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In Rocklea QLD on “Medium Impact Industry” at 1421 Ipswich Rd Rocklea QLD 4106:

Navdita Smith commented

We object to another car wreckers being opened up in Rocklea. This is our young family home and neighbourhood. Rocklea is starting to grow with more young families moving into the area. This business will cause more noise and unsafe areas for our children from the chemicals. Rocklea has already been damaged by the 2011 Floods and we do not need more reason for the area to be seen as a dump yard.

There is already a cheap car yard next to the Mega Fuel (which has closed down) and this causes blindspots for being able to turn onto the Ipswich Service Road. A car wreckers already exist further down.

If this does go ahead I will make a further complaint to Council.

delivered to the planning authority

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