-8 Orwell Street Potts Point NSW 2011:

Ann U commented

The change in height of the development is not in keeping with historic area. This is vital air pocket for in this area.
The amount of natural light will be affected by a 6 storey building with a roof top. Limits have been set for other developments eg. Wayside Chapel to keep this area low storey part of Kings Cross/Potts Point.
The north side of 6-8 Orwell St overlooks a row of terraces 1-11 that are two storeys high facing Hughes St and back on to Hughes Place.
Increasing the height of the building to 6 storeys will affect the back gardens of these small terraces 1-11 Hughes St ie in Hughes Place. As there is a roof top area it really is 7 storeys. More windows in Hughes Place will take away more privacy of the backyard gardens. Also the building will be oppressively high, keeping light away from the rooms in the terraces facing south.
The back yards of 1-11 Hughes St backing on to Hughes Place are small and private; and they are essential to keeping the small terrace area liveable and enjoyable. The trees and plants give air back in a congested part of Sydney and relief to the actual owners and residents are able to escape by stepping outside their terrace into their small garden at any time, without facing a 6 storey wall. The character of the area will be changed.
It will make living more stressful to the existing residents, some like me have been in Hughes St since 1980s and as I am getting older and less mobile my garden has become more and more important for me to be outside to relax.
The construction hours create an environment that is impossible to live in - noise, dust, traffic problems inside and outside the working hours.
Starting construction at 7.30 five days a week is not acceptable for people living next door. This was all experienced when Spice Hotel was remodelled. Underestimates of the time needed for the work usually means that months are added.
In the long term there will be more noise through rubbish collection, more activity in Hughes Place with bicycle storage (is this in use 24 hours a day?), and air conditioners make so much noise now on that doubling it will mean existing long term home owners and residents in the terraces will not be able to use their backrooms or have windows open in hot conditions. These small rooms are used as a bedroom in some cases and more noise at night along Hughes Place will have a terrible impact!
Hughes Lane and Hughes Place will be dominated by a 6 storey wall, it will be darker to walk along and through and this can raise a safety issue for people on foot.
Are the new units for long term residents or short term accommodation? What will be the By Laws regarding noise, rubbish, expected behaviour, etc?
In conclusion
It is not acceptable to double the height of a building in this area. I am against the development for not only the short term but more importantly the long term impact it will have on the existing residents in the immediate area.

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