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In Sellicks Beach SA on “Three storey mixed use...” at 87 Esplanade, Sellicks Beach SA 5174:

Bernice Marney WUTTKE commented

When receiving information regarding this application, I was not at all impressed! Friends of Sellicks had a meeting not so long ago with the (ex) CEO, Alison Hancock and a number of employees from different departments of the Council. It was made very clear at that meeting that we did not want any high rise type buildings and I also stated that DOG BOX type buildings is not acceptable in our area. I was very fortunate to have assisted a number of aged Residents in their homes at Sellicks when working as an In Home Carer prior to retiring. Sellicks was know as a Seaside Township. Unfortunately that is no longer so.
My comments regarding this application is that a 3 story structure IS NOT an acceptable type of structure in Sellicks.....If allowed, it will open the gate for other applications to go ahead. Other homes on the Esplanade are only 2 story and I would consider this to be acceptable but not as to how it looks in the application - being 3 story.
I understand through conversation that they have intentions of hooking up to the waste water plant already at Sellicks. This definetly is not acceptable, nor is it acceptable if the Council assist them with money of ratepayers when over many years, many Sellicks Residents who wish to be connected have been waiting for the money to be available for their own homes.
In previous conversation with Council, they have stated that until the sewerage is connected to Resident's homes that the footpaths and gutters will not be done in any of the areas of Sellicks.. I might also add that a number of the roads in our area are in dire need of being attended to.
I am not alone in what has been stated here. It was spoken in depth at the last Friends of Sellicks Meeting at which to coin a phrase, it went down - "LIKE A TON OF BRICKS". It is hoped that those in Council who have attended our Meetings over time will take on board as to what they have heard prior to this and acknowledge that our submissions be taken seriously and the 3 story and the look of the application not be given the green light to go ahead.
I await the outcome!
Regards, Bernice Wuttke.

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