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In East Launceston TAS on “Visitor accommodation -...” at 96 Arthur Street East Launceston TAS 7250:

Garry Stannus commented

I agree about the Air B&B plague. Not sure that I agree with turning the CBD into a residential area. Actually, there always has been a CBD population, upstairs above the shops and so on: e.g. houses in Canning St, Brisbane St etc. Actually, I think the CBD is not just the parts where there are shopfronts.
In any case, whatever happens, I do not want any changes/developments that would prejudice the night-time operation of the Post Office clock. Previously, there was an 'inner CBD' conversion to tourist type accomodation and then the patrons complained about the hours striking through the night. I would have thought that double-glazing should have been required.
Then our former mayor, bless his heart, tried to have it silenced. Thank goodness he was not successful. We live in the CBD and find where we are, that the clock does not disturb us during the night, but should we be awake, with the window open slightly for a little fresh air, that it is comforting to hear it strike the wee hours (without all the ding-dong paraphenalia that in day-time accompanies the quarter, half, three quarter and full hour).
The night-time is lovely, once the hoons have gone home to bed.

PS: I'd like to see our local Govt return to a 'ward system', where councillors represent particular areas of the municipality - then we'd have someone identifiable to go to put our concerns. But that, as they say, is another matter.

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