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In Gerroa NSW on “Dwelling, shed, swimming...” at 16 Crooked River Rd, Gerroa, NSW 2534:

Stephen Brazier commented

This is a small 1.2ha allotment that lies within the 40ha minimum zoning area, which is required to allow a dwelling. This zoning runs along the saddle between Gerringong and Gerroa and is primarily created to preserve the character and identity of our beautiful local landscapes.(KLEP Cl1.2(2e)). One can only assume that this condition of development was in place at the time of purchase of the property, and that the purchasers were well aware of it's existence.

The owners of this property were granted a contravention of the 40ha zoning to construct a primary dwelling in 2016(still not constructed). This primary dwelling is approximately 5 times the size of the 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom secondary dwelling for which they are now seeking approval. And, then there is the 12m x 14m steel shed (DA 10.2019.234.1), all requiring an additional contravention of the 40ha zoning requirement. All these buildings are in the top one third of the allotment adjacent Crooked River Rd. The secondary dwelling is sited only 28m from the road.

The first approval in 2016 was seen as reasonable given that the allotment previously contained an old dwelling that burnt down.

However, this clustering of buildings in this spot will denigrate the vistas from this saddle and will be another nail in the coffin for preserving our much loved landscapes. The 40ha zoning was created for a reason!

The owners have already been allowed one concession for the primary dwelling, surely this should be enough of a generous compromise from this community!

If you wish to preserve the dwindling local vistas and scenic values of our locality I urge you to email Council with an objection to this over development.
NB: comments on Planning Alerts are not considered official objections to DA's. Closing date for submissions is 24th January 2020.

Stephen Brazier

sent to the planning authority

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