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In Rocklea QLD on “Medium Impact Industry” at 1421 Ipswich Rd Rocklea QLD 4106:

Karen Davison commented

I am in total agreement with everyone who is responding here, and strongly believe that Rocklea is being ignored by BCC as having a need to be renewed, like the other local suburbs (for example, as reported in the council's 'Living in Brisbane' mailout that Darra and Sunnybank are being renewed; but there are others, just go into Moorooka Ward Office and you'll locate a pamphlet on the front desk that speaks to other local suburbs also being renewed). I suspect that the reason is that BCC considers that it only consists of the Rocklea Markets and the largely industrial area, yet ignores the residents' needs. One only has to compare what is happening in Rocklea, with the ongoing car wreckers (who call themselves "Metal Recovery businesses", per this application), and the ever-increasing trucking traffic (which, as an aside, are not compliant with Dept Transport & Main Roads (TMR) endorsed B-Double trucking hours on Sherwood Road - I have made many logs and complaints, but it continues as if I made no complaint - go figure, it seems our needs are also ignored by TMR!).

Rocklea residents are subjected to many issues that continue to be 'played' by the local negative impacting businesses and are non-complaint with the Planning Act 2016, and consistently increasing in our local streets often opposite sensitive zoning (that is, our residential homes) - therefore a continuance of weakening our lifestyle. These businesses are often recalcitrant and display NO concern whatsoever of any negative impacts, and chose to remain ignorant of same on their neighbourhood. Just bury their head in the sand and hire lawyers to keep the 'game' going. In other words, they work the system to get around BCC who are frustratingly slow-moving and non-proactive, which only serves to enable the negative impact businesses to increase their horrific threats on the environment and on the resident's wellbeing.

Planning Alerts indicate that they pass on our comments posted here in this forum, however, there is also the BCC PDOnline system where you/we all can submit our concerns and is directly visible to the BCC officer in charge of the Development Application (DA) no. A005327607. Therefore, I do strongly suggest to also please submit your comments and highly valid concerns via this link & click "Lodge Submission" - and to do so before BCC retract the ability to submit on this particular DA (may have to copy the following & paste it into a web browser):

I am a very concerned local Rocklea resident and have been dealing with a long-standing and extremely frustrating issue (due to constant delays by the businesses due to their arrogance and their hired (disgustingly behaved) legal representatives) concerning my local street since November 2016, hence my reasons for these comments. These businesses' strategies are (1) set up shop, do what they want (2) wait for a complaint (3) play the system. In the meantime, they are happily rolling along doing whatever they want and making the money they want. There is no other concern demonstrated, definitely no such thing as justice. I also strongly doubt if they will ever eventually be fined by BCC and if they do, the ones who suffer, the residents, will certainly not receive any compensation.

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