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In Bellbird Park QLD on “Advertising Device...” at 196-198 Jones Road Bellbird Park QLD 4300:

David Harris commented

And so the "Golf " developers fire up their dozers each day with not a jot of shame. They know that "where there's muck there's money" Will the Koala sign be presented to 'Golf ' links or will Golf insist that they present it to the Council. Which ever strategy is decided on there will be a collective snubbing of noses at residents. Or put another way us residents will have our collective noses rubbed in it. Both parties have absolutely no shame. The council say they have no power to stop this vandalism . Golf will now sit back and watch the till run hot. So Golf Links Land developments now want a sign advertising their ill gotton gains.Read the list of complicit camp followers. They all even broadcast their phone numbers on thier sign. I rang all of them . You can imagine the likes of "Green Tape Solutions" reading out my message and my/ our objections being greeted by deep belly laughs. It makes us sick. Will they pile some of their cuttings around the koala sign torch it and do a jig around it? Even then many people travelling pass will turn their faces away. For me who has a pictorial history of this koala habitat, which will hopefully be displayed in the future, long after the council and the money grubbing developers are asigned to the dustbin of history. The damage has been done. Not a stick remains and the dozers have cleared down to the sub soil, The same as every development of this type.My information is that there were some shenanigans between the council and the money hungry developers. Given that they both have kept it secret speaks volumes for the "process" of development in Bellbird. In the ' new plan' community is mentioned 22 times with one, yes one instance of consultation with the community. I fear that the incoming council will make no meaningful reference about planning and the environment. Will the lobby the state government who's forbears cobbled together the present toothless disgrace called the Ipswich plan. Who ever you vote for you will still end up with politicians. It wont take long before most of them become camp followers, and the devil take the hindmost. So make no mistake this sign will be the councils shame if they had/have any. I emailed Chemello in the 'last days ' pointing out the obscene destruction of habitat that happened on his watch. I'm sure he will be able to live with himself as he sheepisly passes the 'Happy Jack" sardine tin. 'Happy Jack" has been filled in. The new residents would probably not know or care that they are part of the death warrant served on the koalas. May the ghosts of the koalas inhabit "Happy Jack" forever, a testament to the complete dstruction of another piece of iconic bush. May the defensless koalas rest in peace.

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