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In Melbourne VIC on “Change of Use from Bar...” at 313-315 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000:

jacquie houlden commented

My family has an apartment in Bligh Place opposite the proposed venue alteration. We believe that we are good urban citizens alongside with our fellow residents in the surrounding buildings. We form a growing community of people who have chosen to reside in the city and I believe our combined presence contributes to making Melbourne the special city it is. Our 'footprints' on our surroundings are generally quite small, many of us don't have cars and make use of the wonderful transport system that Melbourne has.
We understand the need and enjoy that we share the space with other people who are involved with the city in other uses, workers, cafe owners etc. Together we form a community which respects and supports each others needs. No one group dominates the urban space and for that reason the combination of residential and commercial works really well.
The venue in question is already overly dominant in the area - they and their patrons do not respect the ecosystem that has been generated by our combined presences. If anything, I would request their current operation and impact on the area is investigated. To further increase their foot print on the area ( and I agree with all other comments already made by fellow residents) would mean they had a larger impact on the area than the current residents and commercial premises.
As residents it is recognised that we contribute to the area via our taxes and levies and in return I believe the council needs to recognise our rights going forward. This particular part of the city has a high proportion of dwellings and as such is not suitable for a live venue. Our council should not have a 'free for all' policy which allows bars and nightclubs to develop without restriction. Melbourne CBD is a very special place, let's not destroy the balance that has been achieved.

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