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In Bondi Junction NSW on “Remove one (1) Melaleuca...” at 2-8 Llandaff Street Bondi Junction NSW 2022:

Rodney Scherer commented

I anticipated this response when talking to the Chairperson of the building committee. These trees are an example of poor prior planning! They are fabulous but inappropriate in that location. They can keep growing for another 30 odd years but will eventually fall across the road possibly killing a pedestrian! This is why the Aborist and council have ordered the removal! The trees are planted in a raised garden bed and the retaining wall on the west side of the tree is broken cracked and structurally compromised. The trees are leaning on the air ventilation structure to the right of the entrance compromising that structure. The whole thing is like a catapult! When the wall eventually gives away under the weight of the tree canopy against the vent building acting as a fulcrum it will, without notice shoot the wall out across the entrance to the building and the tree will crash into the street! Then who is responsible? Yes, I agree with the above writers about the loss of habitat and have commented about tree removal on a number of PA on this site. I suggested that the removal of these 2 trees be offset. I'd suggest the planting of a new Grevillia and Hakea hedge along the boundary on the east side where there is a scrappy hedge of introduced exotic species that provide no habitat to the Kookaburras, Currawongs and other birds that inhabit the location. 2-8 Llandaff St is a significant property in Bondi Junction with proper garden management and planning would be outstanding and exemplary. I wonder why Council doesn't have Costa from Gardening Australia on an advisory committee on how to green the suburb. Costa is a resident of Waverley council! Forward-thinking? Goodness that would be outstanding leadership

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